New Product: 101 Classroom Interventions eBook

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Discover 101 Tricks, Tips, and Classroom Interventions For Helping Your Child or Teen Succeed in School

101 Classroom Interventions : An ebook from the ADHD Information Library! 101 Classroom Interventions for ADHD students

Over the past 30 years here at the ADHD Information Library, we have talked with hundreds of classroom teachers, school psychologists, and administrators to find the best ways to help children and teenagers with ADHD to succeed in school, and we came up with over 500 quality classroom interventions, tips, tricks, hacks, or good ideas for both teachers in the classroom and parents at home. And that is a lot of information to look through!

So to make life easier for you and save you time, we have put together this e-book in PDF format with 101 Classroom Interventions that will help your child.

This awesome 36-page report explains what to do starting tomorrow morning...

This ebook is a part of our new 17-video parenting for ADHD resource, which also includes 3 ebooks! 101 Classroom Interventions, our ADHD Eating program (a $20 value), and more!

And you can get it right now, start printing it out in just three minutes, and have practical and proven steps to use in helping your child or teen as soon as the start of school tomorrow morning!

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