A lot of this book has a retro fifties vibe – the working husbands and secretary mistresses, the ‘be a lady’ sexual mores drilled into Vicki by her grandmother, Caleb’s dark secret that really isn’t a big deal – but in a way that works. 3. It starts out in a marriage counselor’s office and goes over their year of meeting, marrying and filing for divorce. --Sheri Meyers, a marriage and family therapist in Los Angeles Get "Make Love Last A Lifetime" by Barbara De Angelis Their reunion is filled with angry words and bitterness, but soon they have to turn their attention to defeating a larger threat – and as they do so, they rediscover the strength of their feelings for one another. A Marriage Worth Fighting For by Lilian Darcy 5. The husband has multiple jobs and a difficult mother; the wife feels lost in her husband’s home town and at loose ends job- and family-wise. Kora Oliver, Tony-winning actress turned director, and Tariq Evans, NFL star turned financial advisor, have known each other for over two decades. The wife’s announcement that she’s met another man precipitates an avalanche of (consensual) abduction-and-rape role-play sex. Read 3 580 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In ,Beguiling the Beauty Christian marries Venetia even though he thinks she’s a fake and a phony; in Ravishing the Heiress, Milly and Fitz have a terrible start, a stable middle…and then nearly implode when his former lover re-enters the picture; and in Tempting the Bride, Helena is forced to marry David to save her reputation. “The Divorce” by Nicole Strycharz where the hero and heroine were opposites attract, but now it seems that everything “opposite” about the heroine just bugs the hero, leading to the heroine filing for divorce. 2. I think it’s a great book—well-written and emotionally-nuanced—but the role-play is extremely intense, very violent, with filthy name-calling, so CW/TW. I too miss Calhoun. The resolution of the love story is one of my very favorites. This is the story of two ordinary people attempting to save their marriage in the face of real-life problems, and nobody has ever done it better, before or since. Harlequin romance novels. Discovering her pregnancy sends her back to him. I can’t believe I forgot one of my favorite books of this year: Molly O’Keefe’s ONE LAST CHANCE: a beautifully-written and melancholy story of a married couple who have been apart more than together during their ten-year marriage. In this steampunk novella from the Iron Seas series, Georgiana Thomas’s husband Thom returns from the sea with a bullet wound and a single gold coin. It’s a great series and they are all quick reads. On this list of romance writing prompts, I've tried to include ideas that could work for paranormal romance, fantasy, young adult, romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and more. (Probably written by men.) Always in My Heart by Catherine Anderson, 1. Books to Read if your Marriage is in Trouble Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links from Amazon and other networks which means I earn from qualifying purchases. I just re-read her whole back catalog over the summer and enjoyed every single book. With themes of PTSD, courage, resilience and deep abiding love, this is a marriage in trouble story with a realistic and hopeful happy ending. Ravishing the Heiress is so good – and a little different from her other books, I think. Separated for a year and on the verge of divorce, Connor and Victoria get a kick-start to their marriage when a night at a party they both attend reveals hidden desires and shatters their illusions of each other. Cheating is a big turn off for me. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. He’s a Blueblood, she’s a human and, when the novel begins, he wishes he never gave her a second thought. Fitz is a particularly interesting character. Time for a re-read, I think. @Blackjack: one of the things I find so interesting about THE LIST is that you can almost feel Calhoun fighting against the conventions of the romance genre—and I say this as someone who loves romance and thinks THE LIST is one of Calhoun’s best books. There’s no cheating – did someone say there was? There is so much angst! A romance novel is just a 300pg answer to such a question. Rhys and Derek have been married for fifteen years, but are getting divorced after Rhys cheated in a one-night-stand. Most romance novels are about characters falling in love with each other for the first time. Wife’s Addiction to Romance Novels Ruining Our Marriage.” Romance Novels Will Make Women Crazy and Ruin Their Marriages.” Romance Novels Bad for Women’s Health and Psyche, Psychologist Says.” Yes, those are real headlines. I just read a really enjoyable marriage in trouble story – A Passionate Reunion in Fiji by Michelle Smart. A struggling wife who is battling insecurities and a husband who had lost his way. Rend is heart-breaking and deeply emotional but also uplifting, and quite, quite beautiful. She finds out what has happened and chooses to follow him home to Canada and fulfill her part of the vows. A Marriage Worth Fighting For by Lilian Darcy, 6. Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples by Harville Hendricks, PhD This is arguably the … Thanks! Both Vicki and Caleb are nice people,they work maturely and methodically through their issues and seek to become more honest and open with each other. This kind of romance always makes me ache and even though I know there will be a happily ever after again and love that has been tested is sweeter. They don’t have to be read in order but I do think Midnight Feast is more enjoyable if you’ve read the others first, because Margie is such an intriguing character. If you want a book that doesn’t ask “How can we get together” but rather “How can we stay together,” this list of relationships and marriages in trouble is for you!

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