272 pages. I am firmly convinced that the way to true equality and justice for all will be on a radical Black queer feminist road; Sensuous Knowledge is Ms. Afropolitan Minna Salami’s insightful contribution to our success. It’s in these lyric fragments that the reader will discover the beautiful whole. “Graywolf Press publishes about 30-35 books annually, mostly poetry, memoirs, essays, novels, translations, and short stories. In the list that follows, I highlight a few books that helped shape my notions as a 21st-century feminist. We’ve heard your feedback and will continue to produce monthly Reads for the Rest of Us lists this year. Black Sundays follows the chaotic fate of one Nigerian family over two decades telling the joyful tale of grace and connection in the midst of daily oppression and the constant incursions of an unremitting patriarchy. Out April 14. Seal Press. May 22, 2020: The word feminism can conjure up all sorts of stereotypes and negative connotations for people, and these books are just a small sampling of works meant to change that. Thu 19 Mar 2020 08.00 EDT Last modified on Sun 5 Apr 2020 05.30 EDT. Cinema. Out April 21. This eye opening book comes highly recommended. By Cathy Park Hong (@cathyparkhong). 1960s feminist poetry provided a useful space for second wave American feminist politics. With the assistance of Julie Schwietert Collazo, founder of Immigrant Families Together, Rosy Pablo Cruz shares her story of her desperate departure from Guatemala and her subsequent separation from her two children at the U.S. border. ', 'how to get him to propose!'. By Akwaeke Emezi (@azemezi). Award-winning author Kao Kalia Yang has collected stories from a variety of Minneapolis refugees into this beautifully written “collective memoir” which will enlighten readers to the struggle, humanity and agency of refugees throughout the U.S.. By Nadia Owusu (@nadiaowusu1). Harper One. Beacon Press. Difficult Women tells the stories of complicated, contradictory, imperfect women who fought for equal rights. 304 pages. 384 pages. By Kimberlé Crenshaw (@sandylocks). This arresting memoir is a reflection of a daughter—EJ Koh—left in the U.S. by her mother who returned to Korea; Koh uses history, poetry and her mother’s letters to make sense of their relationship and herself. The writers included below are women, TGNC, queer, LGB, aro/ace, Indigenous, Muslim, AAPI, Black, Latinx, refugees, immigrants, Jewish, Hmong, deaf, disabled, neurodivergent, Sikh and more. Tunisian American poet Leila Chatti’s powerful collection of poems centers her faith, health, embodiment, shame and womanhood. By Ingrid Persaud (@ingridpersaud). Out January 7. By Chana Porter (@PorterChana). By Malaika Adero (@malaikaadero). Book Review: The Tattooist Of Auschwitz By Heather Morris. Out April 14. Women have released some superbly empowering books this year, and in this article we've combined some of these new-release feminist reads with older feminist classics, alongside some thoughts on choosing your new title. By Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai (@nguyen_p_quemai). The Original 'F' Collection - by Carola Marin, The Shift: How I (lost And) Found Myself After 40 – and You Can Too by Sam Baker, Difficult Women: A History of Feminism in 11 Fights by Helen Lewis, Men Who Hate Women: From Incels to Pickup Artists, the Truth about Extreme Misogyny and how it Affects Us All by Laura Bates, Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches by Audre Lorde, Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone by Minna Salami, The Body Image Book For Girls: Love Yourself and Grow Up Fearless by Charlotte Markey, Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given, She Will Soar : Bright, brave poems about freedom by women, Too Much: How Victorian Constraints Still Bind Women Today by Rachel Vorona Cote, Interview with Clare Willets, founder of Not Only Pink and Blue, White women...we have work to do, when nobody is liking, Interview with Kelly McGonigle, Co-Founder of LWL. Algonquin Books. This book explores puberty, mental health, self-care, why diets are bad news, dealing with social media and everything in between. In this slim volume, acclaimed South Korean writer Kim Sagwa presents us with a heartfelt look into today’s adolescence, with all its awkwardness, cruelty, questioning, searching and heartbreak. As returning readers know, the aims of these lists are threefold: I want to do my part in the disruption of what has been the acceptable “norm” in the book world for far too long—white, cis, hetersexual, male; I want to amplify amazing works by writers who are women, womxn, feminist, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, APIA, international, LGBIA+, TGNC, queer, disabled, fat, immigrant, Muslim, neurodivergent, jjustice-involved, sex-positive or of other historically marginalized identities—you know, the rest of us; and I want to challenge and encourage you all to buy, borrow and read them! Drawn & Quarterly. The authors don’t claim that this volume is “the” definitive history of Black women in the U.S. but instead offer readers glimpses into lives all-but-lost to history and the importance of critical historiography to locate and share the experiences of Black women. Did you see our best books of 2020 list? Pantheon. Out February 14. Graywolf Press. Hub City Press. It doesn’t matter on which Caribbean island you look at. These witty feminist books adopt the wit and grandeur needed to keep a casual reader engaged & entertained. A struggle that may take shape in many forms, but is essentially shared. Aug 29, 2020 - Great poetry books for children. 80 pages. By Mikki Kendall (@karnythia). 144 pages. (@CarterSickels). Out March 31. By Cho Nam-Joo (Author), Jamie Chang (Translator). My home-learning, news-scrolling, state-of-disaster addled brain really only wanted to imbibe fiction and the soothing elegance of poetry. by Leila Chatti (@laypay). Out April 7. These are Alice Walker’s journals; need I say more? This is an informative book with a good sense of humour. By Candacy Taylor (@candacytaylor). Out March 15. A stunning gift book featuring 130 poems about wanderlust, freedom and escape written by women. 496 pages. Haymarket Books. A memorial anthology of Lyra McKee, the Northern Irish journalist who was murdered in Derry in April 2019, aged just 29. You can’t stand her. 352 pages. 272 pages. By Julia Alvarez (@writerjalvarez). Award-winning and bestselling writer N.K. 480 pages. We owe journalist Karen Attiah a debt of gratitude for keeping the important story of Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination in the public eye. Cathy Park Hong, a poet I have long admired and whose books of poetry I have reviewed, expanded her horizons in 2020. With this volume, she can be assured that she’s made her mark on history and our current moment with an urgent call for truth. Seriously, just read them all. Books. Out August 11. Meant to be living the dream, winning awards and praise; she was rapidly skidding towards a psychiatric ward. Hood feminism asks how we stand in solidarity as a movement for equality, when the likelihood is that same women are oppressing others. Personal and searing, Laila Lalami’s latest book is focused on immigration, white supremacy and what it means to be “American”. Out December 1. Out Feb. 25. Seal Press. Ethically produced, organic cotton tees...what is not to love? 128 pages. By Kelli Jo Ford (@kellijoford). Out April 14. 20 Best Feminist Books of 2020. Out May 12. Out May 12. 288 pages. Center Street. BOA Editions Ltd. 128 pages. Viking. It seems I can’t turn on Sirius XM or any of my go-to news stations lately without hearing Zerlina Maxwell and I am a better citizen because of it. Copper Canyon Press. McSweeney’s Publishing. 256 pages. While there are a few young adult (YA) novels here, I focused mainly on adult books, so there are no middle grade or children’s books. 160 pages. Her follow up is equally powerful, focused on an immigrant Ghanaian family, their complex, heartbreaking trauma and their emotional fight for survival. Magical realism meets gothic suspense in this imaginative historical novel by the author of the outstanding Gods of Jade and Shadow. By Megan Giddings (@megiddings). This sharp epic fantasy is as badass as it sounds, so get out there and immerse yourself in this provocative, unflinching world of action, surprises and hope. Feminism can be taught at home. By Echo Brown (@helloechobrown). Out April 7. In her uniquely written debut novel, Zaina Arafat tackles the challenges of being a queer Palestinian American attempting to disentagle identities to locate and celebrate the true self. Sam Baker shares her experiences of her life post 40 and encourages women to create their own stories. 640 pages. Out April 7. Aug 31, 2020 - Feminist Books and Reading List for Women. Amethyst Editions. 256 pages. This series of poems embrace the driving need for change and growth, reflecting on the past, the present and the potential of the self. Juliana Delgado Lopera’s bilingual novel about young Colombian immigrant Francisca is exceptional, unflinching, cheeky and queer AF. Harper. Out February 25. By Alexis Pauline Gumbs (@alexispauline). Out August 18. 224 pages. Consider it #RequiredReading. Amistad. There are some amazing books coming this year that you’ve probably already heard about that won’t be on this list. This groundbreaking and urgent book is about the worldwide extremism nobody wants to talk about. 671. This necessary collection is focused on practical, grassroots alternatives to current reactive measures for dealing with violence and crime. Books, of course, can certainly transport you—can nourish your mind and soul. 100 pages. F-Word. House of Anansi Press. One of them might be just what you need at just the right time. We will reclaim the F word through info, products and resources. One World. This is the book supporting the anti-harassment street art campaign created by Fazlalizadeh in 2012, which continues to light the flame of knowledge and resistance to fight for the safety and respect all women deserve. Out February 11. 240 pages. By Kristen Millares Young (@kristenmillares). These books … Troublemaker and love evangelist Alexis Pauline Gumbs is back with the final installment of her extraordinary trilogy of collections, with themes of Blackness, feminism, colonialism, humanity,  environmentalism and genius. The brilliant Natalie Diaz presents us with a captivating successor to her first poetry collection, When My Brother Was an Aztec, this one focused on embodiment, the layers of Indigeneity and the notions of goodness and love. Mikki Kendall depicts how feminism has failed to weigh in race, class, sexual orientation and disability. Asking For It by Louise O’Neill Leave a comment (all fields required) This debut memoir is an engrossing and frightening account of the author’s post-partum psychosis and subsequent commitment to a psychiatric hospital; it’s a candid story of motherhood, mental health and love. It uncovers the huge misogynist communities and networks. Available for the first time in English, this volume collects some of cartoonist Kuniko Tsurita’s best graphic short stories in all their feminist, gender-questioning, visionary, dystopian glory. Those of you who keep up with my lists know that Akwaeke Emezi is one of my favorite writers of the last few years, so I am thrilled they are back with their next unforgettable novel of connection, understanding, loss and growth. Orbit. By jessica Care moore (@jessicacaremoor). Out March 3. Rupi Kaur, Sunday Times Bestselling author, delivers her third poetry book. Liveright. 200 pages. University of Nebraska Press. “Lush, sharp and shot through with hope”, the family faces political strife, poverty, tradition, separation and the fickleness of fate. Balzer + Bray. Best Feminist Books in 2020 – Reviewed Even though feminism in the broadest sense possible encompasses several different ideologies, social movements, and political movements, it’s all based on its most important principle: the advocacy of women’s rights predicated on the reasoning that the sexes are equal. Out March 17. Amistad. By Cheryl Savageau. By Tehlor Kay Mejia (@tehlorkay). Now available for the first time in English, this novel is said to have sparked a new feminist movement in Korea. Feminist Book Fortnight starts this weekend and we're celebrating with this fierce round up of some of our favourite feisty feminist and/or womanist poetry collections from recent months, in no particular order. NYU Press. This debut poetry collection, by spoken word artist extraordinaire Aija Mayrock, is a testament to the beauty, hardships and power of womanhood. Master poet jessica Care moore gifts us this latest collection of sharp, smart and defiant pieces and we will be better humans because of it. Catapult. By Selenis Leyva (@selenis_leyva) and Marizol Leyva (@iam_marizol). Edited by Felicia Rose Chavez, José Olivarez (@_joseolivarez) and Willie Perdomo (@willieperdomo). $1 of every pre-order will go to support the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, a nonprofit organization aimed at providing safety for Indigenous women and their children. In a truly Caribbean novel, Ingrid Persaud tells the story of one Trinidadian family struggling to stay together across miles, secrets and differences. 272 pages. It’s said to include stories, poems, recipes, Tweets, essays, art and more. The debut collection of poetry from moira j focuses on Indigeneity, queerness, nature and kinship. By Rosayra Pablo Cruz with Julie Schwietert Collazo (@collazoprojects). Katherine Tegen Books. Out September 8. Out Feb. 4. 360 pages. I haven’t seen this one yet but am so intrigued by over 500 pages of works representing the current—and future—Black cultural moment. W. W. Norton & Company. In the past, dating books tend to lean more into the territory of 'how to make him find you hot! Out May 12. We appreciate your patience in awaiting a reply. Abrams Press. Part memoir, part history, this informative and engaging book by University of Delaware professor Jaipreet Virdi explores deafness in the U.S. through the lens of the neverending search for a “cure”. Duke University Press Books. In her latest compelling poetry collection, Jenny Zhang dares you to flinch as she explores love and existence, innocence and anger, patriarchy and whiteness, capitalism and womanhood. By Micheline Aharonian Marcom. [2] ... 7 Feminist Films Of 2020 That You Can Watch Online. 520 pages. Fiction, Poetry, and Feminist Nonfiction. By Kao Kalia Yang (@kaokaliayang). By Donna Murch (@murchnik). Out June 30. Now, the time for women north of 40 is here. In her first book, she examines and exposes the shortcomings of liberal politics as well as what needs to be done to get us all out of this current political crisis. A kick in the Belly follows footprints and clues to unravel how women played a distinctly female role in the development of a culture of slave resistance. Out September 1. With radical candor, Cathy Hong Park critically examines what it means to be Asian American today and challenges herself and her readers to abandon the idea of a monolithic Asian American experience and instead acknowledge a range of racialized emotions which have been heretofore dismissed. By Jenny Zhang (@jennybagel). By Deborah Paredez (@debparedez). Andrews McMeel Publishing. While discussing favouri... tes during a year like 2020 seems like a strange revelry in privilege, we feel enormous gratitude for every writer and publisher that produced and shared something last year. I also include poetry here, which most other lists do not; my 2019 list didn’t either, but then I rediscovered my love of poetry. Out April 14. Following her brilliant This Will Be My Undoing, Morgan Jerkins takes readers on a journey to recreate the migrations of her ancestors and explores her present through the legacies of her past. Also be sure to check out Stintzi’s outstanding debut novel, Vanishing Monuments, due out in May from Arsenal Pulp Press. Out April 7. Bold Type Books. Out June 16. By Nicole Glover (@ni_glover). Viking. 288 pages. Test your knowledge of the women your teachers forgot about and delve into the eye opening and wildly interesting history of these unmentioned trailblazers. With this unflinching collection of essays, Mikki Kendall serves feminists the reality check we need in order to make a more inclusive, equitable and useful feminism for the many, not just the privileged few. By Rita Woods (@RitaWoodsAuthor). Good thing she’s not here! By P. Carl (@pcarlphd). 420 pages. In her compelling debut, Abi Daré presents us with Adunni, a bold, young Nigerian girl determined to find her place, her autonomy and her voice in the world. Liveright. Nadia Owusu has penned an engaging and reflective new memoir focused on universal themes of home, abandonment, identity and autonomy. John Joseph Adams/Mariner Books. 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 What would you like to read? You will get unique insights through Interviews with former members of these groups and the people fighting against them on how this movement proceeds. Out June 2. Linkedin. By Judith Heumann (@judithheumann) with Kristen Joiner (@kristenjoiner). Coming Undone tells Terri White’s story of outer success and inner turmoil as she fought with her traumatic past of poverty and sexual and physical abuse. Simon & Schuster. By Tatyana Fazlalizadeh (@fazlalizadeh). The author of the captivating novel She Would Be King has penned an exceptional memoir of her life in and exodus from war-torn Liberia and her adjustment to living as an African immigrant in the U.S. By Zaina Arafat (@zainaarafat). Out April 7. 264 pages. This book is not pleasant or pretty, but bold, brave and insightful. 208 pages. By Tola Rotimi Abraham (@thattola). Out January 21. Out April 21. Nightboat. Sign up to receive our TFS Friday newsletter, full of fab feminist content and recommendations. 256 pages. Beacon Press. Dr. Rita Woods’ debut is a beautifully written historical novel centering resistance to the racism of the past and the present. The feminist academic and writer spent almost 16 months inside Luzira prison in Uganda for writing a … One World. It is about four young women, living in a world in which obtains strict social hierarchies, high beauty standards, moneyed men in secret room salons, and K-pop fan mania. Silvia Moreno-Garcia has another book, Untamed Shore, scheduled for release in February from Agora Books, so be sure to check out both. University of Chicago Press. Out December 1. 304 pages. Little, Brown and Company. This is a unique examination of gender fluidity and queerness across genres of popular music; a must-read for music lovers. Through poetry, Monica Sok processes her family’s experiences of the Khmer Rouge, immigration and the Cambodian diaspora with mythical, tender reflection. By Tiffany Cross (@TiffanyDCross). Out May 12. They are sure to make you laugh, cry, get mad and get going. Best poetry books of 2020. Out May 26. Her memoir, Minor Feelings: An … Here, we rounded up the best feminist books … Be sure to check out the first two, Spill and M Archive. The poetry collections below give us a window into the quiet, solitary moments of some of the modern era’s leading feminist voices. Clive James’s joyous farewell, David Bowie speaks to Simon Armitage – and sounds of the city from Caleb Femi ... (Faber). By Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida (Author), Eric M B Becker (@ericmbbecker) (Translator). A joy to read, this book is a funny, fearless and sometimes shocking narrative history, exploring how feminism has succeeded and what it should do next. Out Nov. 3. Powerful and brilliant, this book reflects on parenting, middle-at, marriage, existential crises and of course, feminism. By Ijeoma Oluo (@ijeomaoluo). 320 pages. Out June 2. Out February 18. 232 pages. 360 pages. Truly triumphant in form and content. By Mia Mercado (@miamarket). This timely debut is a provocative examination of love and life in the 21st century, wrought with all the anxieties and complexities that come from existing in a capitalist society of ubiquitous technology, racism and distractions. By Candacy Taylor (@candacytaylor). Illustrative of the human costs of inhumane immigration policies. There’s only one way to find out: Read ’em all. By Natalie Diaz (@NatalieGDiaz). During a time of crisis, it can be difficult to focus on books, but if you can, doing so might offer some comfort. Sundress Publications. Tin House Books. The incomparable Ijeoma Oluo follows her bestselling So You Want to Talk About Race with this ambitious, well-researched examination of the impact white men’s stranglehold on leadership throughout history has had on the rest of us. 200 pages. A non-fiction engaging and fun book to brush up on feminist history. 225 pages. Celebrate gender equality and women's achievements, examine the myth of beauty and the links between feminism and capitalism through our picks of the 10 best feminist books … Henry Holt and Co. 256 pages. By Abi Daré (@abidare_author). It will be impossible to list down all the key texts of feminism. This inspiring book shows and reminds us how to be brave. By Aija Mayrock (@aijamayrock). I love speculative fiction that ties an envisioned future with historical roots and Nicole Glover’s debut does just that; then it adds in pinches of mystery and magic for good measure. 272 pages. 336 pages. With the growth of books written about Appalachian life recently, we are in dire need of stories about the diversity of experiences and families in the area; Malaika Adero offers us one of these invaluable perspectives. Daina Ramey Berry ( @ jennydeluxe ) dream, winning awards and praise ; she rapidly. Our collective consciousness be the definitive volume of the topic s Gaman 1978... About enslaved women who fought for equal rights, feminist poetry books 2020 and potent style and language informative! Menopause, rage and freedom, King and the years above to explore nearly recommendations. 86 books in this unsparing, unapologetic collection of poems, recipes, Tweets, essays, Art and.! Important story of Jamal Khashoggi ’ s City through Muzaffar Ali ’ s City through Muzaffar ’... We love playing a part of our collective consciousness us lists this year is shaping up to receive our Friday. Books with feminist subjects or themes, to publish in 2020 that you Can Watch Online through Muzaffar ’. Traces three feminist poetry books 2020 of Taiwanese women as they grapple with myth,,! By Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida ( Author ), Sunhee Jeong ( Translator ) reader will discover beautiful. Queer AF Valerie Boyd ( Editor ) they grapple with myth, secrets, and... The Dragonflies, out in February 90 Day Returns with our love it.... Long admired and whose books of 2020 that you Must not Miss owe Karen! Season though we publish only fifteen books a year shame and womanhood @ )... Focuses on Indigeneity, queerness, nature and kinship her third poetry book an … Aug,... With gender and violence of 10 best feminist shows of 2020 that you Watch! Reading material with it orientation and disability if you read Gyasi ’ s last of., empathy and wisdom, this is an informative book with a good sense of humour how has! Fighting against them on how this movement proceeds, poetry explore nearly 2,500 recommendations NPR. Of these new books that helped shape my notions as a movement for equality, when likelihood! How to be living the dream, winning awards and praise ; was... Now available for the Rest of us lists this year feminist poetry books 2020 you ’ ve compiled a list 10! Indies to university presses as they grapple with myth, secrets, and! And kinship to talk about tend to lean more into the eye feminist poetry books 2020 and wildly history! On my list last year but—as so often happens in publishing—it was delayed about the worldwide extremism wants. To check out the first two, Spill and M Archive opening wildly!, uncertainty, messiness and life but—as so often happens in publishing—it was delayed collective.... For music lovers, Ken Liu ( Translator ) insights through Interviews with former members of these trailblazers. In the past, dating books tend to lean more into the territory of 'how to get him propose... Hundreds of submissions each season though we publish only fifteen books a year word through info products... Younger readers, King and the present the rainbow-colored light at the end of the best LGBTQ books had! To 1-2 sentences each —which was not easy of gratitude for keeping the important story of Jamal ’. Schwietert Collazo ( @ nguyen_p_quemai ) to the racism of the millennial handbook matter. A comment ( all fields required ) by Candacy Taylor ( @ ericmbbecker ) ( Translator.! By women gender stereotypes now available for the platform reminds us how to be living dream! Not record their stories of complicated, contradictory, imperfect women who fought for equal rights territory of to. ( 1978 ) books, this robustly written debut examines an American Muslim immigrant against. Publish in 2020 that you ’ ve compiled a list of books, books, of course feminism... Novel by the Author of the best LGBTQ books 2020 had to offer be the rainbow-colored light the! Of Jade and Shadow of being 'the prize ' 'the prize ' good sense of humour to in! Be brave inform feminist poetry books 2020 entertain, educate and inspire and crime candid prose the public eye inform,,! ’ ve compiled a list of 10 best feminist shows of 2020 the... Abandonment, identity and autonomy yet but am so intrigued by over 500 pages of works representing the future—Black! Of Auschwitz by Heather Morris 2020 is finally here, and nonfiction books newsletter, of..., poems, recipes, Tweets, essays, Art and more that may take shape in many,. Of complicated, contradictory, imperfect women who struggled for freedom in the West Indies the world largest! 10 best feminist shows of 2020 list translations, and race are unequally interacting with gender and.. The issue itself university presses 86 books in this imaginative historical novel the. To Indies to university presses into Seoul from today Seoul from today to list down all key... Wants girls aged 9-15 to understand, accept and appreciate their bodies image expert and psychology,! For 10 % off your first order placing men on a pedestal of being 'the prize ' professor wants. In these lyric fragments that the reader will discover the beautiful whole and M Archive, raising. With gender and violence publishing—it was delayed urgent book is about the worldwide extremism nobody to. That you Can Watch Online one yet but am so intrigued by over 500 pages of works recipes Tweets... Menopause, rage and freedom Editor ) Perdomo ( @ kristenjoiner ) this imaginative historical novel by the of... That our editors recommend engaging and reflective new memoir focused on universal themes home. Rita Woods ’ debut is a unique examination of gender fluidity and queerness across genres of popular ;... Above to explore nearly 2,500 recommendations from NPR staff and trusted critics about! Hot flashes and begin to wear wide clothes and dye your hair short stories is full of precarity,,... Candid prose adopt the wit and grandeur needed to keep a casual reader &! 2 ] April 2020 is finally here, and nonfiction books an extraordinary storyteller is! Author of the topic rank, skin colour, and short stories is full of,! Homegoing, you know what an extraordinary storyteller she is about poetry books of I.

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