Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, ... Today’s Class Schedule English Srimad-Bhagavatam - His Grace Pavitra Prabhu Hindi Srimad-Bhagavatam - His Grace Radhanath Prabhu ... 103 for Hindi Srimad-Bhagavatam and 95.0 for Bhagavad-gita. It is said that when a person circumambulates Tulasi Devi, all the sins he may have committed are destroyed at every step. It is said nityam bhagavata-sevaya: devotees should hear Srimad Bhagavatam every day. Hare Krsna TV has been accepted as National Television Channel by leaders of ISKCON, was founded by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Music, Talk and Devotions from the New Raman Reti Community in Alachua, FL. Temple Room. ISKCON of San Diego, commonly known as the San Diego Hare Krishna Temple, has been a part of the Pacific Beach community of San Diego since 1977. Darshan closes after the kautuka murtis are taken to the shayana room for rest. Mayapur TV. Watch Live Online! Hare Krishna - Krishnabai “I myself must give the … Every day at 8:30 am there is a lecture on Srimad Bhagavatam. Papaji Ki Jai Ho - Omraj 8. At 4:30 am, the conch-shells blow announcing the opening of the altar doors. The morning program starts at 4:30 am and ends at 9:00 am. Devotees sing Guru-ashtaka, a song composed by Srila Vishwanatha Chakravarthi Thakura glorifying the spiritual master. -Find all the events organized by your Hare Krishna Kendra. DAILY SCHEDULE & ARATIKA TIMINGS. To watch the lectures live on our website, visit the Live Darshan page every day at 8:30 am. ... Hare Krishna. Devotees eagerly assemble to have the first darshan of Their Lordships. A full arati is performed to the Lord while devotees chant His glorification. Schedule {{x.dayOfWeek}} {{x.dayOfMonth}} Looks like there are no shows scheduled on this day. Tulasi is the eternal consort of Lord Krishna, and the most pure devotee, and therefore, the Tulasi plant is worshiped by Vaishnavas. Govinda Jai Jai - Sanoja 4. Your aspiring servant, Samyaprasa dasa Bhakti Sastri Schedule. Devotees wake up at 3:30 am, cleanse themselves according to the procedures recommended in the scriptures, wear fresh clothes, apply urdhva-pundra or vishnu-tilaka on twelve parts of their body and assemble in the temple with great enthusiasm to have darshan of the Supreme Lord. Live Stream From the Temple Room of ISKCON Los Angeles Hare Krishna Temple. Around him, more than 100 people sat barefoot and cross-legged on the marble floor at the Hare Krishna … All the events and classes are streamed live and archived