New Product: "Success with ADHD" Parenting Course

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Become an even better parent to your ADHD Child or Teenager! Knowing how important parent training is when raising a child or teenager with ADHD - and also knowing how expensive it can be - we have created our "Success with ADHD" parent training course for you! It's like Continuing Education for parents!

This is an online video course of 17 Videos, each about 15-20 minutes long - just right for the busy life we all seem to have. Plus we have included 3 bonus ebooks, including our ADHD Eating Program, and 101 Classroom Interventions.

You Will Get Even Better at Parenting Your ADHD Child or Teenager to Success!

  • Get an even better understanding of what ADHD is and is not - and what that means for your child or teenager
  • Discover The Different Types of ADHD, and the Best Treatment Approaches for each so that you don't waste time with treatment that won't work well
  • Find the Alternative Treatments that Actually Work - just in case you want to avoid medications if you can
  • Learn How to Keep Your Brain Healthy for a LifeTime, and make it Work Better Now - for you and your children! This may be the most important information of all!
  • Exactly How to Implement our ADHD Diet and Eating Program - and get the most out of the program
  • Parenting Tips for Everyday Life - so we can get even better and better at raising the next generation who can change the world!
  • and so much more!

This parent training course has months of material - to change your family and your child's future!

We are offering a Very Special introductory rate for the course of just $27.00.

Here's a link to get more information, sign up, and get started with the parenting course today!

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