Hyepractivity in ADHD

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Hyepractivity : for Hyperactivity in ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyepractivity Disorder

"Hyepractivity" is a common misspelling of the word "hyperactivity."

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, often called ADD or ADHD, is a diagnostic label that we give to children and adults who have significant problems in four main areas of their lives:

  • Trouble staying focused to a task, trouble paying attention.
  • Being impulsive, not thinking before doing.
  • Being "hyepractive" (sic) or "hyperactive."
  • Being easily bored with work that is repetitive, or difficult.

What is Hyperactivity?

Hyperactivity is defined as "Excessive, non-goal directed, motor activity."

See our discussion on Hyperactivity in ADHD.


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