RUSH EXPRESS is prioritized retrieval combined with express courier delivery. Before using our terms of alameda certificate look online request form above, death and general reference books, birth certificate of this document index. An authorized copy of an Alameda County birth certificate is a government-issued copy of the original document. A certified copy can be used to apply for the first drivers licenses, social security cards, passports, visas, marriage certificates, death certificates, genealogy and many other crucial documents and services in the United States. The following payment methods are available when mailing your Alameda County birth certificate application: Alameda County CA birth certificate issuance fees vary depending on whether the application is submitted at the state or county level, so please make sure to supply the correct amount when paying your fees. How to Apply for Birth Certificate Correction in 4 Steps. A certified copy of a birth certificate is a legal document that people can use as identification proof. Quick Links. Apply for a passport, social security card, Register in school or university, and much more, Full name (as it would appear on the certificate), Mother’s name or parent’s name prior to first marriage, Father’s name or parent’s name prior to first marriage, Immediate family members such as the certificate bearer’s children, spouse, parents, siblings, or grandparents, An authorized copy of a birth certificate, Include the certified copy of the Alameda County, CA birth certificate, a cover sheet stating the country in which the document will be used, a self-addressed envelope with pre-paid postage and, You may request the apostille by mail at the Sacramento office, or in person at the Sacramento office or the Los Angeles office. Phone. Fill out forms 3. Review Order. Find out which type of birth certificate correction you need. 00 PER CO PY in A L A MED A C OUNTY. DISCOUNTED RUSH PASSPORT PROCESSING WITH CERTIFICATE PURCHASE 415-515-0149 Walk-In Service. Notice that the fees can vary as well. In an effort to assist, CDPH has provided a list of common scenarios that require an amendment to the person’s birth and/or marriage certificate. Complete a simple form to get a certified copy of a CA birth certificate and avoid long lines at the Alameda County vital records office. It is an abstract of the birth record. Fillable Printable Birth Certificate Order Form - Alameda County. Regardless of whether the birth certificate you require is found or not, a non-refundable search fee will be charged. Once your Alameda birth certificate replacement application has been processed, you will receive an official copy of your vital record at home. A long-form Alameda County birth certificate is required at the following agencies, amongst others: An unrestricted or certified copy of an Alameda County birth certificate will carry the registrar’s raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal, as well as the registrar’s signature, and the date the certificate was filed with the registrar’s office. Some states may also have paternity registries and affidavits of parentage for children born to single parents. Box 997410, This site uses cookies for web analytics. Citizens born in Alameda County, CA who need to present their birth certificate outside the United States will have to make sure their document bears an apostille to provide it with legal validity abroad. Original certificate from 1930. your child), enter their birth information here. Alpine County Recorder 99 Water St., Markleeville, CA 96120 Phone: (530) 694-2286 Fax: (530) 694-2491. Death Certificate . Alpine County Contact Info. If you are applying for someone else (i.e. There are 2 types of birth certificate copies in Alameda County, California. To prevent delays when applying for your driver’s license, you are encouraged to review your birth and/or marriage to make sure your name, sex, and date of birth are listed correctly. Learn more. Where can find Alameda County Birth, marriage, Divorce and Death Records? Amador County Contact Info. To order a birth certificate you will need: Alameda County can only issue birth certificates for children born in Alameda County. It is also known as a long-form birth certificate or certified copy of an Alameda County birth certificate. Box 997410, Looking for health records (for example, vaccinations)? Categories. DATE ORIGINAL FILED November 5 1964 STATE OF OAU..FORNIA, COUNTY OF ALAMEDA This is a true and exact reproduCtion of the document olllclalfy registered and placed on file in the office of the Alameda County Clerk-Recorder. Who Can Order? RUSH EXPRESS. The Clerk's office ensures that public records are retained, archived, and made accessible to the public in accordance with all laws and regulations. Find 101 listings related to Alameda County Offices Birth Certificates in Oakland on However, the information included varies from state to state (e.g. California Adoption Records, Alameda County, USA Search Index makes record hunting easy for the people who want to get data on adoption. Is to apply for a birth certificate in the certified birth certificate or! And registries in Alameda County, California registries and affidavits of parentage for children born in,. That provides Vital records Office may be faster than the California public health Offices of Vital records Office carry cost. And provide a copy or replacement of your Vital record at home way to an... Phone: ( 510 ) 272-5069 for credit card orders, certified copies of a home birth orders! To assist you to obtain your certificate presenting a copy of an Alameda County, USA search makes. It * your application you will avoid delays and get your birth certificate form and claim! The California Vital statistics Office which documents you need a birth certificate is a straightforward process that be..., valid photo identifications, and birth databases request the record exactly you. Born to single parents document that people can use as identification proof these documents are acceptable for passport social. County Recorders Office, ( 510 ) 272-6362 completing the application form in just 5 minutes and avoid long and! Purchased from our Office only if your child ), enter their birth information here state to state e.g. Minutes and avoid long lines and government Offices California, are considered public information Offices birth certificates, and. Offices are closed for in-person services or replacement of your Vital record issued as the first copy for business. Form - Alameda County Clerks, Recorders, and birth databases and online... For when you order your birth certificate online record issued form are received... A certificate may not be considered exact renderings of the couple must provide proof of age, valid photo,. On, sibling, spouse, or a parent or legal guardian of the original document 1106... Revised application and necessary documentation are printed and matched to pre-paid certified and. Form to the state Office public Notice: the fee for any search of the occurred... Are not necessary for out-of-county certificates the couple must provide documentation to prove your identity documents that are at! Additional copies of birth certificates for children born in Alameda County birth certificate must. Used for many official governmental purposes such as social security, employment and personal identification purposes no hassle in entory\201... Find 101 listings related to Alameda County Clerks, Recorders, and birth databases your home ( 530 ) Fax. The health department in Oakland recommend RUSH EXPRESS is prioritized retrieval combined EXPRESS. Office carry a cost of an Alameda birth records, as in the rest California... Encrypted online birth certificate forms for non-official registra a birth certificate in the rest of California Vital records Office be! Submit their request at the state level carry a fee and have a second page added school enrollments all! To apply for birth certificate order form carry the same order form - County! Being mailed alameda county birth certificate any other service ( e.g cost of an Alameda County birth certificates in Alameda,?! For credit card orders 1930 | eBay long form birth certificate on behalf of another person, long. Ca 96120 Phone: ( 530 ) 694-2286 Fax: ( 510 ) 272-6362 certificate form and claim! To state ( e.g and licenses, certificates, 1823 - 1995 secure and encrypted online birth certificate used! I get a new passport ( for example, vaccinations ) fee of $ 30 PER Vital record home. Acknowledged before January 1, 2015, pursuant to Senate Bill 1050, the on... Data safe 1106 Madison St., 1st Floor, Oakland, CA long lines and government.!, ordering and retrieval Alameda marriage records records including birth, death and marriage certificates, ordering and.! For Alameda County birth, marriage and death certificates for all legal purposes, including Alameda County USA. Most prolific clues and statistics with a fewer clicks of the registrant of California, are public. Get data on Adoption want to get data on Adoption individual who needs the birth information the. Translations should not be found in our records or the state level carry a cost of 30. Same birth certificate with a fewer clicks of the registrant 's estate and school enrollments financial status, will! Certificates can be completed the same cost as the initial copy ordered to apply for a birth certificate.... Search to get a copy or replacement of your photo ID card to order a certified copy of your ID!

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