In moving waters with current smallmouth will use solitary rocks, stumps, humps and even sparse weed beds as current breaks for forming their beds. Learn More. Most stillwater smallmouth fishing is done from a float-tube, kick-boat, canoe, or bass boat. Besides, Spring is the spawning season; thus, they will be feeding more. Want more fish? But smallmouth don’t all spawn at once, and if you are fishing a large body of water you can usually find both pre-spawn and post-spawn bass. It’s great for throwing bass sized flies all day, its very light on the arm, and it is loads of fun to fight a smallmouth with. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they’ll only whack subsurface flies. The Johnstons' favorite smallmouth lures. Staging smallmouth bass will congregate near spawning areas in places where lakes bottleneck and shallow. The Hobie MirageDrive 360 pedal propulsion system is the pinnacle of kayak control with more efficient fin designs, glide technology and allows the boat to be moved in any direction. Lauzon Resort & Marina. Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass. Fly fishing outfit for smallmouth bass. I usually choose a fast action 6 weight for smallies. Here are four retrieves that you should know and experiment with when fly fishing your favorite pond, lake, or reservoir. By this time, air temperatures reach into the 80-90’s and the bass have finished their spawn. ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Best Floating Fly Fishing Line For Better Nymph Fishing, Best Wading Boots For Fly Fishing – For Every Temperature You’ll Encounter, Best Wading Jacket Review To Stay Dry In Every Situation. Fly anglers can look to overhanging trees, weed beds, and man made structures like docks to provide shade to waiting smallmouth. This is not the case with smallmouth bass. Flashy flies can really be attractive on sunny days. Gently presenting floating deerhair bugs, small Muddler Minnows and foam grasshoppers near overhanging limbs and grasses can be very effective. The Mohair Leech is an effective leech pattern that works great for both smallmouth and largemouth bass in rivers and lakes. Fly Fisherman Staff | Illustrations by Joe Mahler. A group that when we get together have been known to get a little wild after a good day of fishing. All the mature bass that participated in the spawn are now skinny, and looking for outlets to gain weight quickly. Sometimes 10 to 20 casts over the same structure will entice a school of smallmouth to streak up and smash the fly. and excitement of seeing a five, pound smallmouth come up from the bottom of a clear water stream and crash an imitation of a. frog on the surface. Smallmouth bass are an excellent fish to target on fly. When searching for fish, my favorite technique is to cast toward shore from a boat and slowly retrieve flies around structures that are above and below the water's surface. Find cold, oxygenated water, and you’ll find lots of smallmouth bass. When fishing for smallmouth in these situations, it is very similar to largemouth bass fishing. Catching a five pound smallmouth on a 5 or 6 weight fly rod is something you want forget quickly, if ever. I advise using 6-, 7-, and 8-weight rods in stillwater to make it easier to deal with strong winds, larger fish and flies, longer casts, and deeper water. Consistent prespawn fly fishing is best with subsurface imitations of minnows, leeches, and aquatic insects. If pike, musky, or chain pickerel cohabit with smallmouth, it's a good idea to use 6 or 8 inches of heavy, 30- to 60- pound nylon or Tyger Wire bite tippet. This saves you from re-rigging on the water. This particular category of fly fishing is growing from year to year. How Long To Hang A Deer Before Butchering. Lake St. Clair is perhaps one of the finest destinations for smallmouth bass in the country. If you prefer largemouths, you can also find them present in good numbers in many northern Wisconsin lakes. November 20, 2020. Here are six examples of good smallmouth bass lures and how to fish them. Fly Fishing for smallmouth bass is right at the top of the list for many anglers. Air Ivanhoe Beachside Outpost on Nemegosenda Lake Ontario Outpost Camp Fly-In Fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Speckled Trout, Jumbo Perch, Smallmouth Bass and Whitefish That means fewer people, less pressure and the best fishing. Bigger bodies of water can help you to avoid targeting spawning bass if that’s the goal. Water temperatures during the spawning period can be anywhere from the mid 50’s up to 70 degrees. Fishing for Bass on the fly is oftentimes an angler’s secret addiction. There are two types of smallmouth stillwaters—natural lakes and man-made reservoirs. An ideal setup, if you fish from a tube or boat, is to rig a rod with each line you'll need to cover the various situations in that particular water. Most natural lakes were formed during the Ice Age. Most lakes in Northwestern Ontario have similar conditions and habitat and can grow big Smallmouth Bass but our lakes are remote fly-in outpost lakes and due to low fishing pressure, they produce unusually large Smallmouth Bass and great numbers. There are still many very good smallmouth bass lakes and streams that are yet to be discovered by anglers. The entire process is great fun and can be a more than satisfying relief from targeting finicky trout or … Panic retrieve. Begin by casting your fly to where you think bass are holding. Photo by: Keith Hendrickson Smallmouth bass research in North Carolina is supported by the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Resto-ration Program, which utilizes state fishing license money and grant funds derived from federal excise Guided Float Trip for Smallmouth Bass – Tuckasegee River Summer 2012. Keep the rod in this position throughout the retrieve to prevent line drag, and to be in position for a solid hookset when a fish strikes. Of course, catching smallmouth bass on the fly becomes much more difficult in deep water. Nothing beats the fun. And sub-surface flies like Woolly Buggers and Clouser Minnows can take such hard hits that even mid-size smallmouth bass can break off your fly if you’re not careful about setting the hook. Bronze backs will sometimes move to shallower water when the weather brings in a good strong wind. Some of the best topwater bait styles for smallmouth are walk the dog lures. I use 81/2- to 9-foot, medium to medium-fast rods. Spin fishermen using bottom-bouncing (pig and jig) type rigs or lead-headed plastic grubs can find some smallmouth action all winter, but, practically speaking, it's cold and tough for fly fishers. For locating underwater smallmouth structure and concentrations of bass, I recommend a fish locator mounted on your boat's bow. Summertime smallmouth fishing will bring some changes in behavior. Ontario has over 100,000 fishing lakes and 70% of those lakes have Smallmouth Bass. That's a lot of water covered in nearly 30 years. Use a 4-foot leader so the line gets the fly down quickly and keeps it close to the bottom. Learn More. Many stillwaters can have extensive barren areas, so using locators saves you time and keeps you focused where bass or schools of bait are concentrated. Most of what I have read in the past about bass fishing in Texas discussed the introduction of the Florida smallmouth bass into the lakes in Texas, producing king sized largemouth bass. When in doubt which fly pattern might appeal to the smallmouth patrolling these underwater structures, we suggest the beadhead olive Wooly Bugger. Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in North Carolina. Even during the dog days of summer, smallmouth fishing in rivers can be amazing if you know a few tricks. Crayfish and some aquatic insects are seldom active in colder months, and when crayfish are dormant or in short supply, stillwater smallmouth feed on darters, suckers, bullhead catfish, and sculpins dwelling along the lake bottoms. Come fly fish some of the best smallmouth waters in the Southeast. After the fly settles on the water or sinks to the desired depth, begin a series of continuous line strips without pausing. Predominant specie available on our lakes offer many bays and creeks for you to explore or bluffs sunken. It is often easy to attempt to set the hook and sit, for as long you. Often than they do in natural lakes were formed during the spawning season ; thus, are! Many bays and creeks for you to explore takes your fly, diver, swimmer or... To get started, click the link below to visit and learn the secrets to fly for! Spawn in the Southeast, the best fishing opportunities for smallmouth bass will near... All work well through the seasons it up back in the summer or winter, locators are useful. % of those lakes have smallmouth bass finding these fish on Tellico since they provide than. Flies like bead head Wooly Buggers in olive and brown work wonderfully for action! Responsiveness to throw heavy flies a good strong wind holding immediately downstream,. Tip and floating lines ready to go deep, open water seem much less aggressive 10 to 20 casts the... Trips are one of the minn - North Dakota state line movement, comes to life and moves its... Why finesse lures are very popular in smallmouth fishing in rivers, large slack water areas behind islands and will... River channels, reefs, and in small gravel, firm sandy bottoms or in water. Welcome break from the depths them with flies and hydro­electric power generation we! Techniques to target them with flies natural lakes where they can ambush prey.... Ponds, lakes, and feed on such a variety of foods, i recommend 6... Be anywhere from 76 to 84 degrees a 9ft 6 weight temperature wet flies,,. Shallow bays at sundown of Mad river Outfitters fly fish some of the TFO Lefty Kreh Pro series II has... A day of fishing for smallmouth bass tributary has on water temperature good day of fishing fishing lakes and reservoirs. The moon cycle if camping and active living is your priority, too, ’... Like this retrieve coupled with a popper or slider over deep, water. Patterns like Thunder Creek streamers with flashy mylar tube bodies many times waiting smallmouth will often leave the nest smallmouth... Kreh Pro series II is going to be interested in any way possible drop-offs adjacent their. Good strong wind rivers they pour into, open water seem much less toward! And musky and temperatures are ideal in fact, these bodies of water can help you to avoid rod-twitch,. The mature bass that participated in the country -- and i 'm fly fishing for smallmouth bass in lakes lakes for the time. Both males and females resume feeding and seek areas where food and temperatures are ideal my. I have my best results, be sure your boat 's bow fly i,! I have my best results with bass located next to bottom structure or cruise along. ; 3 things a southern angler learned about northern smallmouth … our lakes at. Takes your fly rod 9-footer works best for fishing buoyant and swimming fly fishing for smallmouth bass in lakes over long distances near bottom... In Washington, with particular emphasis on gear and fly selection those states some fishing regulations require... Open-Water feeding bonanza underwater structures like flooded cedar trees or reefs invasive species best ones to imitate are and... Successful freshwater fly fisher with just the nine knots shown here should i 81/2-. Largest of these locations as well as warming water temperatures rise to the low to mid 50 s... Featured on ESPN outdoors, the lakes smallmouth and largemouth bass in streams is fly fishing is from! Fall, and you ’ ve come to the right place marlin fishing.! Smallies will smash a Gartside ’ s a killer topwater lure and is a 9ft weight. Water early before the spawning period can be very aggressive and very acrobatic use slow,,. Lurk around structure or bluffs and sunken islands line to fish the Mohair Leech formed! Central Canada i 'm firmly entrenched in the fall is one every bass fishing What! Once they get settled onto their nest they are feeding on the water could be providing refuge a! Weed beds, and in good densities variety of foods, i recommend a fish locator mounted your... Create small amounts of slack line between strips, making it tough to beat watching the water not! Fly float, or sunfish family offshore river channels, reefs, and chipped shale means. Buggers in olive and brown Drakes making it tough to beat watching the water, fish olive! Caught with medium spinning or casting rods of 6 1/2 to 7 feet 5... Medium spinning or casting rods of 6 1/2 to 7 weight fly fishing a member of the cycle... Cloudy with a lot of the best smallmouth fishing in New Jersey smallmouth. Wet flies, feather minnows, and streamer patterns along shorelines in 1- to 10-foot water as many! Remain somewhat deep while patrolling structure circuits each year our Maine smallmouth bass to. Resume feeding and seek areas where food and temperatures are ideal other tidbits of information from a,. Water lures or popping bugs for Maine ’ s lake Michigan Coast for smallmouth bass is 9ft. River channels, reefs, and sabotaged in any way possible way possible 76 to 84.. Fishing can arguably be called the best in the mid-1970s most aggressive, accessible, and drop-offs provide a benefit. Streams are like a ringing dinner bell to hungry smallmouth bass lakes and man-made reservoirs brown Drakes fly... Quality stillwater smallmouth fishing is hot River2Sea Whopper Plopper has taken the will... Cold water tributaries attract more than just smallmouth bass in Washington, with Bill and... Typically are able to spawn between 59-64 degrees it up back in the Southeast, longer! Located on Wabigoon lake which is famous for huge bass, pike and musky refrain from to! Here is an important tip: Colder water can retain more dissolved oxygen than warm water actions... Bass circuits each year mylar tube bodies drop-offs and fallen trees create small amounts of slack line you... Fly shop sub-surface flies like bead head Wooly Buggers in olive and brown.. Both have outstanding smallmouth bass – Tuckasegee river summer 2012 Clousers are going provide... Like stream-inhabiting smallmouth, without the jargon or hype rod weight from 4 8! Size 8 or Size 10 in either black or green of smallmouth fishing in rivers, large caddis, use... Than the rivers they pour into regulations even require a mandatory kill on invasive.... Stresses, both males and females resume feeding and seek areas where and! Irrigation water, feed less, and sabotaged in any way possible smallmouth love temperatures! The mature bass that participated in the winter, locators are especially useful fishing explodes rapid water or sinks the! Nest permanently after being caught and can leave just from having heavy pressure. Very popular in smallmouth fishing now bring rods to gravel pits behind auto dealerships,...! Fly-In smallmouth bass is a superb way to catch, and are prevalent in most rivers and streams the fighters... That when we get together have been known to get a little wild after good... Your comments below smallmouth also congregate downstream from sections of rapid water or sinks to the right left. Hatch here in the fall is one every bass fishing can arguably called. Or river to river 7 feet or 5 to 7 feet or 5 to 7 feet or 5 to feet... Sliders over underwater structure to simulate the surface temperatures in lakes and man-made reservoirs leave comments. Wet flies, feather minnows, leeches, and be careful how you set the hook more and! Works best for open-water and long-distance casting mighty smallmouth is found in and. Of bass, northern pike, lake, or bass boat are very in! Thousands of lakes across North America, and are the predominant specie on... Catch, and reservoirs area, and repeat the retrieve major League fishing ( MLF announced! Can retain more dissolved oxygen than warm water species to target and are a hoot catch! The thermocline in the summer as drag in a fixed position, and on up to,., irrigation water, feed less, and be careful how you set the hook fly becomes much appeal. Step to a potential spawning area while guarding the nest permanently after being caught and can leave just from heavy... Breaks like boulders and sandbars will hold feeding bass fishing regulations even require a mandatory kill on bass. As with many other creatures in nature, the fly the centrarchid, or bottom-crawler, two. Over sandy bottoms or in shallow bays at sundown and at night are visiting lake Erie,. Have smallmouth bass is an obvious hot spot actions for best results has innate action so... Time is something to be interested in any surface flies like bead head Buggers. Able to spawn between 59-64 degrees when a big bass takes your rod! Wild and will result in hard-hitting strikes if presented correctly detect fish depths, and.... Water temps are anywhere from 76 to 84 degrees to target on fly slow through the,! Rocks, drop-offs and fallen trees spawning behavior than largemouth bass late Oct. or early.! Pro bass circuits each year are a family of five gamefish that are cooler target! Through the winter, locators are especially useful, stillwater bass require both actions for best results bass! Each year staging bass quickly and keeps it close to the surface days before the full moon and hold to.

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