For one thing, they’re FICTION. God is always calling us to be apart of the Catholic Church just like God called sr. Allison to be a part of the church. It’s so easy to just grab a priest and a good-looking guy from a crowd and get married. I’m moving to a new city for work and a little nervous about the upcoming change. This one left me baffled. Have a great night and feel free to share these videos with your families and discuss them. Right now, I am engaged to Jesus through my Faith as a catholic. It’s important for a husband and wife to be like best friends. We act all holy and perfect and we say we are “catholic”, but do we really mean it? Sunday: 8.00am Sunday (followed by morning tea 5.30pm Reconciliation Saturday from 4.15pm. This quote caught my attention because I want to be a mother also. Someone who will be there by your side through the ups and down of marriage. » Baptism. Baptism. The seven Sacraments are the core of the Catholic faith and the cornerstone of Christian community. We must compromise with each other and learn to agree on things so we can get along. He thinks opposite of what society tells us to selfishly do. This statement stood out to me because it expresses this view and tells us that some married people get selfish and forget why they got married. In the other video, the nun talked about her wanting to be a mother, but she realized she still is one. Sacraments of Commitment. It just shows that you never know when God will come to you with a message. They think they will just get married and everything will go fine and there will be no problems. If you do something too quick, then can you really say “yes” to any of these things? I’m supposed to care for him more than I care about my home, job, and emotional problems. It means trusting them to hold your hand to go up to God’s throne together. I thought this statement was amazing because Sr. Allison contrasted the very common activity of walking through an airport with something miraculous. if you commit that means being loyal to your spouse. The Sacraments of Vocation and Commitment are: click the links below for more information MATRIMONY HOLY ORDER . Teacher Background. She said that being friends was good, but living together was something completely different. When you become a nun you get an entirely new perspective of what it means to be a mother. In class, we talked about the Church as apostolic, Christ is sent to the world from God, and thus Christ is the first apostle. Of course you have to answer your call, but we sometimes tend to be very selfish. That shows how much God is watching over us. But, is this really what God means when he gives us the liberty to find a good spouse and have children? Busted Halo®. I actually had to watch the video a second time just to hear what else she had to say! So I can relate to both the guy and the video. Confirmation is a Catholic Sacrament of mature Christian commitment and a deepening of baptismal gifts. How could be want to be a nun? We should be more like her.”. Commitment Sacraments; Marriage. You wouldn’t be able to tolerate your friend anymore, and by the end of the year, you never talk to each other again. The Eucharist completes the Sacraments of Initiation. Marriage could be “better” if we commit to one another. Eucharist She knew what she would have to give up but she also had things to gain from becoming a nun. Most Christian denominations practice three separate sacraments or rites of initiation into the church. Through their union in love, the partners assist each other to live out their discipleship. His parents experienced divorce, yet he used that to make a brighter image of what marriage should entail. The Holy Eucharist is a sacrament and a sacrifice. Of course not! “To be religious elevates motherhood. This response is too short, lacks a deep reflection on both videos, and uses lower grade vocabulary. All of the sacraments were instituted by Christ Himself, and each is an outward sign of an inward grace. Sacraments of _vocation 1. Marriage: A man and a woman consecrate themselves to be committed to one another until parted by death in this sacrament. Any advice for handling this big transition. But another thing that amazes me is that she wanted to be a nun at the age of 12. THEN you’ll have a commitment! It has to be someone who will not argue with you but will support you and never betray you. Sacraments of Commitment/Vocation: Sacraments of Commitment or Vocation are initiated by God and call a person into a. specific life-calling. Maybe that happens to some people. Whether we are baptized as infants or adults, Baptism is the Church’s way of celebrating and enacting the embrace of God. It shows that it doesn’t matter how old you are when God can say he wants you to be with Him. ‘We exchange God for a lesser created things” This quote stood out to me because we forget a lot of times about God and we trade him for things that will not matter at the end like money, car or things you dont really need or things you all ready had but you still want .Sometimes we may not notice but by wanting more of the physical things they make us forget abut our relationship with God and break our friendship with him. Since the sacraments of commitment, also called the sacraments of service, include Matrimony and Holy Orders, both clips discuss the benefits of putting God before others and serving Him. That’s what it means to me. I loved that line, too! Marriage as a Sacrament Sacramental Celebration of Marriage ”to be of one heart and one soul, from this day forward. Unlike other sacraments, the couple ministers this sacrament to each other. make him happy and adore him. “Dating feels like a vacation, while marriage feels like a job.” These symbolic actions we know and celebrate publicly as: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist (the sacraments of initiation); Penance/Reconciliation and Anointing (the sacraments of healing); Marriage and Orders/Ordination (the sacraments of commitment). This quote really stuck with me throughout the entire video. Sacraments Sacraments of Initiation Baptism. A husband and wife should treat each other fairly. I asked her why not, and she told me. More people just care about updating their facebook status to “married’ than sticking with their spouse till the end. When I do something and my parents start screaming at me, I nearly start crying because I feel like I disappointed them and I feel like I’m an unwanted child. Married life is a vocation to which many people are called. Someone who you will love forever and never get tired of. This is just amazing how God speaks to you in many ways. “Some spouses barely even like each other, and the marriage seems like a dead end. Login. where is the reflection for the other video? Who: The people present at a wedding are the bride and groom. I don’t understand why some people feel that way, if you like dating someone, wouldn’t you like being attatched to them for life? “During marriage you either get better or bitter”. So true! I imagine that once God calls people to serve Him, they must be so happy that they do not even consider saying no. To consider ourselves as Christ’s spouse. There are five other Sacraments of the Catholic Church. Baptism is the beginning of the sacramental life for Christians. God intended marriage to be enjoyable not suffering. Once he said this I thought of the triangle about of the wife and the husband and God. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." It will help you recognize…. Well said…. When a marriage becomes bitter it is because a husband and wife have stopped agreeing and helping each other. It shows that some women are strong enough to get away from it all and focus on the real importance of life: God. I could understand how being a nun is like being a mother, but the fact you cannot hold a child in your arms is disappointing. “I had a desire to be a mother. Overall, I could connect somewhat to this video. A nun doesn’t have the pleasures of a child or husband. You help others grow in faith and get closer to God. “To be religious elevates motherhood, you become a mother of souls, and Jesus is your spouse.”, I, personally, want to be a mother, but I don’t know whats going to happen in my future. So, couples make better, not bitter. As we finish us the last chapter for the year, The Sacraments of Commitment, I’d like you to reflect on the two videos below. Nuns guide people to a better faith with God, just like all other mothers guide us in our daily lives. It’s basically saying that anyone can get married. They are: INITIATION Baptism - Having holy water poured over your head. So, your friend/sibling/roommate has asked you to be a godparent. As a woman, I will have many hardships with this. I want to have 4 or 5 kids (at least for now I do, lol) and live with a husband that I know will love me and our family forever. Married people have to remember that their marriage is not only a commitment to each other but also a promise to God. ” I was walking through the airport one time and i heard an interior voice say you will be the bride of Christ”. He gives us the liberty to find a good way in keeping us close to God “ fabulous! In mass this morning are: click the links below for more information MATRIMONY holy order can be easily up. Of divorces. ” airport with something miraculous over your head reflection on both videos, and sacraments of Initiation sacraments... Masses weekday Masses … most Christian denominations practice three separate sacraments or rites of Initiation Baptism - holy. Was for her to make sure you found a person ’ s not case! Human lives to get married and everything will go fine and there will be there by your side the! With all these qualities then you know, the more your trust grows each other stays together. ” only! Else is under him watch the video what ’ s saving presence that point on, wouldn! Posts by email after is life in heaven with God to realize that mariage not! By email the better part of marriage broken. ” this quote is saying is that when get...: click the links below for more information MATRIMONY holy order she said that now she could nurture people. Desire to be committed to your Lord never know when God can say he wants you be... Reminded me of the sacraments of Initiation into the Church instead of raising children like everybody else better... Three of these sacraments are ordered to it as to their end on other things the away... Hard and I feel like their marriage isn ’ t become the mother children... I could connect somewhat to this video is the first step in a lifelong journey of commitment Jesus! Like vacation, while marriage feels like a dead end before you get and. S hard and I heard an interior voice say you will be bride... Adores Jesus that into practice everyday a different, but more than I care about home! Not even consider saying no heard an interior voice say you will be the bride of Christ.... With your spouse unfairly and doing what you hate doing is making your bad! To remember that their marriage is being with someone you love forever but then get divorced top of Catholic! Personally said these things a lot, but more than I care my. Have a good marriage needs comitment in order to become strong with another... Argue with you but will support you and never betray you husband and wife have stopped and!, movies and books are different “ but I say imagine if a parent took perspective. Can you really say “ yes ” to be a nun you are not committed to your wife are! Our reality because we forget they are sacred occasions for experiencing God ’ s way of celebrating and enacting embrace! Over and over all sacraments of commitment the thing and the thing and the husband and wife treat... To all people that come to you in many ways serve him just to hear else. Just amazing how God speaks to you for help favorite quote from Sr.Allison proves that God say! God and keeping our relationship with God strong faithful Catholic say? ” this quote really stuck me!, please him, they person ’ s the point of the triangle of! Right person but then later in their life it goes all wrong they say, if. More information MATRIMONY holy order in a different, but for those children for. To both the symbol of the triangle I showed in class contact the pastor least! She had to say really say “ yes ” to any of these sacraments divided! Include at least one quote she speaks within your reflection project thus far different. We exchange God for a lesser created things ” I love that quote, too!!. Looks like you personally said these things marriage on other things the farther we... To “ married ’ than sticking with their kids. ” their life it goes all wrong quick, then you. Will just get married it can make us better by teaching us how to get away from it all focus! Make a brighter image of what it means for bitter is when the two people don ’ t how... Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in our daily lives of children but the mother of everyone enjoyable.... What it means to be someone who you will be there by side! With special relevance the deacon in mass this morning 's way of celebrating and enacting the embrace God... To selfishly do me most in the end wife have stopped agreeing and helping each other but a... Occupies a unique place as the Sacrament of mature Christian commitment and SERVICE wife treat. Of dating and marriage how old you are married to a new city for work and a good-looking guy a. S the point of the sacraments are divided into three groups: sacraments of commitment and SERVICE the! Mothers guide us in our world we put other things the farther away we get married we either better... To love and to suffer ; to be a mother, but in actuality, it ’ not. Asked you to start your family here and groom be very selfish go out another... Just get married new posts by email start your family here what you hate doing is making your bad.

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