Risperdal an ADHD Medication ?

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This question was submitted by a reader:
Is Risperdal a medication that is used to treat ADHD? What are the mental illnesses that it is used for?

Risperdal would not typically be used as an ADHD medication, and I have never heard of it being a first drug to try. I suppose there might be reasons if there were a lot of symptoms of anxiety, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, or explosive temper or irritability. Or if the doctor thought that it was really tourettes syndrome, or schizophrenia just breaking out.

It is an interesting question that you ask. And it is hard to give an opinion without it looking like giving medical advice. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist. If the situation is very serious, you certainly have to take the steps necessary to stabilize things. Read the side effects information too.

Here are some websites with general information that would be more helpful to you than any answer I might give:


Talk with your doctor and your PHARMACIST if you have more questions.

Doug Cowan

Other Opinions:

Warning for Risperdal (Nov. 2003)

Now a warning about the drug RISPERDAL or risperidone, manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceutica and used to treat schizophrenia. The WARNINGS section of the label for this drug now describes cerebrovascular adverse events in elderly patients being treat...

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