Provide Proof, foundations- the lowest division of a building, partly or wholly beneath the ground, slated- a thin piece of rock used in roofing, weathervane- a rod that indicates the direction of the wind, silhouette- the outline or general shape of something, furrowed- a narrow groove like impression in a surface, piebald- having patches of black and white, or other multi-colored surface, glimpsed- a momentary or slight appearance, notorious- widely or unfavorably (undesirable) known, djinns- any class of spirit lower than the angels that has the capability to appear in human or animal forms and influences mankind in either good or evil ways, melancholy- a gloomy state of mind; prolonged depression, dirges- a mournful sound, or recollection of a deceased person, gusto- hearty or keen enjoyment; individual liking. 4. Outline the chapter. Updated: 6/7/2019. Wendell takes Harvey to a room with clothing and masks. Harvey continues to have suspicions about the Holiday House. traipsed- to walk without reaching your goal, a tired walk, musty- having an odor (smell) that is undesirable, papier mache- a paper made model of something, it is created with paper parts and glue and hardens into a shape, parchment- off white, almost transparent material, grotesque- unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; ugly, vampiric- having characteristics of a vampire, alighted- to dismount (of come down) from, pallor- unusual or extreme paleness due to fear, swarming- a great number of things, especially in motion, gaunt- extremely thin and bony; emaciated (starving so much that you see ribs), eaves- the overhanging lower edge of a roof, slunk- to move or walk in a slow sinuous (looking to cause problems) way, gangrenous- death or soft tissue that causes decomposition, cavern- a cave especially one that is large and mostly underground, suppressing- to put an end to activities, to do away with; to contain, lolled- to recline or lean in a relaxed or lazy manner, spittle- saliva, or a small amount of spit, inferno- a place or region that resembles hell (an extremely hot place), grimly- having a harsh, forbidding, or morbid appearance (not always physical). What character traits does Harvey exhibit by not abandoning Wendell in the mist when Carna starts coming after them? Thief of Always - Journal - Part 3 ... Carna, the devourer; Carna, the beast.” Use the appositive to describe an object or person. 3. Who or what threw the door shut after Wendell and Harvey walked in the house? We finally “meet” Mr. The most effective weapons in Harvey’s battle with the evil vampiric forces in the story are his loyalty, empathy, and selflessness. Why would she tell Harvey that she would welcome death? When did organ music become associated with baseball? Where did all of these items come from? How do you put grass into a personification? 3. As of Jan 10 21. What is the rhythm tempo of the song sa ugoy ng duyan? 5. This quiz is incomplete! to spread the word online. The days of posting a newsletter around the neighborhood are over. The Thief of Always tells the haunting story of Harvey, a bright 10-year-old who is suffering from the winter doldrums, and of a creature who takes him to a place where every day is filled with fun, and Christmas comes every night. When the author wrote paragraph 2 on page 33 that starts “A surprise awaited him.” what does this tell us about the place near the Holiday House? Harvey thought he was only gone a few days, how long was he gone in reality? What did they steal and why? How much money does The Great American Ball Park make during one game? What event is this foreshadowing? How did that change his prediction about what he would find? What did Harvey discover in this chapter? 2. Based on this chapter, what predictions can we now make about the owners of the clothing in the room that use to dress up with? What “catch phrase” did Harvey say of Wendell’s? Alas, Poor Villain: Carna, Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: "And love... love enough for a thousand Christmases. Why do you think this is? Play this game to review English. 1. What does Harvey dream? Preview this quiz on Quizizz. 5., 175- cellar, hefting, chisel, assaulted, hauled. Now knowing what we know, what predictions can we make about Harvey’s “conversations” with his parents? The Thief of Always Pages153-213(End) ... Harvey is shocked as the house tells him that he can either stay and live forever or get eaten by Carna. 1. Carna took a threatening step toward him, but instead of retreating Harvey extended his hand in the creature’s direction, as if to pat its decaying head. 4. We are only half way through the book. Draw a visualization/ mind stream as you read this chapter. Related people/characters. Why did Wendell become frustrated at the beginning of the chapter? Art portfolio: Thief. 6. Hood for? Explain the quote, “Evil however powerful it seemed could be undone by its own appetite.” ( in reference to Carna’s wings). The Thief of Always. 5. 6. 3. If he was a Thief of Always, as Hood had said, perhaps it was time to prove it., 85- grate, doze, troupe, acrobats, feats, murk, jigs, jitterings, crazed, writhed, succulent, brood, 87- landing, counterattack, tactics, anticipate, 88- narrow, steep, conspirator, nimble, whim, 91- handiwork, sleek, dabbled, sprouting, knack. Hood tells Harvey they are “both Thieves of Always”. 4. Why did Harvey look down at his hands at the end of the chapter? 3. What happened to Carna? Why? 5. Destroying Marr, Jive, and Carna, escaping with Wendal, making a wish for all seasons at once, Lulu / kids turn into fish, saving Ms. Griffin, and … Rictus says "... it takes a lot of magic to conjure up all these shams and hoaxes." What was her gift, and why was it significant? What do you think is the significance of Lulu being at the lake? What does the phrase “bend your ear” mean? 5. Make a prediction as to what will happen when Hood gives Harvey his final request. 3. Why do you think he said that? Who is the thief? Why did the author title this chapter “Hungry Waters”? ... Mrs. Griffin. What event told Harvey that "his battle with the Vampire King was over"? People/Characters by cover : Works (1) Titles: Order: The Thief of Always by Clive Barker: Character description. The night he started his recent re-read a month or so ago, he quoted the first line to me before he even opened the book: The great grey beast February had eaten Harvey Swick alive. Why is the chapter titled “Turnabout”? Why did he have them? 4. In the last chapter Rictus said “it takes a lot of magic to conjure up these hoaxes and shams". Why did they keep it? What was Harvey trying to gain by requesting the illusions? 7. And how does that relate to the title “The Thief of Always”? Blue sparks flew as he struck at the metal, but he seemed to be making no impression until, all of a sudden, the lock gave a loud crack and fell to the ground. What is the significance of the statement “this house is full of surprises”? For homework, complete the two writing posts for each section (chapters 1-3; chapters 4-7; chapters 8-13; part 2, chapters 14-26)--that's 8 journal entries in total. Why was Rictus gasping? Edit. Who is the main character of The Thief of Always?

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