Mr and Mrs JM Allan Hay Miss Dorothy Allan Hay Master Edward Allan Hay and maid Mrs … Passenger Lists to Natal: Umzumbi and Carisbrook Castle 1905 ARRIVAL OF THE UMZUMBI AND DEPARTURE OF THE CARISBROOK CASTLE Natal Witness February 18 1905 . Essentially business records, the lists were developed from the order books of the two main passenger lines operating out of Londonderry--J. Click the logo above to reach the ssMaritime FrontPage for News Updates & “Ship of the Month” With Reuben Goossens. Her first arrival at Cape Town was on 13th May 1938 on the mail service. Related material: ALGERIA Reg No 56132 (see BELLA DONNA) ALLAH KARIM Reg No 131767 (see ELIZABETH) ALLEMANNIA Reg No 84105 (see … Starting from your inbox. Port at which passengers contracted to land. 23 Feb 1959 . By Sea To Mombasa: Although there were several shipping lines operating between Europe and Mombasa in the 1950s and early 1960s, the two most prominent were Union Castle (British and Commonwealth Shipping) and British India Steam Navigation Company - later taken over by P&O. & J. Cooke (1847-67) and William McCorkell & Co. (1863-71). John Ismay. Left London in September, 1888, for the Cape. Durban Durham Castle ... For some of the cross-Channel and Isle of Wight passenger ferries, the practice was adopted at certain dates of making one return for all the ships of the company; when this has occurred, the ship names have been cross-referenced. PMB (Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa) 1888. London . Formed in 1862 by Donald Currie as Donald Currie & Co. to run a regular sailing ship service to India and familiarly known as "Currie's Calcutta Castles". 20 Oct 1884. Carrying passengers as well as cargo, including the all-important mail, it was a byword in travel – ‘every Thursday at 4’, as one of the big Union castle liners set off for Cape Town and beyond. Name of Ship M.V. Day trips in and from Durban. My grandfather was aboard the. Passenger lists usually give details of the overseas port to which the passenger is sailing, while remaining silent on the country in which the port is situated. Here's a list of daytrips for you to choose from and explore Durban's attractions: iSithumba Village. Embarking at Durban [Natal], East London, Port Elizabeth [Algoa Bay], Mossel Bay, Cape Town, Madeira and Tenerife. The transport Dictator left here this morning for SA p7f To The Editor Of The Times. The Harlech Castle arrived at Capetown yesterday and the Dunottar Castle arrived at Durban last Friday. Saved by Will . p 19: "It is difficult, now to imagine what conditions must have been in 1858, but imagine living for two and a half months with 226 passengers in an area less than half the sixe of a tennis court. These passenger lists, which cover the period of the Irish Famine and its aftermath, identify the emigrants' actual places of residence, as well as their port of departure and nationality. Service in WW2. CLUNY CASTLE. About South Africa, Passenger Index, 1688-1950. London. Please Note: Firefox and some other search engines are not suitable – Use “Internet Explorer” for this page to load perfectly!. The Royal Navy destroyers summoned by radio rescued the survivors and returned them to Plymouth. In many cases, the country is self-evident, i.e., Boston is of course in USA, Melbourne in Australia and so on. DURBAN CASTLE was built in 1938 by Harland & Wolff at Belfast with a tonnage of 17382grt, a length of 594ft 7in, a beam of 76ft 4in and a service speed of 18.5 knots. : 1890 - 1954), Wed 23 Jan 1946, Page 5 - DURBAN CASTLE'S "MIXED" PASSENGER LIST You have corrected this article This article has been corrected by You and other Voluntroves This article has been corrected by Voluntroves Durban. The Union-Castle Mail S.S.Co.Ltd., reg. following facts contained in a letter to me from an officer lately on board the Nubia transport. HMS Spitfire remained with the ship and later took off the skeleton crew. She was built for the Round Africa service and inaugurated the practice of naming ships after non-existent South African castles. CLUNY CASTLE. London - Port Adelaide. The eGSSA branch of the Genealogical Society of South Africa has embarked on a project to transcribe all the passenger lists in the South African Archives that the archivists can find for us and some wonderful information has been found at the Pietermaritzburg Archives Repository and at the Roeland Street Archives, Cape Town. CLUNY CASTLE . An immigrant sheet of some passengers of the S.S. Hawarden Castle show the arrival on 28/08/1883 in Durban, Natal, South Africa of: ATKINSON, H - farm labourer; ATKINSON, R - farm labourer ; Applicant: ATKINSON, E.D. Union Castle Line; RMS Pendennis Castle. Southampton: SS Goorkha (Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company Ltd) travelling from Durban [Natal] to London. Live More. Outgoing passenger lists (1890-1960) Mini Town . The last ocean liners especially built for this "RA" run were the Rhodesia Castle and Kenya Castle. Dateline Las Palmas, Nov 14. Subsequent passenger ships for the mail service reverted to steam turbine power. Union Castle Line 1955. Jane Ismay. 1919 26 June 1919. Comment. List of passengers disembarking at Southampton. Durban South Africa. 21 March 1919 21 May 1919. 18 Jul 1949. In September 1939 she was converted into a troopship. Covers a high percentage of the 1820 settlers who went to South Africa from the British Isles. No other ships are listed, including those which are only mentioned in the archives or shipping in 1971 sections.) Coedmore Castle. (This is a mandatory criterion. 19 Feb 1960. 74 . The Galway Castle did not sink for 3 days, and it is possible that had everybody stayed on board the loss of life may have been smaller, but the threat of a second attack by U82 was also a possibility. 75 . Avila Star Steamship Line Blue Star Line Date of Arrival 18 th January 1940 Port of departure Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires. There are at least 3 sailings where the ship's manifest states the number of aliens that sailed but the actual passenger list is missing, . Southampton. William Robert DUNK (late of the Natal Mounted Police) 1889. Additional 19th century settlers are being added.

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