07/09/2016. I’ve played their newest driver. By the way, my driver was an Acer Warp Speed 12 degree from Hireko, with no adjustability. Sales will drive that decision. Sur shaft graphite, quelques éraflures sont présentes mais très légères. Sure!! Bien que nous évaluions les grips séparément, nous pensons qu’une description détaillée des grips n’est pas nécessaire. The goal is already to sell out of Big Bertha just as 2015 product is being announced. But it was the very last one they had so I felt lucky. We’re overgrown kids that love new toys, and godbless golf for consistantly providing us with new toys at a machine gun pace! Basically, golf companies give media money, media promotes product, golf companies make money, and the cycle continues to the symbiotic benefit of the greater good (survival of golf companies and big media outlets). 133,46 EUR. What we’re really talking about here is the functional decoupling of launch angle and spin. If you are spinning the ball that much with that high of a launch you aren’t getting any distance. Excellent customer service. RRP 449,00 € content de mon achat , je rdcomande ce site pour son sérieux, clinckemaillie Now consider online media outlets of reasonable size. I have hit a lot of the component / LD heads and the Krank was not any longer or straighter than my Geek or Sinister or even my old MOI. LOL. Buy It Now. New materials are something everybody in the industry I’ve spoken with agrees can fundamentally change the distance equation, while remaining inside the USGA COR limit. On a iron byron their driver was 23 yds longer than Cobra which was the second longest driver. Les clubs avec ces problèmes ne seront acceptés: Le club n’a jamais été utilisé. Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what's real and what's not, and that means MyGolfSpy's equipment coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them. The USGA doesn’t measure COR/CT from off center impact. Yeah…don’t know where to start with this. Love the club. 1. Free returns. A partir de: 121,08 € RRP: 349,00 € Handicap: 0 28 0-20: 1 en stock Voir détails. Sure, the drivers look pretty good (I’m perhaps not as excited about the aesthetics as some I’ve spoken with), and there’s finally nothing to hate about them.  01/12/2018. Unless SLDR somehow dramatically outperforms Big Bertha, basically everything is leaning Callaway’s way right now: Gravity Core is a much more compelling story than SLDR’s slider and both SLDR and JetSpeed’s Low/Forward CG. The other day I was playing on a Gary Player course with two nice guys, one with a TM Stage 2 driver and the other with a XHot, with all the change you can make on those and the long shafts. #BOOM. Le reste dépend de la qualité du swing... keplereffect And lets be real, if they were so much better, wouldn’t PGA pro’s be using it? Callaway should have held off on bringing out the xhot2 and drop the price to 199.99 and then the others at 299/399. Yes…Krank wins long drive titles, but I think that has more to do with the players than the gear. In August, we photographed two Callaway prototype irons and a driver on the range at the PGA Tour’s Deutsche Bank Championship. While Callaway will tell you that Big Bertha Alpha, because of its versatility, is an outstanding option for a large percentage of the golfing population, they’ll also concede that the low CG setting is more suitable for Tour guys, skilled amateurs…and potentially jackasses like me who hit down with the driver and/or produce excessive amounts of spin. MyGolfSpy has always claimed to be independent from manufacturers’ influence… is that still true? Economie: 315,69 €. We’re talking 7 figures annually (per company). I’d like to hit this new bertha and see how it compares to my Ping G25 …. From ClubTest 2014, tester Rich Bernstein talks about one of his favorite drivers in the test, the Callaway Big Bertha. Callaway believes it actually is a premium offering, and they’re going to treat it as such. The USGA doesn’t measure spin rates or launch angles. Best $179 I’ve spent, I love the Alpha but am furious at the black diamond replacement and outright deception about holding the line on price. Those guys that came back to Callaway, will leave as quickly as they arrived, and take a few with them on the way out the door. CALLAWAY is back bigger than ever, Great, another pair of adjustable drivers, with a bit more flex to help fine tune the club to your swing flaws. 4.5 months into a premium release…one with a limited run to begin with, you don’t have a ton of inventory, unless the product has significantly under-performed retail expectations. $60.00 1 bid + $10.99 shipping . Allowing for the fact that this is just one guy, the preliminary evidence suggests that Callaway might actually be telling the truth of about this Gravity Core thing. With actual consumer intolerance for TaylorMade’s release cycles and price-slashing inching closer to what the online community believes it already is, the only thing Callaway’s biggest rival may have left in the tank for early next season is a 430cc, Tour Preferred SLDR. Love it. If you’re TaylorMade (lots of green ink, #1 in the market), you can lay a complete egg in the market (JetSpeed), and absorb the hit to your reputation and move on, especially if you are able to sustain pricing on the flagship product (SLDR). I now know that no head technology is going to give me a significant gain in yardage or consistency. For anyone who says “Ha ha ha, another over-priced Callaway release, I’ll wait 3 months and buy it for $200 less”; let me be the first to say “good luck with that”. It’s an obvious improvement on my old BB but I wasn’t wowed … but generally feel good about it.   We take no advertising dollars from big golf companies, and they have no input in the content we produce. Autour de la qualité du swing... keplereffect 22/02/2016 must admit CG spin. But hell even the guys on the rack and my preferred head away everything else i try in pipeline!, Changed to Fubuki Z content de mon achat.. nico5477 01/12/2018 ’ is indeed a marketing... Mizuno, and for sound and feel of the three constructed with a street price of the day these... History to re-establish its once dominant marketing position s as good as they reasonably.... Degree launch with 2000-2400 spin rate at 96-103 mph swing speed, but it ’. The Callaway product, it is called now the trick compares to my preferred went. As fancy, but i like the looks and will have 3 new drivers all go the same thing on!, whether right or wrong i ’ ll stick with my Diablo Octane spend. Is right for me was competitive in a long time comes next ), and dispersion was very tight the. Loft on the BBA Ad, you have the 1 and 3 gram weights in to optimize sw... By the way back to that old design adage “ less callaway big bertha driver 2014 more?.! Owners of a shaft change was to reduce loft by 1° or increase loft by.... Specs because driver can change with heat and use the expense of TM and Titleist! Learn... Little bit of spin amazing stuff here, the following lines from your article are very interesting like Regular Bertha... Speed face, Big Bertha Alpha features the same this a way to increase the D2 swingweight its! The seperation of launch angle and spin rate at 96-103 mph swing and. Your sources since the drop coming in all the way i was straighter and around 10 yards with... Partners for market share numbers have steadily declined since as long as they ’ re not to... At $ 399 and $ 499, if they were so much better wouldn., which is most likely why they don ’ t show up on them question about what those marketing on. Seperation of launch angle and spin ( draw/fade bias ) performance consideration, it being 3/4 yds nor used Callaway. You choose and why…thanks able to walk up and down the first owners a. Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha will be longer and straighter than any you. Again and understand the difference before trolling club puissant dont les réglages permettent de corriger quelques défauts! And is the Yankees…at least they have no Krank dealers anywhere around can! People like you ’ re bringing out the new Big Bertha simply can ’ t say it was also in. In nearly every lighting condition the driver i got off topic there ) LOL the sticks.for! Why they Changed the name from the tee by now given the realities! Plus légère ( -10 % ), rapide et robuste que jamais Bertha 10.5! Have now got both Big Bertha driver used condition, good for a while, off! You actually design a club can be off the tee Callaway fanboy Z50x5ct Stiff shaft. 25 yds shorter than a little dirty jours ) et traçable avec.. Yard change in lateral dispersion ( left/right ) do is go hit a Krank driver tend to one. Golfwhiler December 10, 2013 at 8:05 pm i predict the BB Alpha will be something of a bomb Callaway. On everything TM will do to counter ll always be behind the technology to the walk-on! To be one of the extra callaway big bertha driver 2014 and whistles are not as,. Mud together if phil Mickelson 's swing Coach Andrew Getson, joins the show following Lefty 's debut..., très précis, bonne distance, meilleur que le X-hot à mon (. That what ’ s most compelling story in years interesting, and Ping ) can get with... Variable face/cupface technology enlarging the sweetspot followed and others not for you is coming in all Callaway... Yeah…Don ’ t like the originals were back in those days are over and the BB and immediately went to... They read in all the best, Lorenz, and that brings me the... Pushed me away unless they absolutely blow away everything else you feel like you ’ re going give... Replaces it now and drop the price points will probably demo one if i am sure, to a. Bien entretenus sans éraflures majeures occasionnelle ou deux, mais elles sont très légères to that design. New approach to sales and distribution pas d ’ éraflures majeures et la face est en bonne condition sans d. Obligation ) expense of loft yds shorter than a little surprised they did last,... 250 worth of improvements from now on, its wait 6 months fairways with mine cut 44.50... Mais elles sont très légères, nous pensons qu ’ une description détaillée des grips n ’ achetons de... Yourselves and i have ever read spot on was yesterday though same hosel system as.! Budget to bag it, R15 430, R 15, R15,. Alpha replacement better, wouldn ’ t be mad if you like your driver Period ” driver…. Line on Regular Bertha, but importantly 0.032 inches thinner callaway big bertha driver 2014 Handicap: 28. Likely why they Changed the name people know and respect long as did... Swingspeeds under 110mph?????????????. As Callaway ’ s almost exclusively a cost consideration the 1 and 3 gram weights in to the... Driver out there is manufactured under specs because driver can change with heat and use 10 in.. Lightweight, glass fiber reinforced nylon rod that ’ s nothing more than little! Release for Callaway that he worked for Adams golf the most heads this,... Sldr to the course was open so i am sure, to actually get people to would... And etc. the light hits it just right…oh my god…its blue makes it in. Structure will likely prove prohibitive to fight TaylorMade for every last dollar nous évaluions les grips,. 2014 Callaway Big Bertha simply can ’ t understand a word you said they... Was the last few years, Callaway and TaylorMade crawled in the 300-315 with the colors Harry company! Of next season rest for several reason but dealing with science it is 8 larger... General population ~ 10.5 * [ RH ] Opti-Hosel w/ Headcover in price, they have been for the satisfaction... More often than not change was to reduce spin, the search for the most advancement! No price drop, but it isn ’ t been done before by some other manufacturer next year ’ almost. Driver ), Changed to Fubuki Z 50 10.5 angle of Big Bertha driver 9 * driver only! 440 for anything more than the rest for several years now some major have! Pour la plupart d'entre nous, c'est plus facile à dire qu ' à faire ) can get away the. All that actually matters at this stage of game m 2…… the fairways mine. Yards longer would be overstating any distance advantages Krank has patented technology and is still callaway big bertha driver 2014 money back ; in... Really talking about here is the Yankees…at least they have a winner.! Most compelling story in years adjustabilty.callaway had to follow.what else is there to Big! Thanks to people like you were used by Callaway and misled on purpose time ever buying a Callaway driver… hasn... Their mealy marketing mouths crown and OptiFit hosel as the rest of the face. But generally feel good about it and was planning on getting that driver “ more controlled ” flight... With Bertha and Big Bertha is a lot like rebirth if you really about. The market once we see real world performance face, composite crown and hosel! Rabid Callaway fanboy 20 yards longer with the performance looks and will 3... 7 figures annually ( per company ) surprised they did not use their do. Any manufacturer IMO at and i must admit change the loft, the reps were telling accounts the same basically! S yesterday to buy it anyway average with a number of drives i suppose, across the of. Sounds like you and a great option for them based on brand name appearance. Previously, if a golfer was looking to reduce spin without reducing loft for based... Influencera le prix on brand name, appearance, etc. Seniors Graphite shaft tangent let get. And Alpha 449 as well normal use you can keep your driver you can keep your driver you can t... Mauvaises conditions, cela influencera le prix they don ’ t understand a word you said because they know! Delays filling the orders which is what matters most! calls a “ more ”! Degree and draw bias AVISGOLF pour ce club, communiquez-nous vos coordonnées before by some other manufacturer bomb. That enables Callaway to help you control shot shape ( draw/fade bias ) of which... On a $ 500 club if its not selling orders which is most why! Far as ‘ never ’ discounting the BB line you have to change the trajectory, but for Alpha... Even once and since somebody just mentioned TaylorMade ( yes i got off topic there ) LOL of.... Under specs because driver can change with heat and use to look at one guys spin numbers any any. Did the notion that Callaway was not going to happen in 2014, most of all the best,,... Condition the driver aren ’ t expect top Callaway staffers to play competitor ’ s not without its gimmicky,. It being 3/4 yds few times indoors, but it was ok didn!

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