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The ADD ADHD Information Library at NewIdeas.net has been a leader in providing information on ADHD to parents and teachers since we first hand-coded the site back in 1995. Now we have more than 250 pages of information on ADHD. NewIdeas.net is a part of the greater ADD ADHD Information Library's family of websites, which also include: ADDinSchool.com and ADD-Products.com, among many others. Each year we host over 200,000 unique visitors who want to learn more about attention deficit disorder.

Our clinical director and editor is Dr. Douglas Cowan, who has lots of experience helping those with ADHD. Douglas Cowan, Psy.D., is a Family Therapist with his office in Tehachapi, CA.. A writer, former hospital program administrator, pastor, and ADHD researcher who has helped over 1,500 ADHD children and their families to be more successful since 1986.

Douglas Cowan has the following educational background:

* Doctorate in Psychology;
* Masters of Science Degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy;
* Bachelors Degree in Philosophy and Religion;

Dr. Cowan has been in private practice for many years with most of his work focused on ADHD. He has become very familiar with a variety of "alternative" or "additional treatments" for ADHD, including counseling interventions, diet interventions, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and eeg biofeedback training. He also is familiar with a variety of medications used in the treatment of ADHD, and has provided lectures to pediatricians and family practice physicians on best use standards for these medications.

In 1996 Dr. Cowan was approached by Gregory Young, Ph.D.,Oxon., then President of VAXA International, then in San Diego, CA, to study the effectiveness of their current formula of Attend. Following that project, Dr. Young asked him to study the effectiveness of a new formula that was being considered for production, to replace the product formula on the market at that time. This study was completed in 1997. Dr. Cowan received no compensation for either study.

Dr. Cowan is currently serving, without compensation, on the following Boards:

* Board of Directors for KAXL 88.3 FM radio in central California.

As the former Pastor of Family Ministries at a church in central California, Dr. Cowan continued to help married couples, families, teenagers, and children by strengthening their communication skills, providing valuable insights on how to solve problems, and by leading retreats and seminars. He taught the seminar "Navigating in the New World," a six-week seminar series and digital workbook for parents and teenagers, helping both to focus on the skills needed for success in marriage, family, and careers. Dr. Cowan also has led teams of construction and relief workers to various sites throughout the years.

* February 2006: D'Iberville and Biloxi, MS, to work on homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina
* March 2006: Pixabaj, Guatemala, building the roof for a school in this remote Mayan Indian village
* May 2006: New Orleans, LA, to work on churches damaged by Hurricane Katrina
* July 2006: Tijuana, Mexico, to build a house or two (we've built 14 already with AMOR Ministries)
* November 2006: Pixabaj, Guatemala, finish the school construction so school can open in Jan '07.

* January 2007 and April 2007: To Pixabaj, Guatemala, for more construction and to see the opening of the school with its first 130 students;
* June 2007 : Mexico to build two more houses (#'s 16 and 17)
* September 2007 : Back to Guatemala

* February 2008: Marriage Retreat in Ventura, CA
* March 2008: Team to Guatemala. There are now 260 students enrolled in the school!
* June 2008: Team to Mexico to build house #18
* September 2008: Guatemala School Board meeting, in Minnesota
* Fall 2008: Lay Chaplain training courses
* October 2008: Navigating in the New World class, Tehachapi

* February 2009 : Marriage Retreat in Ventura, CA
* March 2009 : Parenting classes, Tiger's Spring Training in FL
* June 2009 : Guatemala school board meeting in Louisiana
* Fall 2009 : Lay Chaplain training courses
* October 2009 : road trip to New York, Vermont, and Boston MA

And, Dr. Cowan personally adds, "I would rather be coaching baseball. If you know of any openings at some small college somewhere in California, let me know..." Be sure to visit the ADHD Information sites, and subscribe to Dr. Cowan's weekly ADHD Newsletter, delivered to you free via email. The newsletter provides dozens of articles each year for parents and teachers of ADHD children and related topics.

Dr. Cowan transitioned back into private practice in 2012 with his focus on ADHD. He is in the Bakersfield/Lancaster/Mojave area in Tehachapi and can be reached at newideas.net at gmail.com for appointments either in his office, or via Skype. He speaks once or twice per month at Roots Christian Fellowship in Tehachapi, and hosts "The Living Room" radio program on 88.3 Life FM Sunday evenings. You can also listen to the podcast with his wife Susie, "In The Living Room with Susie and Dr. Doug" on Apple Podcasts and other podcast sites.

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