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DrugWatch.com is a comprehensive Web site containing information about many medications, including common prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs available worldwide. The Web site features an A-Z index of the medications, making it easy for patients to find information about specific drugs, such as Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, and Concerta, which are commonly used to treat ADD and ADHD.

DrugWatch.com is updated daily with important information about drug recalls, up-and-coming medications involved in clinical trials, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration alerts and warnings. Additionally, numerous drug pages are uploaded to the site every day, as new pages are created constantly. Drugs are organized both alphabetically (by brand and generic name) and by drug type to help visitors quickly find information about specific medications.

Along with general medication information such as recommended dosages, the site features important information about drug side effects and drug interactions that may cause adverse reactions in some patients. Patients who are taking medications to treat ADD and ADHD should be fully aware of the potential risks associated with these drugs, as well as other drugs, foods and supplements that they may interact negatively with.

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Take a look at the website. It could be a handy resource for parents of ADHD kids. This book section: ADHD Medication Issues and Research

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