We can do this at home, in our work place, on the bus - wherever we are! Please research about this on your own. Let's pray these words together and get our eyes off our worldly troubles … I went through all the reasons why I raise my hands in worship. I will Bless The Lord at all times and his PRAISES shall be in my Mouth! Listen to God speak to you in the quiet of your commute as you turn off all outside noises. And I love it when things are very clear. I felt such a sense of blessing at that moment. I have been literally singing, raising my hands and dancing to one song none stop which has been on repeat for 12 hours now. It is a lesson to us that not be ashamed in lifting hands in praise to the Almighty God. Webster defines the word praise as to say good things about and it is synonymous to words such as admire, commend, extol, honor, and worship. Start with looking at Acts 19:1-6 and ask the Lord to lead you to other Scriptures that confirm this, and if you haven’t already, you might want to get this done. What if we’re not hand raisers or shout out or say “praise the Lord” all the time. I wish I was open enough to Him every day, so that every day I would feel blessing like this. I am now walking approx 2 miles everyday and I am 62 yrs old. Instead of piling on the praise, parents should motivate their youngsters by recognizing their effort, improvement, persistence, and willingness to take on new challenges. Thank you for all of your words. Some churches will tell you that this is not apply today but as long as it is Biblical it is. 21 Days Daniel Fasting Prayer - Day 12 Sermon ----- Subscribe now to receive our latest songs & … I appreciate your kind words. (a prayer of praise to God from www.lords-prayer-words.com) • Click here to read more modern prayers of gratitude, and discover two good reasons for cultivating thankfulness God made us each unique, with unique needs and even unique ways to worship him! The Greek word has the idea “to profess or to confess.” This is the same basic idea as the Hebrew word in Genesis 29:35. One of the simplest things you can praise God for is simply for the fact that He is good and that He is the ruler of the world. Raise the tent poles, step right up, and gather together to praise the Lord with all you have! I love the way you ________!” Maybe you’ve whispered a praise to the Lord over the beauty of His workmanship in a newborn baby, a flower, or a sunset. Hello Derek. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you, and have you received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, you will find many references to it in the Bible, not to be confused with water baptism. I never usually raise my hand in church but lately because I have been reading the bible more and asking God my father to fill me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding of his word. I can’t wait to get to church every week and celebrate the work of Jesus in my life and in the lives of others. 471/2 yrs and in approx. […] 5 Ways to Praise the Lord (faithfulprovisions.com) […], […] 5 Ways to Praise the Lord (faithfulprovisions.com) If this was a blessing to you, will you share?Share on Tumblr Pin ItEmailPrintDiggLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. In fact me and my friends praise him everyday. I want to use this conversation thread as an opportunity to publicly praise God. Opening the Gates of Heaven and the Doors of Blessings | 153wordsofgod. God promises that when we praise and worship Him, He inhabits those praises (), and it gives us strength to defeat our enemy (). No biggie, there are so many ways to praise the Lord. When we understand why, we’ll want to explore how the Bible teaches us to praise in ways that please God. Well, there are many ways to praise a child, but not all encouraging words are equal. In the meantime God Bless In Christ Pat. Amen. Don’t know what church to go to yet and I know something like that matters also. A. Again I say thank you for this wonderful blessing. I have trouble praying and communicating with God, I just dont feel the connection . John the Baptist baptised with water where Jesus baptised with the Holy Spirit. God bless! He is completely worthy and deserving of all praise that we give. I have been greatly slacking in giving back to him and it makes me feel awful. Please also opt me in for Exclusive Offers from Beliefnet’s Partners, From time to time you will also receive Special Offers from our partners. The next morning I was on my morning run and I felt the Lord very clearly telling me I needed to be able to articulate to her “why” I worship Him with my hands up. I was Inspired after reading the 5 ways to praise the Lord. Do you know my heart shuddered? Day 1: Praise God with Your Words April 24 Read Luke 19:40 I love Sundays! God Bless You. Correction in my wording,where theres you God ,I mean our God,typed error in July 22,2017 response. Nothing holds them back from praising their team or proclaiming how great their team is the greatest of all. The simple fact is that nothing in this existence is more important than seeking the Lord with all of one's heart and living for Him. It lifts me up, it make me feel like I am on a high. Do you know you do it just in the way you live your life for Him? I loved this! Now, I know this isn’t for everyone.  God calls us all to worship Him in our own way. All praise to God! I love it when God does that. But today, I thank you for your message. I just can’t stop the tears from feeling my eyes and I have lost count of how much i am grateful for, because it is so much. in Matthew 11:25. Thank you for your beautiful clarification, I too am searching , may I ask what is the difference between thanking and praising??? I don’t believe we have to worship a certain way to have faith. Have we also considered the fact that kneeling down and rolling on the ground is another way of praising God. May all heads bow and all knees bend before him, for He is the only and true way to Heaven. I love it when He does that. From NeverThirsty . For years now, I have always felt a pull to praise and worship music.  It literally fills my soul. Some churches will tell you that this is not apply today but as long as it is Biblical it is. I still believe so no matter the trial he is allowing me to go through right now for my character to develop and to test my faith in him because in all things he work for my good to bring glory to his name. I will be obedient and ask that You speak to me and show me how I can better praise You!!!! As I looked for ways of addressing this issue to bring a closer bond to my church. In these three Psalms you will find abundant food to nourish your soul and praise God. Dave, I thank you for leting me know how it means when you raise your hands when praising the lord…, I like to praise god in silence,i know he hears me i am a very i am a very quiet person, just want to be myself. To God be the Glory at all times. Praise be to Jesus! I am greatly moved by songs words and His presence. I am praising and worshipping the Lord but I don’t feel to raise my hand together with the people when singing worship. I love god. You did a great job! This week we had the honor to see one of my daughter’s classmates baptized. Honestly, I believe it is different for each person. It is a lesson to us that not be ashamed in lifting hands in praise to the Almighty God. I personally have an NIV Study Bible and love it. Give a glory, glory, Hallelujah! In Hebrew, there are seven words that are almost always translated into the English language as praise. Looking out for a Church to tieup. You and I know God wants us to thank and praise Him but I sometimes wonder if I’m thanking Him the ways He wants. What a wonderful testimony! I feel the same way about worship music. To praise and worship God is to express our love and awe of who He is. This is the celebration praise. I badly want to please Him. We should absolutely praise God because He is worthy of our praise. If used copiously, some types of encouragement can actually do more harm than good. You are in my prayers my brother! I’ve been worried that I’m not humble enough or praise God in the right way. You could also use the image of throwing or shooting your praise outwardly to God instead of holding it in. does that lessen our hearts in our belief that God is with us? Praise God!! these were the words I prayed for. In the meantime God Bless In Christ Pat p.s. All Rights Reserved. Words Describing God In Alphabetical Order Before I begin to praise God through this list, I must first pray the prayer of Moses – “Father, show me Your glory.” -Exodus 33:18. It was pretty clear. Then this morning, I was in my quiet time. He forgives ALL my sins and Heal ALL my disease. You can praise God in silence and sometimes people may hear you praising GOD, That could help them in many ways. I love it when He speaks so clearly to me, then confirms our conversation, his message to me. 10 Powerful Prayers for Healing and Change. I want to praise Him 🙌🙌 🙌🙌🙌 in every way…I thank Jesus for what IAM today…I worship you Lord with my whole heart and soul and I receive my healing mentally , spiritually, emotional and physical healing each time I worship you Lord. In your testimony the newly batized child’s curiousity in knowing God is heart touching. The Lord is our salvation. Thank You for saving my life and blessing me. Thanks for visiting! Also, there is a time for words and blissful inaction. People worship Him in their art, in their daily work, in their attitude… I could go on forever. We invite our readers to go to the last three of the 150 Psalms—Psalms 148, 149, and 150! To be filled and lift my hands in praise and worship is for me to acknowledge that He is greater and is God in just one small way. Questions about baptism. Interested in 2 weeks with no cravings or desire to smoke, Jesus delivered me! Thank You for letting me express myself! “Oh, that is magnificent!” We tend to want to share the moment or point another’s attention to the object of our praise. God is excited to have us come and spend time with Him. I want to do what is right. God is leading you as you search for Him. God was confirming all that He was teaching me. Attempting to begin and end my prayer times with praise and adoration, I … And, they all mean a combination of different ways to celebrate — sing, shout, clap, spin, jump, dance, raise hands, kneel and play stringed instruments. i really enjoy praising God, with dancing, singing & raising of hands and i enjoy God’s presence anytime i praise. I’m not a hand raiser but at times I feel so emotionally connected to the Lord through Christian Music that it brings me to tears. Just as if He knew she would be asking me…very soon. God is exalted beyond all song and adoration, awesome beyond all praise and acclamation, the essence of wisdom and power, eternal Ruler, Master of creation. 1 This simply implies that the act of praising is rightfully due to God alone. Our God is holy, loving, eternal and amazing beyond our comprehension. Praise just leaves me at loss of words. John the Baptist baptised with water where Jesus baptised with the Holy Spirit. PS: You might want to listen to Don Moen’s worshipful song “Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart”. Praise God for children who make dirty clothes while doing the laundry. No sooner had I walked in the door and begun breakfast, did she come up and perch on our breakfast bar. I hope you’ve found the answer and if you see this please tell me. In His Name Thank God for a healthy family while fixing meals. Praise God! Your post showed new a few verses in Psalms and ad I read through I found Psalm 147:5 ( Great is our Lord, and of great power: His understanding is infinite. ) Remember we cannot save the world,but if we only touch one life,God is pleased with us,especially our children. I too “talk to him in my head”, all-day-long! Praise honors God because of His divine deeds and character…. It makes me feel invincible yet at the same time shows me that i am nothing without Him. For it Wonderful can’t wait for you. I give you all the glory Lord ….Amen and amen.. Iam very bad boy before I accept the almighty lord jesus but when I accepted to jesus iam full of joy and happiness so iwill never stop praising his name forever and always .thank you jesus. This is my first time reading this blog and my first time commenting on anything. Thank you Jack. God is good. We praise you because you are the ALPHA and I am happy to share in your message. Thank you. For an even deeper study into how you can worship God in spirit and in truth, check out the 7 Types of Worship Bible Study . It never fails that the minute I begin singing His praises, I feel His Spirit in me trying to overflow into my life. Possibly add to the shrine: An altar at the shrine. I might say to a child ”Wow! Invoke the name of the Master of Legions, our Savior. He longs for intimacy with us. It is available on YouTube and probably your online music store. Praying, singing, or chanting the Psalms is an excellent means by which we can praise God. We selected 101 powerful words of praise for the Lord. Sometimes i sit in utter silence as my heart praises the Lord… You’ve really shared a wonderful article,May God continue on using you and continue also being sensitive to the voice of the Lord. Praise can be private but it is often a public declaration, as in raising hands during worship. . Life up your hands in the sanctuary, and bless the Lord. Categories: Bible teaching, Music, Old Testament, Pictures from commons…, Psalms | Tags: BibleGateway.com, Chuck Smith, God, Great Comet, Heavenly host, Jeremiah, Jesu, Lord | Leave a comment […], […] 5 Ways to Praise the Lord (faithfulprovisions.com) Share this:TwitterFacebookStumbleUponRedditPinterestTumblrLinkedInDiggEmailPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. – Psalm 134:2 Praise Him with singing. Blessed is He. A Focus on God's Attributes I’ve always been able to hold up my end of a conversation without difficulty. Nope. That is not from the Lord. Praise to Him in joy, gladness and light. Questions about praising the Lord. As for a Bible version, you need to pick one that excites you to read His Word. Labels: 7 Ways To Praise – A Simple Teaching On Worship How to praise God in prayer how-to-stop-worrying-7-tips-for-christians Yadah (yaw-daw’) 3034 1 View comments Maybe this was the way to explain to the elders that we might not understand. God bless you all. I seem to talk to him in my head these days and he has blessed me in small ways (not asking for miracles here,lol) but I see the blessings he has given me and I know he’s been with me my whole life and has watched over me. A definition of Christian praise is the joyful thanking and adoring of God, the celebration of His goodness and grace. Start with looking at Acts 19:1-6 and ask the Lord to lead you to other Scriptures that confirm this, and if you haven’t already, you might want to get this done. I was searching for ways to praise and worship our loving Father God, when I came across your article. Except, that is, when it came to prayer, and particularly when I tried to express my praise to God. Iam so blessed and indeed learnt a lot in the five ways of praising the Lord. Praise be to the Holy. I love God so much. Thank you and keep it coming! Praise God with powerful words and feel your spiritual ring out with glory. We praise you because you are the ALMIGHTY God. How do we do that. Very nice testimony and thank you so much. Very nice testimony and thank you so much. I read about you getting clear messages from God and as a Christian I am happy for you, I just wish I had that. The time flew by. We’re don’t have to understand it because God does, but if our children are praising God then we should at least embrace it. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for Him. Music is a great way to express our gratitude and praise towards God. 2 Consider setting up a shrine for God (You may add Holy pictures, etc.). Life isn't always happiness and joy - there are times when you need a prayer for healing and change.. ADVERTISING  |  CONTACT  |  FAQ  |  DISCLOSURE POLICY  |  PRIVACY POLICY, THE TIME HAS COME TO ARISE SHINE AND PRAISE THE LORD « Vine and Branch World Ministries, God’s Mad About You! It was a worship service, so she sat with us during the entire service.

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