The Dualtron Thunder is a behemoth of an electric scooter. It features the same quality of both construction and performance, and for this is the perfect balance between high performance and value for money electric scooters. We’ve noted here and elsewhere our complaints about wobble in stem and the somewhat quirky EYE LCD. Minimotors has reimagined the suspension, motor, tires and frame to make this unlike any scooter in the Dualtron family. Compare Models; Choose your Scooter; List of Scooters ; Partners and Offers; EKSPH Community; News. Dualtron Mini - Rear Motor Electric Scooter - 500W Motor / 910WH Battery. This is the new powerhouse of our lineup. Be the first to review “Dualtron Mini 52v/17.5ah 1425w” Cancel reply. Lights: Head Light, Steering tube Led Lights, Front Wheel light, Body side Led Lights and Brake light and Tailinght. Our team is engaged in production of unique details for Dualtron electric scooters from the Minimotors company. Select options; E-Scooters, Non-UL2272 (Export Only) Speedway 4 $ 2,200.00; Rated 0 out of 5. You can find precise instructions in the user manual, but tighten a couple of bolts is all that is required. Dualtron has some of the best LCD displays and handlebars in the business, and the Thunder surely delivers. Results below are based on our independent testing and not data provided by the manufacturer. Dualtron Mini is a new offering from MiniMotors. DUALTRON MINI 52V/13AH ELECTRIC SCOOTER. Dualtron Tuning of electric Scooters, high quality production of details on CNC machines. We keep the site ad free with affiliates. Fast forward a few years to 2009 and MiniMotors makes its first foray into electric motorsports with the release of a 4-wheel electric all-terrain-vehicle. Specification: Max speed: 45 km/h. At 52 volt with a 17.5Ah battery with LG MJ1 cells this is a nice step up from the Speedway Leger or Mini 4 Pro and a great way to enter into the quality of Dualtron scooters. 75 miles. MiniMotors is a well known electric scooter brand. to charge your DUALTRON MINI in only 2.5 hours. If you’d like to know more about it, just keep on reading our DUALTRON mini ELECTRIC SCOOTER review. While they require some maintenance – such as pressure checks, and replacement when gone flat – they’re also the best tires for enhanced comfort. Warranty. While the DUALTRON MINI has the dimensions of an electric scooter for commuting, you can use it for a lot more than that. Dualtron Mini electric scooter Review – most compact scooter from Dualtron series, Cool Segway Ninebot KickScooter Air T15 review, DUALTRON X2 Electric Scooter – the descendant of legendary DUALTRON X – review, 10 Best Electric Scooters for Adults In 2020 Review! Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter Review. When you ride on wet terrain, you may want to have your ABS on. Yes. Select options; E-Scooters, Non-UL2272 (Export Only) Speedway 4 $ 2,200.00; Rated 0 out of 5. Kudos Review: With its trademark cutting-edge design, the Dualtron Mini is a Sci-fi inspired work of art. This and the built-in steering damper, which keeps you stable at high speeds, make this scooter much more motorcycle-like than the Dualtron X. Dualtron Mini comes with 9×2 inch pneumatic tube tires. Max range: 55 km. In most areas, you aren’t allowed to ride this fast on an electric scooter on city roads. Finally, the Dualtron Spider is one of the most popular high-performance electric scooters and parts, repair information, and upgrades are widely available. The new Dualtron Mini sure packs a lot of power for its size. Additionally, you can inadvertently accelerate if you squeeze down to tighten your grip and handlebars and catch the accelerator. They make the world’s most powerful and durable electric scooters and have the numbers to back it. Its name “MINI” stands for its reduced dimensions and lower speed. Scootera Ltd, exclusively, sells Dualtron electric scooters and represents the Minimotors Korean Factory(the manufacturer of Dualtron scooters) in the United Kingdom. Dualtron Spider Review: Overview This review covers one of the most well-balanced and revered electric scooters — the MiniMotors Dualtron Spider. The handling is great; Big, heavy and extremely maneuverable, the Dualtron Eagle PRO is a treat to ride. The DUALTRON MINI Electric Scooter features a single rear drum brake. Electron Surfer maintains a small stock of MiniMotors products for sale and for demo rides, to inquiry about purchasing with amazing customer service directly, please call (916)507-4104 or email Reviews (0) Reviews There are no reviews yet. This scooter is one of the fastest electric scooters available with a super long range between charges. Motor. Brand: Dualtron. Dualtron is simply the best, most premium electric scooter you can buy, though other companies are trying to catch up to them. With a max speed of 45 km/h, up to 60 km of range, and a weight of only 22kg, the Dualtron Mini is definitely an excellent transportation choice. If you are ready for a serious scooter, then Dualtron is likely your best bet. Ultimate Dualtron Review Summary At 52 volt with a 17.5Ah battery with LG MJ1 cells this is a nice step up from the Speedway Leger or Mini 4 Pro and a great way to enter into the quality of Dualtron scooters. Unfortunately, this is a minor, but one of the most glaring and disappointing issues with Dualtron electric scooters. also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, ShareASale, or other sites and is, or may be compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.For more informations please read our affiliate disclosure here. On the DUALTRON MINI, comfort and stability are also enhanced by front and rear spring & rubber suspensions. The Dualtron X’s tires are significantly larger than the Dualtron Thunder and the X has an optional bolt-on seat. $2,199.00. Though it will soon be surpassed by the Dualtron X , Thunder is the most powerful Dualtron that is available for purchase today. We detail the key features and give our hands-on impression. The Dualtron Mini also features a newly designed lighting system and folding mechanism which will definitely make you the envy of your city!

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