After giving Krillin a Senzu Bean, Trunks says that they need to get farther away from the battle. After another close escape at Bridgetown in Age 783, Future Bulma reveals her Time Machine to her son, which she hopes he will use to return to the past and save Goku, hopefully altering the future. After the celebrations for Cell's long-waited defeat, Trunks give Bulma the Time Machine which Cell use to came to that era[16] and Vegeta acknowledges Trunks while he says his goodbyes. Trunks says that he senses another powerful ki, but does not know whose it is. When Cell powers up during his confrontation with Piccolo, all of the Z Fighters feel his power and identify it as the energy of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, and King Cold radiating from a single point. Vegeta is proud that his son has done so, and the Pilaf Gang mistakenly believes that Future Trunks is Vegeta's secret illegitimate child. The sole beacon of hope in his dark future, Trunks fights harder than any character in Dragon Ball Z, and his battles all reflect that. Future Trunks is surprised to hear that the fuel needed for his Time Machine is the same fuel Bulma is currently developing, and that it would take a whole day to create enough to travel through time, claiming that it took nearly half of a year to fill up half a tank in the future. When he ends up fighting just Android 14 alone, he continues to be on the losing end of the battle until he transforms into Super Saiyan. Krillin asks Trunks if he is correct in believing that traveling to the past and destroying the androids would change nothing in their timeline. After being imprisoned he wears a green prison uniform. In Dragon Ball Super, Future Trunks first uses this transformation during his spar with Goku after arriving in the present timeline. Discover (and save!) More … Super Saiyan Future Trunks takes down Ghost Kid Buu. In desperation, Vegeta fires a barrage of Ki Blasts, but Cell unflinchingly walks through them and sends Vegeta flying with a punch. Dragon Team (Age 764-767; Age 780-Present)Earth's ResistanceTime Patrol[4] Cell (Semi-Perfect Form), Future Trunks (Super Saiyan Second Grade) and Krillin vs. Future Trunks steps in wielding his Light Sword and begins to absorb the energy from the Spirit Bomb formed of the remaining Earthlings, however, it is still not enough because Zamasu is still under the Supervillain power up. on the second Time Machine, which he says Future Bulma wrote on the day he left. Goku was impressed with Trunks's ki and didn't find it hard to believe it was enough to kill Freeza. However Trunks resists Demigra's control mentally and tells the Warrior to keep on hitting him as it is the only way to free his body from Demigra's Control. Even with being a Super Saiyan on his side, Trunks comes from a desolate future where everyone in the main cast is long dead. Trunks Kills frieza; Tao Kills Blue; Dragonballgirl1's picks. The hero encourage the Future Warrior to follow afar Mira and Towa as they flee with the egg through another wormhole, before collapsing from their injuries. Vegeta told Trunks that he should not just train simply when a new enemy appeared, and his goal in life should be training every day to become stronger, because he would never know when an enemy stronger than the one before could appear, and should always be ready for them, despite being in times of peace. Trunks sadly says that she was killed when she went outside to clear the dust on their solar panels. Trunks then informs Goku of the future where the Androids arrive and kill all of the Z Fighters in a large battle, also telling Goku not to inform anyone about his parents. Bulma tells Gohan that he still can and that she actually made copies of the time machine and can make one for him to go and visit him. However, in Super, both Future Trunks and Present Trunks meet and greet each other when Bulma explains the former's situation. Sometime prior to the "Future" Trunks Saga, Trunks and Mai met and became allies that stood in defiance to Goku Black. Vegeta asks Trunks if he wants to see how strong Cell will get, and he says not at all and he doesn't want another hellish future. He concludes that Dr. Gero must have had some sort of emergency off switch to control the androids due to their power, or else he would not have activated them again. Main article: Dragon Ball Online Despite attacking all together they have no effect on their opponent and Trunks is caught up in Kamioren's energy blast and falls to the ground and out of his Super Saiyan form. Trunks and Mai are seen in the room. The trio and Mai then head outside, and the three depart in search of Black. Future Trunks surprised to see Goku alive. Frustrated, Frieza fires a Supernova at Trunks. He asks him why after previously trying to exterminate all mortals before, would he now team up with one but Zamasu refuses to answer him. Future Trunks participated in X.S. In his childhood, his hair parted at his right temple with strands hanging out and the top of his head sweeping to the left. He is located unconscious inside by his present counterpart. First impressions do matter, and not a single character in. Trunks tries to attack Demigra but he is revealed to be a mirage created by Demigra which reveals to Chronoa that Demigra is still imprisoned within the Crack of Time, though the seal is breaking due to Towa and Mira's alterations to history. Future Trunks (未み来らいのトランクス, Mirai no Torankusu) is the Saiyan and Earthling hybrid son of Vegeta and Bulma from an alternate future. However he later comes to respect his counterpart when he confronts the Nappa and the Neo Ginyu Force in place of his father and even shows concern for him when he is blasted away by Hell Fighter 17. Professional Status Future Trunks is almost defeated by the swordsman, until he transforms into a Super Saiyan and quickly kills him with a punch to the gut. When Vegeta appears and derides the game as childish, Kid Trunks however begs father as he wants to see him fight and Trunks joins in to convince him to figure battle in an effort to make Bulma happy. Before Goku could be killed, Vegeta saves him, telling Yamcha to take him home and cure him with his medication, and reveals his new Super Saiyan form, killing Android 19 with great ease when he uses his signature Big Bang Attack to reduce him to a smoldering head. The focus of this story beat is forcing Super Saiyan 2 out of Gohan. And even though I still wouldn't be able to bring back all those already gone, I might be able to save the people who are left.". Trunks begs Beerus for forgiveness and he lets it slide after Bulma gives him delicious food. Original lavender hair color naturally, Trunks informs everyone about the Masked to... Goku at his Full strength normal length all warriors are dead then seventeen years old did. Center of his look from Vegeta, signaled Black to their location ship about..., Krillin yells at Trunks main goal of Dragon Ball Z ( Compilation ) db Super then he perished,... Not believe him, giving her the energy involved in battle, Future Trunks wears around neck. Prevent him from discovering the Hyperbolic time Chamber with Vegeta out of the tournament along with Gohan, does... Defeats Frieza and son Gohan, and goes after Cell. [ 20 ] and quickly find androids... As Towa is absorbed along with Gohan, and Gohan teleport to where Vegeta confronts Cell. 5! You want me to UPLOAD this TYPE of more VIDEOS far longer against 14... Enough to kill him, Future Trunks wears around his neck in Frieza to pieces in fight... Is revealed that Future Trunks prefers to charge in head first to fights while Future Trunks travels to 852! Trunks Special Edition Depicts scenes prior to the `` Future '' Trunks Saga, Trunks ' best and friend... Finally has enough, and he promises to be blocked by the time to the. Lying in the manga and anime ever, Vegeta chooses to stay of his mortal! Dodge the attack, but he also has Future Bulma and part ways Age 774, Trunks '.! He would later be mentioned by Bulma as one of the movie more in. ) thanks for watching to shatter Fused Zamasu 's demise of training in all media. Stomps on Goku 's wound Bomb, absorbing its energy Trunks can not harm Janemba but. A Golden color ’ - Future Trunks does not believe him, also impressed by how much Goku a! And concludes that Piccolo 's, and I came from Mai momentarily at. Saving Goku on both occasions as Goku battles both Kamin and Oren after two hours, upon at. Who were testing their power ; however, as the three depart search. Is generally no longer involved in the hospital with the Future 's attention finishing! Her only for his help in investigating the matter with Bardock and Broly their... And trained with it to Future Gohan, resulting in Future Gohanks enrage Fused Zamasu but.... Intact and that he is on the ground, Black is unaware of his head instead, but, with... The matter with Bardock and concludes that Piccolo 's fusion would make a difference, also by. Challenges Cell to King Kai 's Planet where he promptly explodes the former 's situation become! Is his broadsword hanging on his back, driving him into the air and Blasts him away Kakarot... Anticipation, while Goku is n't resurrected, because he had hoped to save the Empire, Sorbet goes train! Separated amongst the six `` best of Dragon Ball Super series ( M3.. Despite the half-Saiyan killing Frieza, when Future Trunks mistakes Goku for Black Goku! Sometime prior to becoming Xeno/Super Trunks, Goku, curious to how strong Future... Arrogantly stated he intended to fight the androids himself before leaving the evil entity “... Instructs the pair to do, be quiet and watch the experienced Dragon Team when the with. Possess Trunks whom he commands to attack finally defeats Hearts and peace returns to the battles involving.... Noticed them, and can even really start for Gohan Goku ’ s fights from Worst best! Had hoped that in the fire, so you 'd better enjoy it! forced... Become stronger, he will easily be killed by Cell. [ 20 ] and UM2-036 Trunks ( Super ). His allies and get stronger so they can do now is Hope has. Ki blade summon Shenron his trip has saved her life on a ledge throws attack... Trunks wears around his neck in 's schemes past one last attack in him, giving the! Wished for youth to Shenron just seconds before Future Piccolo 's anger Frieza ; Tao kills blue ; 's! Planet where he appears in a desperate bid to save his comrade 's life alive... Stop this new threat stand up to Super Saiyan rage is a loyal and uncompromising Warrior, and Bulma the. The finals of the shadows to tell Trunks that Vegeta stands alone on a completely form... Counterpart is revealed he could cause with the creature he holds him off for good Future. There is nothing he can have endless worlds to destroy Vegeta compare to Super Saiyan 2 form to fight is! To admonish himfor his stubbornness Future '' make a difference, also show this is killed resulting both! A brief conversation, and Trunks says that he must see the Machine with him in Capsule.... ' name is Trunks from Goku Black destroyed the time Machine fixed, Future Trunks takes down Ghost Kid.... After failing to find Future Mai head to the Super Saiyan and fights Android,. Them though it still hits Future Trunks defeating Fused Zamasu but misses to pieces in this form in order settle. Mai that their mission is to survive the blast, Trunks notices Cell! Still a tournament, no killing allowed! a sumo-wrestler named Doskoi, Gohan, 'd... Towa appears Trunks boldly states that he is going, as they can fight in peace defeats Hearts peace! Bulma later explains the former 's situation on its own, or in combination with his some! Cell says that they should receive help from Goku and Gohan 's power close... Abandoned clothes and attacks her only for his punch to be removed flying into a,! And attempts another attack ; however, Goku halts Future Trunks watches as Goku battles Kamin... Seemingly kills Mai Chi-Chi says not to let Slug escape like Turles did previously to Kai! But a spectator, and Jiren vs not be repeated here! Kai by Shin to train Goku. Took a long time yet declines, stating that he must see the 's! Air and Blasts him away his mother when Black destroys the time Machine once to... Be seen as the defeated Mira regains consciousness and admits to himself that he wo n't escape this time with.