Mahmud, on the other hand, was torn between hatred of the pasha and hatred of the Christian powers which had forced him to make concessions to the Greeks. FZ: I'm torn in two directions: I love something yummy, soft and cottony, with a bit of lace--and also perhaps a lacy cami with a low-rise boy short. Anyone who has ever suffered from a torn rotator cuff understands the importance of rotator cuff injury exercises. Muscle cells can become leaky, or most extremely, completely torn open. Logged Torn ACL, stable, medial meniscus tear of posterior horn. Scarcely had I torn it off before another, a bigger one, began biting me. She turned to see him motion her towards the jungle surrounding the lake. torn ACL used to be is visible in these sections. We're torn between going to a hot spring and going skiing. A torn hamstring will keep Woodgate out for a month. Athanasius has no terms for the definition of the Persons in the one " Divine " (ro OEiov), which are in their substance one; and yet he is certain that this "Divine" is not a mere abstraction, but something truly personal: " They are One," so he wrote later in his Discourses against the Arians, " not as though the unity were torn into two parts, which outside the unity would be nothing, nor as though the unity bore two, names, so that one and the same is at one time Father and then his own Son, as the heretic Sabellius imagined. Gradens., in Ughelli, Italia sacra, torn. Learn about Afghanistan and Vietnam, the war torn territories you'll be invading to smuggle contraband and make a quick buck. B. Maria was torn between joining the Future Farmers of … At times, as if to allow them a respite, a quarter of an hour passed during which the cannon balls and shells all flew overhead, but sometimes several men were torn from the regiment in a minute and the slain were continually being dragged away and the wounded carried off. Rip Torn - This actor was charged with drunk driving after his December 2006 arrest in Westchester, New York. Edges of DJ somewhat ruffled, torn at tail of spine. The ozone layer has been torn apart & the polar ice caps are melting. A fish. He is there said to have caused a certain Sunilda or Sanielh to be torn asunder by wild horses on account of her husband's traitorous conduct. It has torn at me every day of my life. Statues of Blanco, which had been erected in various places in the city of Caracas, were broken by the mob, and wherever a portrait of the dictator was found it was torn to pieces. Here are many translated example sentences containing "IT IS TORN" - english-spanish translations and search engine for english translations. Also refers to stitching together the torn or cut edges of tissue. How to use between in a sentence. A torn cartilage is a common knee injury in sport. "A million all but one!" This way, your dog's paws won't get torn up by asphalt or cement and will have a chance to get tougher. They reprise the role of Z, played by Rip Torn. orgiastic rituals where people or animals would be torn to pieces by frenzied supplicants. This is all you'll give me? torn between something and something finding it very difficult to choose between two possibilities: She’s torn between her loyalty and her desire to tell the truth. On his way he was repeatedly mobbed and had many narrow escapes from being torn to pieces. 3. necessitateho is 5 years old had his left arm torn off, necessitating amputation at the shoulder. lacerated thigh of a grenadier, whose flesh had been torn off by a hand-grenade. See that the inner portion has a complete and full lining that is fixed to the shoe leather so that you don't end up with torn inner linings after some time. For example, a small sewing kit can easily take care of ripped hems, torn knees and lost buttons on clothing. Scarcely ten years passed and the whole of Palestine and Syria was again torn with intrigues. Conversely, other groups cry out over individual freedoms torn asunder by restrictions on activities like smoking in public places because it supposedly infringes on an individual's freedom. The bible of 1727 is a little torn and wants mending. Blunkett is torn apart by the media hounds ' DO hounds ever feel a twinge of sympathy for the fox? Mechanically he ran the rope under the sleeve of his life-jacket; a mighty jerk seemed likely to pull him in halves as the smack sheered; then a heavy, dragging pain came -- he was being torn, torn, _ torn _.. She was aware of Bashir watching her, eyes wide, his expression torn between protest at her treatment of a superior and reluctant agreement. use "torn-between " in a sentence I feel torn between my desire to live in a clean, orderly home, and my conviction that housework is for people with nothing better to do. Muscle and skin were badly torn, and blood was pouring out of a gaping wound. are torn between phrase. Torn between, be definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. They drove him to his feet, and he ran, his body torn apart from within. SCABIES, or Itch, a skin disease due to an animal parasite, the Sarcoptes scabei (see Mite), which burrows under the epidermis at any part of the body, but hardly ever in the face or scalp of adults; it usually begins at the clefts of the fingers, where its presence may be inferred from several scattered pimples, which will probably have been torn at their summits by the scratching of the patient, or have been otherwise converted into vesicles or pustules. It's impossible to carry a purse with a torn lining for items will disappear into the bottom of the purse. Surgery to repair or remove the torn meniscus may be appropriate for some people. We are trussed up, In the presence of yum-yum he is that most appealing figure, a strong man in love. You can also purchase Aquaseal Neoprene Cement to repair torn wet suits. Feeling torn, like you 're never good enough, never had enough sleep, never have time to yourself. The government was torn between the necessity for preserving order and the no less pressing necessity (for the moment) of conciliating the Parisian populace; with the result that it succeeded in doing neither one nor the other. A luxury curtain won't get torn or damaged easily, even after frequent washing. Rip Torn - In 2010, Rip Torn was caught inside a closed bank after hours, carrying a weapon. How to use torn in a sentence. Torn, she agonized over how much longer she would live before she, too, fell into madness. Riding past the pond where there used always to be dozens of women chattering as they rinsed their linen or beat it with wooden beetles, Prince Andrew noticed that there was not a soul about and that the little washing wharf, torn from its place and half submerged, was floating on its side in the middle of the pond.

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