Once your plan is complete you will be able to view and print your plan from Degree Audit. 5428 Paper copies of Educational Plans are not provided. Speak with a transfer specialist at SPSCC and the 4-year school you wish to attend for unique requirements. To find out dates and times of availability, please login to … Associate in Arts/Direct Transfer Agreement Degrees and Certificates I give South Puget Sound Community College my permission to post any certificates or degrees to my transcript that I … where do our students plan to go? You can We will contact you when your education plan is complete. Student welcome guide for the 2020-21 academic year. Academics. SPSCC Prof Tech faculty members are industry professionals with strong connections to local and regional businesses. My SPSCC Portal. show CHS This section is only open to high school students earning college … Apply to SPSCC; Set up your SPSCC student email account; Place in Math and English above Adult Basic Education; Identify the degree you would like an Ed Plan for; Register for your next quarter classes ... Once your plan is complete you will be able to view and print your plan from Degree Audit. Is your goal to earn your bachelor's degree? This document does not substitute meeting with your advisor. ... AFTER SPSCC. 9%. You can also request a personal plan. If you have placed into Adult Basic Education in Math or English, please visit Adult Basic Education for more information about getting started with ABE classes. 5243. An academic plan is a … If you have long-term planning questions, it is best to set up an appointment to connect with your assigned Educational & Career Planner by using your Compass account. Education Plans are generally required by third party funding sources (ex: Financial Aid, Worker Retraining Program and the Opportunity Grant Program.) This course satisfies the Social Science course requirement for transfer degrees. Outlook Email. About Compass Compass is a web based advising tool that improves the way we support students at SPSCC. Login . Communications Center. Social Updates ... plan your program, access your Degree Planner in Compass What is Compass? Sign up for emergency alerts and notifications. My Classes; My Week; Spring 2020. Alert System. that it may take longer than usual to receive your plan. You will need to submit official transcripts to have them implemented in your degree program. PLANNING NOTES 1. Academic Calendar; College Catalog; Degree Audit; Final Exams Schedule; … Is your goal to earn your bachelor's degree? If you have completed 30 or more college level credits or have taken a similar class before, please notify your Educational & Career Planner for possible waiving of this course requirement. The individual student is ultimately responsible for his/her educational and life decisions. January 17, 2021, 8:45 pm. Opportunity to explore several fields of study through the category of up to 30 credits of elective courses. A popular degree option, the Associate in Arts Direct Transfer Degree will now be available 100 percent online from SPSCC. The Degree Planner function also allows students to build plans for their degree and submit it for approval. Students should take this course if they plan to pursue a pathway that requires MATH 099 (STEM) or MATH 147 (Business) or if they plan to transfer to a university that requires MATH 097 for admission. Request Info Apply to SPSCC DTAs are a convenient and affordable way to pay for collegeand earn a bachelor's degree. During the Great Recession, SPSCC’s enrollment soared and its budget plummeted, she said. DEGREE AUDIT LOGIN. Associate in Arts - Direct Transfer Agreement, Associate in Biology - Direct Transfer Agreement / Major Related Program, Associate in Business - Direct Transfer Agreement / Major Related Program, Associate in Music - Direct Transfer Agreement / Major Related Program, Associate in Nursing - Direct Transfer Agreement / Major Related Program, Associate in Pre Nursing - Direct Transfer Agreement / Major Related Program, Associate in Science - Transfer (Track 1-Chemistry, Biology, Environmental & Natural Resources, Geology, Earth), Associate in Science - Transfer (Track 2-Computers, Engineering, Physics, Atmospheric). ... For a number of PLU majors, we have put together a degree plan combining the classes you should take at SPSCC and the classes you’ll take at … Students use the Success Network page to schedule appointments with advising, financial aid, and faculty mentor. When you complete a Prof Tech program, you can earn a two-year Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree or a program certificate, depending on your focus area. Evergreen and SPSCC expect to offer hybrid programs combining remote and in-person learning, while Saint Martin’s University is aiming for a return to the classroom this fall. Develop/approve a degree plan to meet your degree requirements; Discuss different degree options as they relate to your goals; Assist with planning your transfer to another college; Help you interpret college policy If you are degree-seeking, your assigned Educational and Career Planner's contact information will show up on your Success Network in Compass within one day of your Pathway Selection Survey and … > SPSCC’s Strategic Plan are to ensure students graduate with a degree in a timely manner, and that they enter the workforce after graduation. MySPSCC Portal. 1 Apply online and start any quarter at … Complete your first 90 credits at SPSCC and then transfer to a 4-year school in Washington as a college junior. To honor the gift, SPSCC will rename Building 16 the Bruno & Evelyne Betti Automotive & Welding Center and will name the second floor of the Bowen Center the Bruno & Evelyne Betti Healthcare Simulation Lab. Associate in Applied Science (AAS-T): This degree will transfer to only a very limited set of bachelor's degree programs, including some applied degrees at community colleges or to “upside-down” programs at a few 4-year colleges. See the current South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) catalog for complete degree requirements. Students must complete all DTA degree requirements and earn their associate degree in order for all classes to transfer to a 4-year school. Please be aware during peak times (financial aid application due date, beginning of registration, spring graduation, etc.) Students who plan to pursue a Science, Engineering, and/or Math (SEM) pathway should take this course. Now is the time to apply. Prerequisite: Eligible for MATH 092 or ABE 065 or appropriate placement. 5349. Most private Washington schools, and many public colleges out-of-state, will also accept a DTA degree. SPSCC’s new Center for Transition Studies will help even more adults in our community finish their degrees and plan for a brighter future. This lecture-demonstration course is intended for non-science AA degree candidates and is particularly appropriate for students planning to transfer in elementary education. Degree Audit has three main features: Degree Audit: Run an audit of your current academic record against any degree or certificate offered at SPSCC to view your progress towards graduation. Degree Audit is available daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degrees let you complete your first 90 credits at SPSCC and then transfer to a 4-year school in Washington as a college junior. HIST&147.OL Details; Title Course Credits Location Days Times ... in the High School section and not open to general enrollment. ... Current students can get virtual “walk-in” support from an Educational & Career Planner on Tuesday and Wednesday. Academic Planner: View an academic plan of future coursework recommended by your advisor. SPSCC is taking it a step further and imagining life with a 20 percent cut, spokeswoman Green said. My Success Network My Student ID Student Resources Check your email Set up your account. earn. Free to apply; no essay required; no delayed admissions decisions. Week 5: Log into your MySPSCC portal to see your registration day & time (remember- this is NOT an appointment with your ECP- this is when the online system will allow you to start registration) Academic Support Resources. It will need to be taken within the first two quarters of attendance. 2. This course satisfies the Quantitative course requirement for transfer degrees. Covers functions and analytic geometry. To request an Education Plan the following must be completed: If you have completed all of the steps above, you can complete the Educational Plan Request. Take English, math, humanities, and science classes that are highly transferrable, or stay and earn a 2-year university transfer degree. Learning Support Services | Bldg. In some cases, a DTA degree along with minimum GPA requirements does guarantee entry to 4-year program. The guide gives students information about campus safety, how to access academic support services, and information on campus clubs and athletics. Credit for all courses completed within the DTA up to and in some cases beyond 90 credits. SPSCC's fast and flexible admissions let you enroll in highly transferrable online and hybrid classes so you can stay safe at home and save money for the unexpected. Finish strong at Pacific Lutheran University. Completion of lower division general education requirements. Associate in Science – Transfer (AS-T): If you’re a science major, you will need to take more science in your first two years and defer some other general education requirements until after you transfer. Priority consideration in the admissions for most humanities and social science majors at public universities ahead of students without a degree. It is a required class for all new students who have not taken a similar class before. This can be accessed from your student portal (my.spscc.edu). January 13, 2021, 6:45 pm. MLK day closure: SPSCC closed Monday, Jan. 18. South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) is one of the top 50 community colleges in the U.S. My Success Network: Schedule advising, plan your program, access your Degree ... 238 People Used More Courses ›› View Course Class Schedule | My SPSCC Now my.spscc.edu. Associate in Arts, Business, Elementary Education, General Studies, Nursing, Science and certificate degrees in nearly 30 areas. If a student wishes to transfer before the DTA is earned, 4-year schools may evaluate a transcript course-by-course. South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) seeks a highly motivated and qualified individual for the position of Educational Planner & Men's Head Basketball Coach. Compass is a web-based advising tool which improves the way we support students at SPSCC. 19 Seats … Early Alert: This process will allow you to … The gift will go toward professional technical degree programs, such as automotive and welding, as well as health care programs in the college’s Dr. Angela Bowen Center … SPSCC helps you take classes related to your interests, earn your degree faster, and graduate. Located in Washington’s capital city, Olympia. Please note:  If you have transcripts for us to evaluate, get copies of all transcripts from other colleges and universities you have attended. Approval of plans is … MLK day closure: SPSCC closed Monday, Jan. 18. Faculty can support and nurture students through kudos for performance improvements and to recognize outstanding contributions. Students, faculty, and staff can manually raise alerts or flags that help support students. Opportunity to complete prerequisites for a future major. If you are required to turn in a copy of your Educational Plan to a third party you will need to print … Keep in mind that transfer evaluations can take up to eight weeks to process, and your Educational Plan cannot be completed without the transfer of credit evaluation completed first. See Transferring Credits. A t South Puget Sound Community ... eligible for reduced tuition rates at SPSCC. Transfer to the Theatre Arts-General Studies program at CWU with the South Puget Sound Community College Associate in Arts Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA). Returning to your university, traveling the world, or paying a lot for online classes may not feel right. Education Plans are designed to help students navigate their degree requirements and build in progression of classes. April 13 - June 23. Each year, South Puget Sound Community College students transfer to Pacific Lutheran University to complete their Bachelor’s degree, with over 40 academic programs from which to choose. For more information, please contact your Educational Planner. Home | Areas of Study | Degrees & Certificates Degrees & Certificates . Feb 25. *Based to DTA graduates who transferred in 2017-2018. Class Schedule. 22 advising@spscc.edu. This is not guaranteed across all degrees, programs, and schools. ... and degree planning. 22 (West, East), Bldg. It can provide three elective credits if your degree plan allows. Tuition is just 1/3 the price of a public university, and 1/6 the price of a private university. Scan for a deeper look at EDC's Economic Report. Week 4: Make an appointment with your Educational & Career Planner (ECP) at SPSCC to review Degree Planner & your high school graduation requirements. Integrates major elements of astronomy, oceanography, and geology in describing the place of the Earth in space and time. We make every effort to return Educational Plans to you in a timely manner. The $2.5 million gift from the Bruno and Evelyne Betti Foundation will impact Professional Technical degree and Healthcare programs. Advising | Bldg. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement or a "C" or better in MATH 099 or equivalent. If you are required to turn in a copy of your Educational Plan to a third party you will need to print from Degree Audit. Major Related Programs (MRP) have special and more specific requirements that must be taken in the first two years in order to progress on time. The Educational Planner (75%) reports directly to the Associate Dean of Counseling, Advising and Access Services and is responsible for assisting enrolled and prospective students in developing meaningful educational … Full Closed. Please submit the form giving adequate leeway for us to return your plan to you! Quick questions can be answered by meeting with an Educational & Career Planner during walk-in hours, or by emailing the Advising team at advising@spscc.edu. Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degrees are a convenient and affordable way to pay for college. basic skills.

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