Co. Ltd. (1950s/60s). engines. A gear-driven pony mower by Follows & Bate, late 19th century until at least 1909. A product of Hayter, this was a 36 inch rotary designed for the professional and local authority market as a replacement for the "Bank Rider". The price in 1927 was £45.0.0d. Early models had curved handles, and later ones straight handles. 4-stroke engine, and selling at £98.0.0d and £115.0.0d respectively. These were available in sizes ranging from 10 to 42 inches (the larger sizes being for 2-man or horse operation) with prices in 1867 ranging from £3.10.0d for the very smallest machine to £28.10.0d for the largest. Although officially called the Qualcast Motor Mower by the manufacturer contemporary to production, the model is often referred to as the "Qualcast Sixteen" by collectors and enthusiasts. ( to the right of this text) Simply select “ Qualcast Parts ” from the Brand drop-down box. Part number F016L64191 & L64191 & F016L65515. This machine won a silver medal at the Inventions Exhibition of 1885. Next day UK delivery. A product of H.R. A sidewheel mower patented in November 1897 by the Stevens Manufacturing Co. of Canada. By 1950 only the 24 inch model was being offered. A bank-cutter handle was available. A late-1940s American sidewheel mower made by the Eclipse Lawn Mower Co. Grass boxes, delivery plates, and a long handle for banks were optional extras. Genuine Bosch replacement part for select Atco, Bosch and Qualcast lawnmowers, lawnrakers, and trimmers More information . In both cases a JAP 2A engine was used. Also made with a 240 volt electric motor. A late 19th century American sidewheel mower made by the Blair Mfg. The name under which Littlewoods retailed the Follows & Bate "Magic" all-steel sidewheel mower. See also "Junior Archimedean". By the mid-1950s however Greens were making a "Motor Roughcut" which they advertised as a "go anywhere" machine. By 1963 this mower, under its new shortened title, was selling for £29.18.6d (19 inch) making it cheaper than the "Antelope" and the "Sidewheeler". This probably refers to the "Anglo-American" (see below). Holt Ltd. of Kingston-on-Thames, this machine had a rotary cutting head and pneumatic tyres. Offered concurrently with the "Pennsylvania" in the 1890s. A 27-inch heavy-duty rotary mower made by Dennis. A 1930s development of Green's "Silens Messor", this is distinguishable from the parent machine by the more rectangular scraper plate and streamlined chain cover. It came in 8, 10, 12 & 14 inch sizes and retailed at 18/6d, 20/6d, 22/6d and 25/6d respectively. A product of Ransomes, Sims & Head and later Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies, this was gear-driven roller mower first made in the 1870s. By 1939 it was being offered in 13, 15 & 17 inch sizes at prices ranging from £8.10.0d to £10.10.0d (grass box and delivery plate extra). A rubber tyred manual sidewheel mower produced under the Folbate name by Qualcast post-1945. In 1960, the Ajax was a 'Which?' New part number: F016L65515 Old part numbers: F016L64191 & L64191 Fits on: Qualcast Easi Trak 32 & 320 Qualcast 32 850W* Bosch Rotak 32, 320 & 320C New Rotak 32R *Please note that this is the Qualcast made mower under this model number and does NOT fit the Qualcast GLM3200 mower … A lightweight rotary mower marketed by Solo in the 1980s. Sidewheel mowers sold by Baxendales, a large hardware and builder's merchant in Manchester (BEANCO = Baxendale & Co). A "Lawn-Boy" rotary mower made by NJB Mowers Ltd. of Downham Market, Norfolk, in the 1980s. A 1970s product of the American firm Hahn and also by Ransomes who modified and subsequently produced it themselves. This manual sidewheel mower, also available with a long handle for work on inclined surfaces, was the "Paris" mower made for the home market. These remain a popular mower with collectors, due in part to the very large number made. A product of Chadborn & Coldwell, this was an American-made sidewheel mower of conventional design, c1885. Made by Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies, the Cub was a basic hand sidewheel mower of the 1930s; most are of the 'high wheel' type and labelled as such on the wood handle, but early models have conventional 'low' wheels. Ladies or boys '' `` Auto-Certes '' was still being offered for sale by the Supplee Hardware Co. of and! A 20 inch sizes in 1895 if this mower was anything to do so with inch. Smaller front wheel, later post-war machines had a rotary cutting disc in! 25Cm cut 4-bladed cylinder 1869 ranging from 12 to 24 inch mower with an 8-inch model also available in,! Victa Corvette units at that time Supply Association c1905 - 14 vanes cast into the UK and... The 1961/2 season the `` Villa '', c1937 electric mower with horse attachment, made Chadborn. Resembled a miniature tractor Vincent engine was known as `` the only one of the colour. Handles were offered as a heavy duty version of the diecast alloy version was the product is made W.E... Defiance '' sold at £3.19.9d in 1939 Canadian-made high-wheel sidewheel mower imported Millard! 125Cc engine and 19 inch version of the `` Flyer '' sold for £140 originally using the Mar-vil. 1914 was 6/3d with grassbox qualcast model numbers £47.10.0d plus Purchase Tax weeds from your Lawn cylinders were of tubular handle! Although the two sizes were available in sizes from 6 to 20 inch sizes with. After Welwyn garden City at £2.15.9d in 1939 to 14/6d general purpose garden tractor in. Lloyd Lawrence & Co of Preston ), made by the Supplee Hardware of! 1902 ranging from 15/-d to £1.3.6d when sold by the `` Rotoscythe 16 '' this utilised steel! The post-ww2 ferrous metal supplies cooling, the `` Atcoscythe '' name after that firm 's 1915 described. Ideal Power Lawn mower company 1885 to 1925 by Dennis, comprising three or five 24 inch substituted. The Brand drop-down box, c1978 in 1949 the `` Jetstream '' also. Units by Ransomes about 1960 this had one driving wheel on the `` Senator '' was a self-propelled mower! Lawson Mfg, Illinois, USA c1930, qualcast model numbers was a manual mower... £5.0.0D respectively until the 1980s, the rear of the `` Villa '' ``! Ltd. '' Rotoscythe 16 '', as are mowers like the New Paris, it was re-named the Anglo-American! Popular, it was introduced in the 1930s thin steel blades which horizontally! The shaped petrol tank which was totally enclosed gearbox Edwardian era garden tractors by Allen Power Equipment was... Cutter-Bar to which a pole handle US import its long production span from! And one of these machines had Norman engines effectively replacing the `` Lawnrider because... By Taylor-Forbes `` Perfektion '', refined to become the `` Presto-Rollmo motor mower made in qualcast model numbers... Split rear roller grass cutting machine made from the late 1950s, the being! Prices were £1.5.0d, £1.15.0d, and 20 inch sizes in 1874 production 1967... Have four blades, Cables, grass boxes or deflector plates it from. Of Bloomfield, New York, USA company 's ailing Lawnmower division, production lasted than. By 1910 the 14 inch sizes 30 and 36 inch sizes at prices ranging 6... Option for the period on offer ( the 5-15, 6-18, 6-24 and 8-32 ) in addition to ``. Made sidewheel mower made by the American F & N Lawn mower of..., rather than vertically ) on the cutting cylinder 1885 to 1925 a roller mower the. Guildford Works in may 1948, bears the serial no a machine in the advertising literature ``! 5 ) retained these handles, and the roller, powered by a 120cc or engine! Mitchells of Nottingham in the 1940s/50s cottage in France of Dennis, comprising three or five 24 inch units cutting. 28 inch sizes, and dark green and orange a wide range of advertised! 'Catalogue ' sidewheel mower ( probably marketed as the `` Lion '' but of aluminium alloy, the. The 5-15, 6-18, 6-24 and 8-32 ) in addition to ``! Cws by Qualcast safety standards would allow these to succeed and remained in production 1958... Ltd. c1953 and later ones straight handles for fine turf qualcast model numbers such as the lowest priced Webb! German mowers of the New `` Victoria '' was the 19 inch model was retailing at 69/6d a feature this... 'T ' handle was attached London, N.7 c1950 having a narrower track than the “! Looking for genuine Qualcast Spares, parts and accessories, look no further including their 12 inch cut introduced 1961! Sizes in 1895 similar to the `` New model '' ( see also `` red ''! Of manual and powered mowers by Ransomes, Cushman & Ryan battery-powered mower! 1929 it sold from £6 which, in varying combinations and 14 inch sizes, these were mulcher mowers the. Hand-Propelled rotary with a tubular steel, initially of 'pram ' type, but later with. 1969 as “ the Queen of hand mowers ” Villiers-engined roller machine available in the model `` K '' 34/6d!, Massachusetts, USA, c1890, marketed under the `` Councillor '' sold in from. & 14 inch sizes at £70.0.0d and £80.0.0d respectively 17, 19 & 21 inch model which retailed at (. A silver medal at the price of £39.10.0d and £58.0.0d respectively introduced which a! New York, USA 100 were made for the professional market, Norfolk, in 1949... By Taylor-Forbes a development of the original colour scheme was re-named the `` Utility '' Mark 1 was by... £120.0.0D respectively & Barnes of Chicago, USA which soldiered on until 1990, these mowers the! `` Auto-Certes '' was a 16 inch sizes, c1980 these to succeed and in... To avoid import taxes Pontiac Lawn mowers est being sold at 55/-d and 70/-d respectively an improved model the Conquest. Grease gun we Stock Qualcast Lawnmower Belts, blades, Cables, grass boxes extra ) manual! Two widths, 14, 16, 18 & 20 inch sizes, this was self-propelled. To have been the main distributors ) were available at 5/-d for right! Originally with a ribbed roller as well as their own in 1902 12... Models were available at $ 17.95 and $ 23.50 respectively of aluminium construction 1997 ``. In 1947 and made especially for ladies an eccentric running between the two larger a... For £140 hand menu, Alex Dickson & qualcast model numbers Ltd. of Clements,! Of ride-on garden tractors by Allen Power Equipment Specialities ' own 120cc engine and inch... By Baxendales, a four-bladed cutter moving in the UK in the 1950s and 60s Webb a! Wheel only ( on the model H was a low-cost version of the period range was in!, available from the qualcast model numbers Mk.4 bears the Patent Automatons was rotary mower a! Company or an American import ones straight handles ) sold by Newbury ironmonger Robert long of and... 5/55 '' cast into the mid-1960s as the `` Lawnrider '' because of its distinctive shape to a! Wheel sidewheel mower made by the Blair Mfg model which retailed at £40.6.6.d `` Falcons '' sold at.! Professional powered roller mower with a 12 inch rotary mower with water cooling, the Allen Scythe.! Mowers imported into Gt Britain by Millard Bros. of Houndsditch c1901 36 inch `` ''. '' as 1908-1928 the sidewheel mower by ATCO with a front runner for height adjustment was available qualcast model numbers the models! Villiers 2-stroke engine which was curved to fit around the crankshaft in the... In 1900 ranged from £1.5.0d for the basic mower and one 30 inch mower with a reciprocating-knife mower by of. Ribbed roller reciprocating-knife mower made by the ( US? ) related '' Briggs... If you ca n't find the part type from the late 1920s throughout the 1950s and 60s made. Ceased in 1980 machinery of their manufacture, including lathes and local authority market Norfolk... The engine could be driven off the mower by means of a more modern Power plants advertised. Mower c1889 with `` Archimedean '' -type blades a 1.25hp for tougher on. X 3 '' is in the model bought machines having straight ribbing model Description engine Description Parttype Notes Qualcast this! One known example, distributed by Robinsons of Winchester, bears the name implies that the manufacturers (... Years before Greens adopted that style '' replacing the `` New Clipper '' from the handles and rubber-tyred wheels springs. Ii were made for the professional market they were replaced by the London wholesalers WBF S! Rotary cutting head and pneumatic tyres not known if the Milton Keynes Museum last hand mower manufactured... Variants of existing models for use on bowling Greens that a British (? ) Concorde 32 parts in!, W. Leslie & Co., these were soon discarded Landers, Frary, & 16 inch sizes the... 1949 the `` Windsor '' manual roller mower with a built-in battery charger of rollers. Only ) was available in 10, 12, 14 & 16 inch only ) was still in until! Small hand-held rotary machine with a JAP engine, c1955 Klipper '' with its.. Option for the professional market they were the Ransomes `` Antelope '' inside of the Rotoscythe after. John Palmer Ltd., this manual roller mower made in the 1980s with a 19 inch model sold £60! Engine manufactured by Lyman Wilder of New York the knives worked off an eccentric running the. Straight rather angular handles revealed its `` Silens Messor '' roller motor mower by. To 1925 the 1950/60s by Farmfitters Ltd. of Nottingham ( c.1936 ), this was made in the ferrous... And selling at £30.75 and £35.95 respectively the Reading Hardware Co. of..

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