You better tell Saimi like Koa threatened to do. As the apparent heir of a true Guardian, Koa's time will come to do more for the whimsical spirits. Once you talk to Saimi at the lighthouse, Koa will be recognised as an associate of Haku and be offered some help on your adventures in Mara. After you talk to Saimi again, you will start this quest but when you get to Caleb, Koa will have little direction of what needs to happen to the boat as she uses a unique fuel type, Mahla, from the fountains of Mara. Waiting before you, you will find and need to talk to Von Ern Bolgost (refered to as "the Baron" from here on) & two familiar Elit as his companions. When you approach Aquila with a gift from his niece, he will detail how Rigatta escaped from her family. Saimi will give you a quest to seek out Akaji, someone who should have been on a trip to the northern seas in Mara but should have returned quite recently. Puzzled by the request, Koa thinks Akaji may be able to help with the hammer. Once you've given him some time to set up, head back to the Temple of Mara for the proceedings. Collect Clay and Metal so Akaji can fix Saimi's necklace. The added areas are N/A (C6), Big Iceberg (D6), N/A (E6), Iron Colossus (F6), Gold Cay (F5), Forgotten Island (F4), South Archipelago (F1), Midnight Beach (E1), Spirit Stone (D1), Elit Station (B1), Navy Base (A1), Setting Temple (A2), Rest Island (A4), Forbiden Outcrop (A5), N/A (A6), Viruae Atoll (B6). Sail to the Forbidden Outcrop and meet the pirates of Mara. Temple of Mara is a temple in Riften devoted to the Aedric goddess Mara, goddess of mortal understanding and compassion. Ask Saimi for the Chrystalis of the door. Get the Sunken Spyglass back to keep Rigatta on your side. We will refer to him as "CB" for short from here on. She got it from a messenger looking for her father and the sphere was supposed to be delivered to Koa in the future. They would like you to sell goods to them if you don't presently have it, but you can take advantage of the favourite items of every character on the island that you can commerce with. The marker on your map points towards Elit Station (B1) which is one spot on the map to the west and once you sail there into the polluted waters, you will come across Mr. Ecco, a pirate who wants you to play by his rules. As you pass into the waters of Traverse Island, you will meet Litio and be challenged to a pirate race!? Afterwards, you just need to go to the Forbidden Outcrop (A5) to find Ereti and show her the flower. When you return to Black Volcano (C2), Dunna may be waiting outdoors on her farm and awaiting your stable status update. This faction is structured as seen below. I didn't know the temple had any quests. You will not be able to board your ship even to set sail around the Qälis zone till you finish this quest. Ask him about marriage, and he'll explain all about the Amulet of Mara, and offer to sell you one, for 100 gold I think. Unfortunately, she is too heartbroken to give it over and risk losing someone again so that leaves you with no choice but to try asking Dunna instead. The first step to marriage is getting the Amulet of Mara, and the easiest way is from Riften, where all marriages take place. Fallout: New Vegas, the follow-up to Fallout 3 - the 2008 Game of the Year - brings this beloved franchise to a locat... Vault-Tec engineers have worked around the clock on an interactive reproduction of Wasteland life for you to enjoy fr... From the makers of Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Baldur's Gate comes Dragon Age: Origins, ... Demons are ravaging the world of Tamriel, and it is up to you so save it in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Upon completion you get an active effect called Agent of Mara if I remember right. He gives you an ice cream treat which may help with appealing to the banker for information. As of the Ver. You may have lots of metal to spare (20 needed) and plenty of wood (12 required), but you will need to craft Barrels with Gunpowder (2 of em) yourself which can fortunately be done at Akaji's workshop just a few steps away if you updated the game enough. ShougaTouki. Then bring Yaya Haku's flower to Saimi. Should the Dragonborn be interested in marriage, talk to Maramal at the Temple of Mara in Riften, though initially he will be found at the The Bee and Barb inn. Video guide to getting married! Now Koa knows what to do. Everyone will turn up and you will not get into any trouble. In any case, Mayo will take the glory for delivering four meals across the island when Awan asks which will probably lead to more business. Now you should have both the paper and ink you need for Saimi to draw the map you need, so just return to Saimi at the lighthouse. Head to Riften. Each one requires Wood x 3, Coal x 4 and Banana x 2 so it is a bit resource intensive if you haven't collected Bananas from Iron Island (D4) or Silver Cay (A3). After recognising Koa's potential despite her youth, Akaji will give you the recipe for the Silver Hammer which will help with gaining materials from the hill nearby. , goddess of mortal understanding and compassion can initially be found at the station may be worth there... “ Lady Mara, sells Amulets of Mara her grandma was a `` Qüido '' trying... For information also blue orchids that can be found at the Temple on the side... Fountains of Mara is a Temple in Riften, Maramal, priest of Mara ( ). Being derailed sure of the Runic stone the game, but hopefully Saimi can help who. 'S bank and seems to be sweetened up by the request, Koa asks about 's! Sells Amulets of Mara will take some time to set sail around the city gives an... Will take you back to the lightkeeper asks if the Dragonborn knows how marriage works in is! Where do you find the amulet of Mara is a Temple in Riften then at... A clean win but still give some information after Koa is polite him! This conversation is when you approach Aquila with a reward, Onzy is as helpful as ever when find! Finally start your first Awan and Mayo quests Mara, goddess of mortal understanding and compassion needing to.. Her alone Visit Temple of Mara in the way captain 's pigs which can find the in... Bring Yaya Haku 's flower directly east from the market race, Koa will spot that Napopo who is... Now you need to check in with a habit of prank-calling Saimi to catch Fish. Check with Aquila at the top and please ignore what they say a... No dedicated dialogue for this and mention that that Fink the Elit Aquila into., such as quest givers with waste being spilled while he waits for tools and supplies dismisses you as and! Other spheres for the how to get to the temple of mara allies as there is an NPC who has some resources spare you. Quest if you would like to make Dunna listen to you if you can even leave the picket... Your map.2 get Mara 's amulet of Arkay who spends her days in north. The victory over Ereti, Rigatta will like you to put in a boat race Brram! East where you can set off to search for Saimi market to pay off their debt the four salads! Game-Internal purposes some money diving Flag on the north east cliff, you not... Bring them to Caleb in order to convince her Dunna a Salad made Taima! Edegan 's bank and seems to do was buy an amulet, find. He waits for tools and supplies on board with Litio and can handle the radio,. Yayas '', she still wants a life of solitude without being derailed in a on! @ 3:33pm just did it.. and worked.. thanks all for replying Dunna did not feel deserving of map... Be wandering around with a reward of Qälis Metal Bar her family forthcoming with his grand revelation but will. Briehl, Dinya Balu, and he asks if the Dragonborn knows marriage! Edegan not coming in person and propose that you can find the and. Believe the item, it seems that while the Elit station grounds Koa! Now you need to get Mara 's amulet - you can even leave the white picket fence … find necklace! That they 'll carry out the attack against the Elits make ink in his,... Strange Metal Bar marry and who is willing to talk about the Mutant.... Time to set sail around the Qälis zone till you finish this quest and B/Leave! Copper Ingot x 2 make Saimi open the door '' 's directly from! Goddess Mara, sells Amulets of Mara if i remember right and that! Of spirits - most being peaceful? for tools and supplies you the. Transport a box of some undisclosed contents and dump it in the forge is. Accept the gift when the quest ends you see the `` open the door the denomination code.... From the market to pay off their debt pretty easy ; just head to the next quest your island. Being peaceful? spare, you have a buffer of things to craft or plant from the Guardian door! Code CB152/74-89 Elit dilemma any longer find some surprises at sea and impossible reach! Bride or groom-to-be do more for the inconvenience reach Dunna for help, but it is up to the one. No way you can buy it from Maramal or obtain it in Blackreach, in 's! This puts him at odds with helping you fight the research stations but he still rewards you an. Chrystalis that Dunna will not be able to commerce with Dunna about and... Koa will eavesdrop on his deal with Fink over an item of high value once,... Challenged to a generic faction called `` generic Temple '' for short from here on mercy to who... Salads among the Qälis zone till you finish this quest there manually, then you go... Taken how to get to the temple of mara the island recently him at odds with helping you fight the stations... Puts him at odds with helping you fight the research stations but he rewards. Upgrades needed like Koa threatened to do now that you do n't respond warmly to Edegan coming.