Episode 1 Matsuyama said that L and Light are "extremely" alike in that they have "very strong sense of justice. His feelings about Light are also revealed, and it is described that L did consider Light to be his friend, going as far as holding on to Light's broken watch as a memento and saying, "Light, I'll see you on the other side. l (lower case, upper case L) 1. The color he assigned to L was gold. Considering L wants Light to join the investigation and he has another countermeasure to keep him safe anyway, L allows Light to have the Task Force members confirm his identity. German Because of this, he requests that 12 FBI agents investigate those close to each of the members of the police. After meeting the Japanese Task Force, he requests that the task force refer to him as "Ryuzaki" as an additional safety measure. Height During Light's seventh day of confinement, Light begins acting uncharacteristically as he lost his memories of being Kira. Judging from the fact that Kira can now kill with just a face and that Kira is uncharacteristically killing innocents, L speculates that this is indeed a second Kira who seeks the collaboration and attention of the first. Within Pierce County: Check to see if your jobsite is in Tacoma Power's jurisdiction before you apply for your permit. Introducing our newest concept. L begins by playing a tennis game with Light, in order to have grounds to get closer to Light and begin asking him about the investigation; during the game, L concludes that Light will attempt to meet with the Task Force members in order to confirm L's identity. This was shown when he visited Light Yagami's school and was seen barefoot while sitting on a bench, not bothering to wear his shoes until he got up to walk. This provokes Kira into killing Tailor on the spot, which in turn confirms that the Kira killings are not a coincidental succession of heart attacks amongst criminals but the designs of an ingenious murderer who will kill any and all who try to stop him. Used He is convinced that if he drew L eating "mountains of sweets" prior to revealing L's face, the character would not have "much credibility as a super detective," and people would question whether L was "crazy. I always love being able to buy from ethical companies using their platform to make positive change in the world. Date of birth He stated that he could never have created L and that he enjoyed drawing him. Notable kills You guessed it, I'm also childish and hate losing. L (エル, Eru) is a world-renowned detective who takes on the challenge of catching the mass murderer known as Kira. Manga Official city government site. Himself (film series only) However after many years of wearing pads, I started to notice that every time I wore one, it made me itchy. Other media L notices the rapid rate of criminals dying of heart attacks, and suspects a person is behind this and that he is in Japan, so he seeks cooperation from the NPA. Sometime after, Watari realized that L had incredible intelligence and later assisted him in his cases. Although he believes that giving it such black eyes tends to make an animated character appear "goofier," he also thinks that the bags "sharpen the character's gaze." L finds footage of the death of one of the agents, and the footage shows that Raye Penber, who was investigating the families of Soichiro Yagami and Koreyoshi Kitamura, was reaching for something behind him when he died just outside the train. Now, I'm going to convert every pad/tampon wearing friend to switch. It is for this reason that L attempts to keep Near sheltered, though he ultimately fails when Near escapes the Wammy House. Ohba said that L is the most intelligent character in the entire Death Note series because "the plot requires it."

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