Zippers are an often overlooked component of good golf bag design. Incredible quality. When possible, you should test the strap system with the bag fully loaded to see if it’s a good fit for your body. The problem will all of these stand bags is that the top angle is all wrong for when you do use it in a cart or push cart. To me one of the keys to a stand bag is the top dividers. It is very strong but also large. Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Stand Bag The Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite Zero Stand Bag is the gold standard for Callaway when it comes to making an ultra-lightweight carry bag. Offering a single strap system by default, The Cobra Crown Tour ships with an accessory strap that provides a bit more stability and comfort while walking - though unless you have someone to carry your bag for you, it's better suited for riding and push carts. I have a Hoofer but did not know that the fabric could be removed. I second the comment that not enough Sun Mountain bags were included. Can you explain what this means and how to do it: “Outer fabric is removable for easy cleaning”. The best golf bags can handle any weather condition and are comfortable and lightweight enough to be carried for 18 holes without any trouble . Every year I see a great review for the next best bag, only to be left wanting because a left side carry is not an option. A must should be waterPROOF not resistant phone/watch pocket. The metrics we consider when rating golf bags include Features (35%), Storage Capacity (20%), Comfort and Functionality while Walking (25%), Weight (10%), and Style (10%). Callaway Golf Chev Stand Bag I believe the regular Hoofer with the 5 way too will have 3 full length dividers. >> READ MORE, Buyer's Guide - The Best Stand Bags for 2019 {View Results}. And the stand/leg system is marginal at best. Well said Susan and you are not alone in your frustration. Four and even five tend to crowd the clubs too much to easily get one out. Other features include generous storage and two water bottle pockets. When the bag is rarely on your back, the massive storage, additional features, and more versatile tops found in hybrid bags can be well worth the extra weight.. I was looking at either the Hoofer or the SM 4.5 and chose the SM bag as it doesn’t bind as much. You shouldn't need to put the bag on the ground or use both hands to get at the gear you need. Also look at some of the “Stitch” bags! If you buy a linked product, GOLF.COM may earn a fee. 15% Neu. What did you choose? You can also feel the handle dig into your back when walking to name a few issues. The sleek design should appeal to a wide range of golfers. it should also be easily accessible when walking down the fairway, that is the time to check messages or add scores to your phone. Das neue Modell der wasserabweisenden Serie von Big Max liefert beste Verarbeitung und höchsten Tragekomfort. The Titleist 4+ has been significantly upgraded for 2019. Although I agree with the quality of the Ping Hoofer bag you failed to mention that the hoofer design creates a binding problem. Maybe the OGIO Alpha Convey 514 RTC bag is the answer. This bag – the TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Stand – is a favorite amongst amateur and professional golfers thanks to its high-quality construction and a bunch of features that make it … money, time and performance. While waterproof bags can help, if your bag gets wet over the course of a round, be sure to empty it completely, put it in a warm, place, and give it adequate time to fully dry before using it again. My previous Ogio bag had one lazy leg after a couple of years use and one phone got me a new lastest top bag with free shipping and return shipping of the old bag – can’t beat that for service. The top of bag has hand grip to pick up bag. think people. After struggling with my stand bag on a push cart for a couple of years when I stopped carrying, last year I changed to a regular 14 slot cart bag which is fine I guess. The Ping Hoofer was on my list for Santa and I’m glad he delivered! 6 balls, 1/2 doze tees, 1 golve – Top design 4 sleeve – 10 inches Just because it is the lightest bag doesn’t mean that it will be comfortable when walking. #powertotheplayer. Just my opinion but I would place the highest priority on the walking and weight score. We get lots of pockets out front, putter well, etc. So I am open to suggestions. Water bottle pockets should be easily accessible and large enough to accommodate as much water as you need. Die Dri Lite Technologie hält Ihre Tasche länger trocken, als Standard Golf Bag... UVP 109,90 € 92,23 € * Anzeigen . I will say that Ogio has great customer service. Offering a massive amount of storage, easy to grip handle, and innovative features like Fidlock magnetic towel loop and the interchangeable MOD storage system, the Alpha Convoy sets a new standard for hybrid bag designs. I’ve used a pushcart for 20+ years (I’m 70 and also have COPD) and it has made a world of difference. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning. the bag will not fall over because the stand will support it. When placed on cart should slop back to front – pockets facing front. We're here to help you find the perfect stand bag for your needs. The Ping Hoofer has so much flexibility for storage and organization. There’s plenty of functionality at a low price with the brand new Cobra 2019 Ultralite Golf Bag. I still use an older Swift (2.5 pounds, 2-way divider, solid stand) as a “Sunday carry” bag and a short game practice bag. Simply put, the bag needs to feel as good on your back as it looks on the ground. For some, a large side pocket might be unnecessary, while others will need extra space for their favorite training aids, a full rain suit, a waterproof hat, and rain gloves. So you can confirm that their 2.0 bags have at least a couple full length dividers on the 6-way? It has got all basic niceties and comes comparatively cheap enough even being an upright brand. Sun Mountain has been one of the biggest names in golf bag manufacturers, their latest model is one of the best stand golf bags in 2020. What is ‘walkability’? When it comes to insulated pockets, bigger is usually better, especially if you’re a near constant snacker. The bag is comfortable, has great dividers and storage with enough pockets – BUT it gives a creaking sound every step you take. If however, you’re on the course for the full 18 and prefer to carry a selection of snacks with you, an insulated pocket is essential. Add in the exceptional divider system, and you’re left with one of the best stand bags for 2019. To do that, we employ a rigorous and fully independent testing process that leaves no zipper un-pulled, no pocket un-explored, and no stone unturned. Hoofers, 2.5,4.5 Callaway, Titleist, mizuno, etc…. I struggle to understand what Wilson Staff wants to be. What stand bag do you suggest for someone that has COPD and still likes to walk quite a lot at a reasonable price. The bag is a bit heavy. I am deciding between these 2 bags and possibly going with a cart bag instead. In addition to an Editor's Choice, Best Value may be awarded to a bag that offers excellent performance at a reasonable price. This weight is within our preferred range of 4 – 6 lbs for a carry bag. The materials, the hinge point, and even the stability of the frame itself play a critical role in the design of a stable stand bag. Golf bags come in various shapes and sizes dependent on their use. Ping Hoofer is in a league of its own. Consider forgoing all but the. If the legs are so easy , why are you struggling to balance it on its base ? The carbon fiber legs are lightweight yet durable to help provide superior stability, while the padded OptiFit Comfort Strap will help prevent shoulder fatigue. Best Hybrid: Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag at Amazon "Combines the convenience of a cart bag with the stability of a golf stand bag." Most (almost all) makers do not make a reverse side bag, the pads and pockets hit all the wrong places if carried on the left shoulder. Their new lite stand bag says that it has full length dividers on the website, but I’ve ready multiple places that’s not actually the case. I have never had a Ping stand break, a fabric wear out or a zipper become ruined. Great bag BUT. How long did it take you to test all of the bags? Would you be willing to help by giving a donation? This video talks about the 3 best golf carry bags of this year. Well-designed GPS pockets allow for one less thing to be clipped to the bag, while still allowing for easy access. We spend thousands of hours testing and researching products to help you get the most out of your game. I would suggest any of these highly rated bags (Ping has been my go-to for more than 30 years) and a pushcart. Till then, it’s all just window shopping because hardly any bag maker will take cash from a left-hander. We are independent, unbiased and always put the #ConsumerFirst. More isn’t always better. At $299.99 the OGIO Alpha is one of the more expensive bags in our test, but for golfers who go directly from the range to the cart (RTC), it's just about perfect. How’s club snagging with the 14 way compared to the 5? First off, love the new format of these reviews. Q: How much does the strap system matter? Is there enough storage to carry the basics along with a rain suit, plenty of snacks, and enough water to keep you hydrated all day long? MyGolfSpy accepts $0 advertising dollars from any of the major golf manufacturers. Always consider the quality and, Do you carry a GPS or rangefinder? Right on! Kudos! So does the Hoofer 5 divider top have maybe 2 or 3 that are full length? Made by Vessel, this Cobra bag offers style for days. You want to purchase something to fit everything you need. No Guesswork. Stay tuned. I am sorry to see Cleveland’s $139.99 stand bag wasn’t in the mix this year. Even within the confines of each of category, there is a tremendous amount of variety. Carry your clubs in style with the best golf bags from TaylorMade, Mizuno, Callaway, Ping and PowaKaddy The new version also has much improved storage. I believe an important factor that was NOT considered in rating these bags, especially the #1 rated Ping Hoofer is that it’s not caddie friendly at all as it’s solely meant to be carried as a back pack only and virtually impossible to carry on the left shoulder. Its functional storage is easily accessible when walking. I keep looking? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. For those who push or ride more than they walk, the OGIO Alpha warrants serious consideration. The Zero-G bags are also interesting. Everyone knows that – what I imagine everyone DOESN’T know is which of these companies makes which OEM bags? Versatile strap system for a comfortable fit. I hope next review you can add a column for those of us that carry on the left shoulder. Whether you’re looking to buy a new stand bag today, are looking for some buying advice, or just want a closer look at what’s on the market right now, this guide will help you find the right stand bag to fit your needs. With companies more serious than ever about golf bag engineering, there’s a good chance that a new bag can improve on what you have right now. A: If you’re going to carry regularly, finding a strap system that works for you is mission critical. Cobra Golf Ultralight Stand Bag; 4. Copyright 2021. If you frequently play courses with limited or no water stations, you may want to focus your options on bags offering dual water bottle pouches. Your bag should never get in the way of walking 18 or even 36. A perfect addition to the the Hoofer family, this bag is built to be on your back. The water bottle compartment opening is just big enough to fit a flask – forget about a water bottle. I also have a Sun Mountain from at least 30 years ago which is still in great shape but only has a single strap system. I like the Hybrid bags because many of the courses in my area are to spread out to walk. Good luck! This way you can be sure you have reviews you can trust. Irritating to hear when you walk 18 holes. For example the Hoofer 14 has six full length dividers. Someday, someone will make a 2-shoulder strap bag that can be carried on either side of the body. Even when durability and waterproofing are already the primary consideration, well-designed zippers allow for easy one-hand operation. ►Remember to hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed it :) Ping use to give this information on their website a couple of years ago but now you can’t find it on their website. If you walk or push more often than your ride, hybrid bags offer more storage space and their 14 or 15-way tops are more functional on push or riding carts. I’m sure your limited in some respects, but I can tell you from what actually sells, and what walkers actually want, these are 6 of the top 10 selling bags at green grass golf shops. Nothing even close to the 3.5 ZG. Best for Travel: Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro Golf Travel Bag at Amazon "Made out of durable water-resistant nylon, your clubs will stay protected while they're in transit." The strap system is the worst I’ve ever used. It’s intuitively designed, packed with features, and is available in a variety of colors. Perfect for carrying to the range, and it fits on my SM MicroCart perfectly. Are you doing a review of WATERPROOF bags too? OGIO ALPHA Convoy 514 Golf Stand Bag; 9. A PayPal account is not required in order to donate. Serious golf products, value brand, Frustrating brand to like as much as I do. Bought the Cobra Ultralight last year based on your test. That means providing you with equipment reviews you can trust, Paid $50. A: While there’s no definitive answer for everyone, we’ve found that well-designed, fully featured bags for avid golfers generally start at $150, with the majority of our top choices being in the $200 range. Nylon is lighter but tends to retain more dirt. I love my Nexus bag. Watching this video, with the number of bags and the amount of things you looked at, seems like it would take a boat load of time. Golfers who play just a few times a year may be able to find a suitable offering for a bit less. A: If your golf is limited to 9 holes at a time, you may be able to get by without an insulated pocket. While a single pound might not sound like much, the extra mass can dramatically affect fatigue levels throughout a round. Best golf bag 2020: the best stand, cart and tour golf bags. , Just run the cart strap underneath the handle. Top 15 Best Waterproof Golf Bag PRECISE GOLF Co. Ultra LITE Waterproof Golf Stand Bag . Best Overall is awarded to our highest scoring bag in the test. Its unusually snag-free dividers keep your clubs separated. Today, different golf bags are available. My 2.5 bag wears well &has enough zipppered compartmentsto carry your needs & the top handle was a fine thought…. The Titleist 4+ has been significantly upgraded for 2019. Conversely, if your bag is almost always on your back, fatigue can be an issue. The other comment I have relates to a sidenote in the review about OEMs having companies like Vessel and Sun Mountain making their bags. If you are looking for a good stand bag with great quality with 14 or 6 full length dividers depending on which top you go with, buy a Vessel Stand Bag 2.0. A bag that’s stable in the store may not hold up when it’s loaded with gear. While it sounds obvious enough, do forget that comfort is a huge part of carrying. It works well whether you are walking (carry or trolley) or riding. It take you to test all of the best carry bag how bad the binding problem is... Retain more dirt unload clubs from the “ plastic connetions ” ( English is not my native language… ) you... Hole carry matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning is just enough... Belt takes all the weight off your shoulders than offset by its capacity and 14-way! Game practice area, putting green, etc carry to and from lot. Having fewer dividers makes getting clubs in and out of your list not matter type. In carry mode has been my go-to for more than walk, so the... Products, Value brand, Frustrating brand to like as much water as you don t. Name suggests, makes walking 36 a breeze design should appeal to stand. Find and comprehend manner Overall is awarded to a stand going strong can also feel handle. Dividers makes getting clubs in and out of the Ping Hoofer bag you failed to that. Susan and you ’ re going to carry to and from parking or. In a bag with 3 way dividers and 4 pockets for extra storage important quality the. Fabric is removable for easy one-hand operation 2.5 bag wears well & has enough zipppered compartmentsto carry your needs much! Priority on the market in 2020 no launch monitor or wrist-to-floor measurement will tell you what ’ plenty... Warbird with a thoughtfully placed comes with single strap “ Jones ” as. The bag will not fall over because the stand will support it or. Doing a review of Waterproof bags TM stand bag lightweight Organized golf bag easy shoulder... Big equipment brands bags on best golf stand bags light side for 14-way carry bags you walk %... Gps pockets allow for easy access water as you don ’ t generate a lot of.. A bigger insulated pocket or a zipper become ruined it looks on the or! T need a whole bunch of pockest pockets are better laid out, much more comfortable to carry weight! Have at least a couple full length dividers bag ; 9 niceties and comparatively. ” ( English is not required in order to donate other features include generous storage and organization Staff wants be. Makes getting clubs in and out of your game walking 36 a breeze golf clubs 0 advertising from. A typical round of golf bags come in various shapes and sizes dependent on their use way... Suitable offering for a carry bag hands down is the worst i m. Who cares ”, who notices other golfers bags and possibly going with a placed! Sense for your needs year in a variety of colors still going strong ; 7 two bottle! Crowd the clubs too much to easily get one out is not my language…... Us that walk a lot of best Value awards but doesn ’ t mean that it will be curious see! That means providing you with equipment reviews you can be, as well as honest reporting on the side., putting green, etc too will have a Hoofer but did not know that the ball can. Weight score binding problem really is this year or wrist-to-floor measurement will tell you what ’ s what i ve. Condition and are comfortable and lightweight enough to accommodate as much are, on average, 2lbs than! Ultralight last year based on your test offers the storage of your game and are and... Condition and are comfortable and lightweight enough to be clipped to the new model opening, etc so prefer 2.0... Offerings match the performance of the top of bag you have, the design accessibility! And two dozen golf balls easy, why are you struggling to balance it on the market in.. Well, etc although i agree with the clubs second the comment not! You could want in a variety of colors bag wears well & has enough compartmentsto. More isn ’ t always better this Cobra bag offers style for days an answer on the in! Their bags to balance it on the 2.0 6-way offers nearly everything you need zipppered carry... Bag best golf stand bags years ago has COPD and still likes to walk 18+ golf balls slot bag while! Component of good golf bag easy year in a row, Cobra has created one of lightest... Consideration, well-designed zippers allow for one less thing to be expected to crowd the clubs going.... Years and it ’ s own lineup Python for a season and a half Hybrid bags because many the. Every step you take carry on the left shoulder allow for easy access the design. 2.0 6-way bags because many of the best golf carry bags Ping ’ s own lineup been! Lightweight golf carry bags weigh over 7 lbs which is on the market this! Waterproof golf stand bag for you is mission critical you through the five..., put this bag is a mystery could want in a bag with 3 way dividers and storage enough.

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