Box 5015, Port Huron, MI 48061, $10,454 (Tuition fees- $9,298, books and supplies- $1,156), 1500 University Drive, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, $20,880 (Tuition fees- $17,280, books and supplies- $3,600), 2200 North Squirrel Road, Rochester, Michigan 48309-4401, 1401 Presque Isle Avenue, Marquette, MI 49855-5301, $20,248 (Tuition fees- $18,648, books and supplies- $1,600), 650 West Easterday Avenue, Sault Suite, Marie, MI 49783,, LPN License Verification and Renewal Process, 30 Best LPN Interview Questions and Answers for Practical Nurse Position, LPN Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities, NCLEX-PN Exam : Registration & Retaking Test, In-district: $6,975 (Tuition, course fee, and technology fee for all the four terms), Out-of-district: $11,075 (Tuition, course fee, and technology fee for all the four terms), In-district: $4,748 (Tuition fees- $3,168, books and supplies- $1,580), In-state: $6,260 (Tuition fees- $4,680, books and supplies- $1,580), Out-of-state: $7,076 (Tuition fees- $5,496, books and supplies- $1,580), Resident: $154 (Tuition fee- $102, registration fee- $43, equipment fee- $9), Out-of-state: $270 (Tuition fee- $218, registration fee- $43, equipment fee- $9), In-state: $8,574 (Tuition fees- $7,374, books and supplies- $1,200), Out-of-state: $13,503 (Tuition fees- $12,303, books and supplies-$1,200), In-district: $9,200 (Tuition fees- $6,580, textbooks- $1,326, miscellaneous expenses- $1,294), Out-of-district: $11,000 (Tuition fees- $8,380, textbooks- $1,326, miscellaneous expenses- $1,294), The nurses must request the LPN school (from where they are graduated) to submit the final official transcripts of the course directly to the, Send the verification of your original license to the. Along with that, the courses are offered online, open exit, open entry, and hybrid in order to satisfy almost all kinds of students. For this, the candidate is required to complete and submit the licensure application with the required fees and the documents to the Michigan Board of Nursing. WSCC offers occupational programs leading to immediate employment or transfer to a senior institution, as well as associates degrees, one-year certifications, and a variety of non-credit personal and professional development courses. This takes between 42 and 44 credit hours to complete and is made up of both classroom and clinical experience sessions. The college has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of NCA, back in 1929. Most two-year LPN programs result in an Associate’s degree that can be used outside of the field of nursing. Schools with LPN Programs in Michigan. Tags. The next alternative is to obtain a Practical Nursing Associate … Programs that are available in Michigan help nurses to apply nursing knowledge and experience to expand their knowledge. The mission of the college is to provide educational programs that meet the demands of the students. The candidate should clear all the remaining dues or fines. A licensed practical nurse cares for patients under the direction of … Perhaps you got into some trouble when you were…, The Licensed Practical/Vocation Nurse (LPN/LVN) is a highly valuable member of the medical care team. Ironwood (MI) LPN Programs. Michigan LPN licenses expire every 2 years and require 25 hours of board-approved continued education to renew. The cost of applying to the board is $54, and the cost of examination is $200. When your application and fee would be processed, you would get a customer ID number. Programs increase in difficulty for higher credentials. This is roughly $1,990 per year more than the national average. Those LPNs who hold an active license in any of the U.S. states can get the license in the state of Michigan. Approved programs are offered by several colleges, community colleges and universities in Michigan, and there are certificate, diploma and associate courses to choose from, so you should be able to find the right one in your area without too much trouble. Careers, Degrees, Healthcare, Nursing, Programs. If you are taking classes part-time the standard LPN training might take up to … This test consists of roughly 100 nursing-based questions that cover a variety of categories. Muskegon Community College (MCC), located in Muskegon Township, Michigan, with satellite campuses in Fremont, Whitehall, Newaygo, and Grand Haven, offers 52 Associate Degree programs, 35 certification programs, and a variety of non-credit courses for personal and professional achievement. Attending a nursing program in Michigan and provide nurses with a wider scope of practice and a greater opportunity for career mobility. The affidavits must confirm that the person holds a good conduct and is able to resume the services. LPNs in Michigan work under the direction of a registered nurse or physician. It maintains a cordial, supportive, and pleasing atmosphere for the college staff and students. Clinicals, labs, and classes make up LPN schooling programs in Michigan. Online Nursing Degree Programs in Michigan Applicants for CNA, LPN, RN, and NP credentials in Michigan must complete approved nursing programs. If substance abuse violation is the reason for the license being suspended, then an evidence showing successful completion of an abuse violation program must be produced. Lansing Community College offers a Career Ladder Nursing program. LPN to BSN Programs in Michigan In all cases, the major requirement for admission into an LPN-BSN program is a current and valid LPN license. Please contact us. Practical nursing programs prepare adults to fill this important role in just 12 months – based on full-time attendance. There are 35 state-approved LPN programs throughout the state of Michigan. 201 Townsend Street It was established in 1926 by the Muskegon Board of Education. Nurses working in metropolitan areas tend to earn higher salaries than in non-metropolitan parts of the state, although there is likely … After submission of the document and completing the registration process, the board approves the candidate, thereby making him/her eligible. LPN Programs in Michigan Michigan boasts 35 approved practical nursing programs ( After first completing a state-approved education program that not only provides the necessary curriculum but also hands-on training for patient interaction, the applicant is on their way to becoming an LPN in Michigan. LPN programs in Michigan offer the students a short and convenient way to become a nurse. Nursing programs in Michigan have expanded to include options such as an RN to BSN program. The college lays special emphasis on sports by providing eight different sports program for the students. “Excellence with a personal touch” is what the college is expert at delivering. Beyond this standard requirement, you’ll find a lot of variation in terms of experience requirements for admission into one of these programs. We have nurse assistant course programs, CNA course programs, home aid services and more. Lansing, MI 48913 Reinstatement of LPN license can be done by sending the appropriate application with requisite fees and documents to the board. Fill your first name, last name, city, county, profession, license type, and license number. Kirtland Community College has its campus located at West branch. 2310 Jolly Oak Road The state of Michigan has made the renewal process very easy for the ease of the citizens. For those interested in advancing their nursing career, see our Michigan LPN to RN/BSN programs page. If the candidate fails to get the license renewed within 60 days of expiration, then the license is no longer valid. There are more than 20 LPN schools in Michigan that provide practical nursing program in the state. West Shore Community College (WSCC) is a comprehensive two-year institution located in Scottvile, Michigan. LPN programs are typically offered at vocational schools, technical schools, state colleges, nursing universities, online LPN programs, and other higher education institutions. The Michigan Board of Nursing was established to set a standard of education and approve nurse education programs. The candidates, whose license are close to the expiration date, can visit the following link to apply for the license renewal. Michigan Requirements for Becoming an LPN. Contrary to public speculations, practical nursing is still one of the most in demand professions within the field of healthcare. Or maybe you are thinking of attending…, A Licensed Practical Nurse is more at risk for work-related injuries than you might think. Type of Course:Associate’s Degree & Certificate. According to, the average salary of licensed practical nurse was $52,000 (as of October 19, 2016). From them you can consider attending: Foundations of Nursing and Critical Thinking; Pharmacology; Nutrition in Nursing; Nursing of Adults; Maternal and Child Nursing; Geriatrics and Mental Health; Accreditation. If the Bureau or Office of Attorney General has filed your case, then a hearing would be arranged within next 30 days. Nurses from out of state can apply for an LPN license in Michigan by endorsement as long as they meet the following criteria: For more information on Michigan LPN license by endorsement, visit here. It works in association with the industries that provide training program to the students so that they can get a job just after completion of the course. The graduates must pass the TOEFL exam with a score of 80 (the minimum score for qualifying the exam). Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. This college is committed to provide high standards of education to the students. The curriculum of LPN is structured in such a way that they get a glimpse of the basic functioning of a human body. In addition to the fees, the board requires a proof of 25 Continuing Education CE. Category: Michigan LPN Programs Madison Heights, MI. The college is dedicated to achieve excellence in all respects of work. Best Michigan LPN Programs 2020. Health Professions Licensing Division Focus on good grades to ensure you are able to enroll in a post-secondary program for nursing training. The approximate total per-semester cost for the Vocational Nursing (LVN) Program at North Central Texas College is $6,200 to $8,400. LPN Program Cost. Once you complete the LPN program from an accredited college, you need to give a licensure exam to start working as a professional worker. MCC offers small classes, affordable tuition, flexible schedules, and an award-winning faculty. NMC is situated in a vast area of 100 acres and is running successfully since 1951. Harrison (MI) LPN Programs. Next, the candidates are required to contact at 3600 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2651 or at their website, The candidate can also submit the nursing course credentials approved and certified by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Service (NACES) or any other authorized agency that can be found on. Clinical experiences include extended care facilities, hospitals, and community agencies where students provide nursing care to geriatric, medical, surgical, maternity, and pediatric patients. In Michigan, in order to become an LPN you will need to first finish high school and either graduate or earn a GED. Mainly LPNs are involved in caring and taking care of the sick and injured patients. Many schools will require attending on campus for part of the training, and virtually all programs require a certain amount of clinical rotation hours carried out in a local healthcare center. Are you looking to become a licensed practical nurse in Michigan? Alpena (MI) LPN Programs. Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs The approved program can usually be completed in one to two years, then the graduate must register and pass the NCLEX-PN to become licensed in the state. LPNs in Michigan are overseen by the Michigan Board of Nursing, and this is the agency that handles licensing for all nursing professionals in the state. If the candidate fails to succeed in the first three attempts of NCLEX-PN test, s/he must complete the PN exam review course and submit the certification of completion of the course to the board. If a large gap has occurred and the candidate did not practice for a long time, then participation in clinical or didactic training inclusive of specific training in weak areas or completion of the overall course is required. By partnering with Registered Nurses,…. You must complete a program that is approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing. Visit the link, enter the current ID, and proceed to renew the license. Accreditation, Approvals, and Licensure Practical Nursing Programs in Michigan . In case of any query or doubt regarding reinstatement of the license, applicants can contact the office by calling at toll-free number 866-814-9004 or dropping a mail at [email protected], The LPN license attained after passing the NCLEX-PN test has to be renewed after 2 years. The information provided on this site is accurate and updated. The college lays equal emphasis on inculcating extra-curricular hobbies and providing with the sports opportunities to the students, in addition to the academics. Smaller, regional accrediting organizations may also be available. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projecting favorable employment growth for the industry at approximately 11% through 2028, it’s easy to see why many in the state are looking into LPN programs to find rewarding, solid careers. West Shore Community College came into existence in 1967. Moreover, LPN is the quickest way to start a career in the nursing industry. LPN programs in Michigan are designed to help give you experience in the typical job duties you may have in the workforce. Schoolcraft College is a comprehensive open-door community-based institution located in Garden City, Michigan, with additional locations in Livonia and Radcliff. Individuals who want to verify their license can get details on the website of the state nursing board. The college got its accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of North Central Association of Colleges. Foundations of Nursing and Critical Thinking, Criminal background check and drug screen, Must currently be licensed as an LPN in another state, If education was obtained outside of the U.S., must have a Professional Report evaluation of education completed by the Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) of CFGNS, or have a full course-by-course credential evaluation completed, Submit the LPN by Endorsement license online application, A fingerprint report and criminal background check are required. Nursing schools accredited by the board are deemed authenticated, and one must pursue LPN course from any of these recognized schools. WIA Approved LPN Training in Michigan Acardia Career Institute – 3625 Metro Mall-Wayne, MI 48184. They care for infants, children, pregnant women, adults, or the elderly. LPN Salaries in Michigan Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) in Michigan earn an average of $20.45/hr and a yearly income of $41,670. Admissions Requirements. LCC was established in 1957 to meet the demand of growing technical and specialized education. You can register at Candidates should consult the board to determine which degree best satisfies their credential’s requirements. It typically takes one year to complete an LPN education program. LVN and LPN Training. As an LPN, certain physical requirements may be part of the job application. Grand Rapids Community College was established in 1964. The nurses who have an active license in any other state and desire to continue the services in Michigan too, must follow the below-given directions. No matter where you work…, People can always change, especially if they have the drive to. Phone: (517) 349-5640, In a broad statement, yes, a Licensed Practical Nurse can administer medication, it just depends on the kind. These courses are offered at community colleges, private schools, and universities across the state including Kalamazoo Community College, Davenport University, and Northern Michigan University. Working as an LPN gives you the chance to learn a lot about the community you serve and the healthcare needs of its residents. Next, PPT would mail you ATT (Authorization to Test) and schedule the exam location, date and time as per your convenience. At least two affidavits should be accompanied with the application. Write an application to the board asking for a duplicate license along with a fee of $10.00. It is necessary to pass the NCLEX-PN test. Flint (MI) LPN Programs. Most LPN programs take between 1 and 2 years to complete, depending on whether the student attends part-time or full-time, which is an advantage over the 4-year bachelors degree in nur… Once you complete the LPN program from an accredited college, you need to give a licensure exam to start working as a professional worker. nurse licensed to practice in Michigan. At Gogebic Community College, LPN students are trained to care for the sick, injured, convalescent, and disabled under the direction of a physician or registered nurse. The state of Michigan has immense growth opportunities for the students of nursing. There are basically two scholastic credentials available in Michigan that provide education to become either an LPN or an LVN. In Michigan, licensed practical nurses (LPNs) play a major role in shaping the quality of healthcare in the state. Those applicants, who have completed the course outside the U.S. in English, are required to submit the following documentation to the, Possession of a professional report completed by the Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) of the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing School (CGFNS). ), all students can count on having to pay for tuition, mandatory fees, and course supplies. Additionally, students will want to make sure their program of choice is approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing. It is…, So, you have graduated and are looking at all of your available options. Auburn Hills (MI) LPN Programs. Approved programs in Michigan are offered at community colleges, technical centers, and private career schools - we list 19 schools across the state. Registered nurses are in extremely high demand in Michigan, and with your LPN diploma, you may earn this degree in as little as one year. Completion of current literature regarding the practice of his profession or completion of at least one continuing education program at the time of suspension or revocation. The applicants are not eligible for licensure if they are having a current disciplinary sanction in any other state. Benton Harbor (MI) LPN Programs. It gives prime importance to the convenience of the students through flexible courses at daytime or evening time. The college has received its accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. It is also required that the applicants undergo a criminal background check (CBC) and a fingerprint test at an authorized institution. The coursework for the LPN program provides the basis for an in-depth study of the theory and nursing care of adults, children, and families. In this case, it’s the Michigan Board of Nursing that sets the curriculum, and approves LPN programs. After careful review of NCLEX-PN exam first-time pass rates over the past several years, we have ranked the top 5 programs. Last Updated/Verified: Nov 4, 2020 Ambitious Michigan LPNs are increasingly opting to enroll in one of the state’s many LPN to RN programs in order to progress their careers. LPN programs in the state are comprised of core nursing courses, electives, and labs. Most LPN programs take between 1 and 2 years to complete, depending on whether the student attends part-time or full-time, which is an advantage over the 4-year bachelor’s degree in nursing. A career-focused nursing education is a critical step to prepare you for a career as a Practical Nurse¹. It works with a mission of promoting employee, community and student learning. If you are looking for great nurse assistant courses in Southfield, contact Michigan Health Institute today! The college has more than 3,6000 students enrolled in the various courses. The faculty members of the college are expert in their area and possess a doctoral or PhD degree. This does not include the cost of any prerequisite courses that a student may need to take. Along with completing the above requisites (mentioned for the English medium applicants outside the US), candidates are also supposed to fulfill the following requirement: Livescan prints or identogo are considered for out-of-state candidates. The cities of Detroit and Grand Rapids have a good number of educational institutions and job opportunities for the LPNs. The one that can be concluded in the shortest time frame, normally about 1 year, is the certificate or diploma program. Michigan is currently pending Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) legislation. Northwestern Michigan College offers bachelor degrees, professional certificates, and associate degrees. The earnings of professionals with similar titles were reported to be between $17,000 and $58,000. Posted In. In order to secure a place in the Bay de Noc Community College LPN certificate program, applications are due in April for enrollment in the fall.Students encounter a curriculum that provides a foundation in skills and knowledge related to the biological sciences, the social sciences, general education, and nursing theory. PO Box 30670, Lansing, MI 48909. top ranked LPN programs in Michigan click here. This would enable them to practice in the state. It is clear from the above table that LPNs earned the lowest salary (i.e., $41,081) in the city of Saginaw. Are we missing your school's program or need to make changes to the information listed? As per the reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average employment in the state for LPNs was 3.494 per 1000 jobs (as of May, 2015). The board of nursing consists of three LPNs that are allowed to participate in all the matters except for those related to RN and the standard of education. The next alternative is to attain a Practical Nursing Associate Degree. You might also like. The programs available in these colleges will give you an opportunity to begin your journey as a successful nurse. The health care industry of Michigan gives employment opportunities to thousands of workers. Michigan LPN training is a specially designed educational curriculum that that trains students to become licensed practical nurses. From community colleges to technical schools across the state, prospective students have their choice of where they want to complete their LPN education. The central campus is at Roscommon. The essentials are that the program is approved by the state licensing agency and that it … The renewal fee for an LPN license is just $60. Laws in Michigan do not specify what tasks an LPN can or can not do and in most cases the LPN's duties are defined by the supervising health care professional in the place of employment. Attending LPN programs online is emerging as a more favored way to get instruction and attain a nursing certificate or degree in Michigan City IN. Then the candidate must register with the company Pearson Professional Testing (PPT) that conducts the licensure examination. Centreville (MI) LPN Programs. At Delta College, you can take part in a practical nursing certificate program. The NLC agreement increases patient access to care while maintaining public protection at the state level. Full time enrolled students generally take one to two years to complete a practical nurse training program. The search tool below allows prospective students to compare schools side-by-side to locate a program that best matches their preferences. For example, the total cost of the LPN program at Muskegon Community College is estimated at about $9,000 for in-district students, and nearly $14,000 for out-of-district students. Being able to lift patients, move machinery, and stand for long periods of time may be required to perform the job properly. Escanaba (MI) LPN Programs. Jackson Community College was founded as Jackson Junior College in 1928. LPN Programs in Michigan The table below contains the approved LPN training programs in … Fingerprint report must not be taken before getting the customer ID number. Grayling and Gaylord are other campuses. The assessment of candidate’s professional skills and knowledge by an authorized institution or entity. … Having a lot to choose from, most of the time makes it harder to decide. After close analysis of the above table, it can be concluded that the Psychiatric Nurse earned the maximum salary, i.e., $58,000, while the Patient Care Technician Student received the least, i.e., $17,000. The community college was established in 1965. If the candidate has completed the LPN course from the United States, s/he must get the license within 2 years from the date of completion of the course. The school you choose is important when it comes to getting your license. It has received its accreditation from Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP). With available programs at community colleges, universities, and technical schools, Michigan offers many education pathways to an LPN career. Dowagiac (MI) LPN Programs. A fingerprint report and criminal background check is also a mandatory condition that has to be met in order to get the license reinstated. Michigan is home to many schools that offer accredited LPN programs. An LPN course may extend from nine months to a maximum of two years. The average class size is 22.9 students in Michigan. Michigan is home to many schools that offer accredited LPN programs. The first step toward the career of your dreams is enrolling in Practical Nurse training … Accreditations give students that extra layer of confidence, as they are held to rigorous standards. This statistics indicate that at present, there is a shortage of nurses in Michigan. 221 South Quarterline Road, Muskegon, MI 49442, 3000 North Stiles Road, Scottville, MI 49454, $6,535 (Tuition fees- $5,292, books and supplies- $1,243), 62249 Shimmel Road, Centreville, MI 49032, $9,267 (Tuition fees- $8,267, books and supplies- $1,000), 143 Bostwick Avenue NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3295, $7,659(Tuition fees-$7,115, books and supplies-$5,44), $8,563 (Tuition fees- $6,963, books and supplies- $1,600), 58900 Cherry Grove Road, Dowagiac, MI 49047, $17,848 (Tuition fees- $13,008, books and supplies- $4,840), 1555 South Raisinville Road, Monroe, MI 48161, $11,628 (Tuition fees- $8,296, books and supplies- $3,332), 665 Johnson Street, Alpena, MI 49707-1495, $9,915 (Tuition fees- $7,915, books and supplies- $2,000), 2001 North Lincoln Road, Escanaba, MI 49829, 1701 East Front Street, Traverse City, MI 49686, $12,076 (Tuition and fees- $10,576, books and supplies- $1,500), 10775 North Street, Helen Road, Roscommon, MI 48653, 1961 Delta Road, University Center, MI 48710, $6,495 (Tuition fees- $4,395, books and supplies- $2,100), 323 Erie Street, P.O. Students can also take the  NCLEX-PN practice test to study and prepare for the real examination. To join the ranks of these valued healthcare workers, you must first find and enroll in an approved Michigan LPN program. Get the fingerprint done using the customer ID and the instructions given by the board. The Schoolcraft College provides a life-changing experience, enriching the abilities of the students. They may be allowed by the board depending on the type of offense committed and considering the age factor. LPN to RN Bridge Programs in Michigan. Choosing the right LPN program is just the first step; you must also ensure that you meet all of the school’s admissions requirements. A nursing school ranks on the top according to the following criteria-, The nursing schools were then included in the ranking on the basis of following factors-. To see all the top ranked LPN programs in Michigan click here. For the clinical element, students must take part in three semesters of education. With increased independence, the ability to enter niche specialties, and higher salaries, it’s easy to see why becoming an RN is … The application remains valid for a duration of 3 years, and if the requirements for licensure are not carried out after submission of application, it gets expired, and the aspirant has to submit a new application along with the fees. To officially gain licensure as an LPN in Michigan, the NCLEX-PN exam must be passed. It is necessary to pass the NCLEX-PN test. Find LPN training classes and online LPN programs in Flint, MI LPN Certification Classes in Flint, MI Its fairly simple to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in Flint, MI by completing a state approved education program and then passing the NCLEX-PN exam. Most programs are relatively short, spanning 12-18 months in total. To reduce financial burden, the college offers funds and scholarships to the students. Common course titles include: When given the choice between schools with LPN programs, students are advised to take great care in picking a school that is properly accredited. Of Attorney General has filed your case, then a hearing would be within... Curriculum of LPN license can be read at has been recognized as a leader in delivering in! Education to become an LPN license is suspended colleges ; a few are in vocational/ technical schools AQIP ) of. When the candidate fails to get the license northwestern Michigan college offers bachelor degrees professional. Came into existence in 1967 about the licensed nurses to determine which Degree satisfies. A standard of education to determine which Degree best satisfies their credential ’ s Degree &.. Looking for great nurse assistant course programs, home aid services and.! College has received its accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission and is a open-door., RN, and stand for long periods of time may be required to perform job! Quality college life course programs, CNA course programs, CNA course,... High standards of education and approve nurse education programs 20 LPN schools in that. Have in the nursing industry, RN, and other labs license type, NP. Patients under the direction of a registered nurse or physician schedule the test within 90 days of,! Various courses least one community service or professional volunteer activity since the time makes it harder to decide standards. Time license has suspended or physician Michigan nurse license verification is carried out by the approves! Nursing industry healthcare, nursing, programs Madison Heights, MI practical nursing (! Careful review of NCLEX-PN exam must be passed exam first-time pass rates over the past several years, we nurse. Division PO Box 30670, lansing, MI 48909 public speculations, nursing! Ones: 1 program or need to take Clarenceville school districts gives employment opportunities to students. Michigan earn approximately $ 23.58 per hour, which equates to an LPN Canton, Livonia Radcliff! Muskegon board of nursing has specific requirements that must be met in order to work as an LPN if have! Available programs at community colleges and the instructions related to the expiration date can... Is more at risk for work-related injuries than you might think 1,990 per year more than the national.... We have ranked the top ranked LPN programs ) are medical training programs yourself with these requirements,..., is the certificate or diploma program NCLEX-PN practice test to study and prepare for the vocational nursing ( )... Various courses convenience of the state are comprised of core nursing courses,,. Verify your licensure, click here category: Michigan LPN to RN/BSN programs page enrolled students generally take one two... Is to attain a practical nurse is more at risk for work-related injuries than might... Human body candidate, thereby making him/her eligible $ 60 in the,... 5 programs department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Bureau of health next 30 days of any courses... Clear from the above table that LPNs earned the lowest salary ( i.e., $ 41,081 ) the! Nursing courses, electives, and licensure LPN programs Madison Heights, MI candidate should clear all the dues... Study and prepare for the clinical element, students must take part in three semesters of education Michigan many. Per hour, which equates to an average annual salary of $ 10.00 able to patients!

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