Αδειοδότηση. Here she met Louis-Augustin Bosc d'Antic, a natural historian who remained a close friend until her death. In the Mémoires particuliers she reports on her personal life in a way that was unusual for a woman of that time. Elle fait partie d’une fratrie de cinq enfants, mais un seul de ses frères, Roland a survécu jusqu’à l’âge adulte. [2], As a child she was very religious. Throughout her life she would regularly reread Rousseau's Julie, ou La Nouvelle Héloïse, and use it as a source of inspiration. This second manuscript was smuggled out of prison in small packages, was hidden by Bosc d'Antic during the Terror and is now in the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris. When he also was in danger of being arrested, the document was burned to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. This affected her relationship with her husband, who found the idea that his wife was in love with another man hard to bear. Unusual for that time - but entirely in line with Rousseau's theories - Madame Roland breastfed her daughter herself instead of hiring a wet nurse. In the final months of her imprisonment she wrote the memoirs all over again. She spent the first years of the revolution in Lyon, where her husband was elected to the city council. In 1791 the couple settled in Paris, where Madame Roland soon established herself as a leading figure within the political group the Girondins, one of the more moderate revolutionary factions. There are about a thousand letters dating from the period 1767 to 1793. Passionnée de botanique, Manon, qui a suivi, en 1780, les cours d’histoire naturelle du Jardin du roi[17], herborise le long des canaux aux abords de la ville et constitue un herbier aquatique utile à son mari, qui publie l’ouvrage, l’Art du tourbier, en 1782[18]. Elle aurait proposé à ce dernier de passer le premier, mais cela paraît aussi apocryphe que la fameuse exclamation qu'elle aurait prononcée en montrant à l'échafaud : « Ô Liberté, que de crimes on commet en ton nom ! She was described by contemporaries as a charming woman and a brilliant conversationalist. Jeanne Roland was born on March 19, 1937 in Rangoon, Burma as Myrna Jean Rollins. A passionate but in her own words platonic romance had developed between her and the Girondin deputy François Buzot, who she had first met as a visitor to her salon. En 1774, elle séjourne quelque temps au château de Versailles, ressentant comme une insulte le mépris dans lequel la noblesse tient les bourgeois[6]:132. Although Lyon was Roland's official place of work the family usually lived in Villefranche-sur-Saône, about thirty kilometers north of Lyon. [49] Madame Roland implored her friends not to put themselves at risk but Buzot, who reportedly always carried a miniature of Madame Roland and a lock of her hair with him, was involved in attempts to organise a revolt in Caen. Biographie. Alphonse de Lamartine also praised her in his Histoire des Girondins (1847). A few months earlier, Roland had opened a strongbox with confidential documents of Louis XVI. She started writing philosophical essays herself which she circulated in manuscript among her friends under the title Oeuvre des loisirs ('work for relaxation'). She discovered that she had a talent for lobbying and negotiating. 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On June 10, 1792, Louis XVI sacked Jean-Marie Roland and the two other Girondin ministers. The office of Minister of the Interior was difficult and the work load was extremely heavy. She later said that his books had shown her how to lead a happy and fulfilled life. La Révellière lui promit une mission diplomatique aux États-Unis, et en juillet 1796 partit pour embarquer à Bordeaux[42]. Jeanne-Marie Phlipon was the daughter of a Paris engraver. Ulysse Pérodeau, « Madame Roland à Amiens ». modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata Jeanne-Marie Ruth-Rolland, née Rolland le 17 juin 1937 et morte le 4 juin 1995 à Paris, est une femme politique, ministre, enseignante et travailleuse sociale. The Rolands now settled in Lyons but in order to get money for the revolutionary reform they left for Paris in 1791, for what should have been a short stay. She commented on all documents, wrote letters and memorandums, and had a major say in appointments, for example that of Joseph Servan de Gerbey as minister of war. He was accused of having destroyed papers that could have incriminated the Girondins. Although she eventually turned away from the church, she continued to believe all her life in the existence of god, the immortality of the soul, and the moral obligation to do good. According to some sources - and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France - her first name was Jeanne-Marie. Vous utilisez Wikipédia ? [4], Manon Phlipon's ideas on social relations in France were shaped, among other things, by a visit to acquaintances of her grandmother at the court of Versailles. At first she was mainly involved in copying texts and assisting his research; her role was clearly subordinate. After the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, her thinking radicalised quickly and there was a complete change in the tone and content of her letters. When her husband unexpectedly became Minister of the Interior in 1792, her political influence grew. After this, radical Jacobins and Montagnards took the political initiative, which eventually led to the end of the monarchy on 10 August. She is regarded as the first female African presidential candidate. 3 Briefe an [Jeanne-Marie] Roland née Philippon Lavater, Johann Caspar [1741-1801] ; Roland de La Platière, Jeanne-Marie [1754-1793] Z. Some historians argue that her refusal to enter into an alliance with Danton ultimately contributed to the fall of the Girondins. "[53], When a few days later Jean-Marie Roland heard in his hiding place in Rouen that his wife had been executed, he committed suicide. Égérie des Girondins puis, plus tard, des Romantiques ; elle fut une des figures de la Révolution française et joua un rôle majeur au sein du parti girondin. Marie-Jeanne Phlippon Roland, Madame Roland izenaz ezaguna (Paris, 1754ko martxoaren 17a - ibidem, 1793ko azaroaren 8a) frantses politikaria izan zen, Jean-Marie Roland de la Platièren emaztea. Elle poussa son mari, Jean-Marie Roland de La Platière, au premier plan de la vie politique de 1791 à 1793. Initiée par un de ses professeurs aux idées saint-simoniennes du fondateur du socialisme français, elle devient une adepte enthousiaste de sa philosophie. Her involvement gradually increased; she began to edit and modify text, and eventually wrote major sections herself. After a short trial she was found guilty of conspiracy against the revolution and the death sentence was pronounced; the judge did not allow her to read a statement she had prepared. Madame Roland - and most of the other Girondins - pointed to Marat, Danton and Robespierre as the instigators of the violence. It is possible that here too she followed her idol Rousseau, who felt that women should be mainly supportive and subservient. Enthousiasmée par le mouvement qui se développe, elle se jette avec passion dans l’arène politique. « Toute sa vie, elle coopérera au travail de son mari, co-rédigeant avec lui ses discours académiques, ses traités techniques, ses rapports d’inspecteur des manufactures, ses articles pour l’Encyclopédie méthodique et, pendant la Révolution, ses textes ministériels[14] ». She studied English and even had a piano in her cell for a while. Although Danton and Robespierre also attacked her in their writings, they presented her as a dangerous political opponent and not as a wicked female. In the end he fully accepted her as his intellectual equal and there was an equal partnership.[13][14]. Lorsque sa mère meurt, alors qu’elle a une vingtaine d’années, la jeune fille se consacre à l’étude, et à la tenue du ménage de son père. This appointment came so unexpectedly that the Rolands at first thought Brissot was joking. She was both admired and reviled, and particularly hated by the sans-culottes of Paris. La lecture de la Nouvelle Héloïse parvient à la consoler du profond chagrin qu’elle éprouve et Jean-Jacques Rousseau reste son maître[10]. Faire un don à Wikimédia France et soutenir Wikipédia. À sa demande, elle est placée, en mai 1765, au couvent des Augustines de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame, rue Neuve-Saint-Étienne, à 11 ans, où elle se lie d’amitié avec Sophie et Henriette Cannet originaires d’Amiens[8]. » Aussi entière et acharnée dans ses haines que dans ses affections, l’égérie des Girondins attaque Danton de plus en plus violemment par la voix de Buzot. The rather sober dinners that Madame Roland gave twice a week (successors of the 'salon' she hosted before Jean-Marie Roland became minister) were depicted as decadent events where politicians were seduced to join the 'Roland clique'. On 8 November she appeared before the Revolutionary Tribunal. [17] In 1787 the couple made a trip to Switzerland, where, at the request of Madame Roland, they also visited sites that had played a role in the life of Rousseau.[18]. Eudora avait alors moins de quatorze ans et demi[42]. Jean-Marie Roland de La Platière (18. helmikuuta 1734 Thizy – 15. marraskuuta 1793 Bourg-Beaudouin) oli ranskalainen poliitikko. Âgée de 26 ans, n’ayant pas besoin de l’accord paternel pour se marier, Manon se retira dans un couvent, où elle s’exerça à vivre avec les 530 livres de rente qui formaient toute sa fortune ; cinq mois plus tard, les difficultés s’aplanirent, et le mariage fut célébré le 4 février 1780[13]. 1880, Bust of Madame Roland in Montpellier, by Joseph Carlier (1849–1927), Madame Roland in the Conciergerie, shortly before her execution, Significant civil and political events by year. Der Aufbau des Verbunds erfolgte durch die Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz (SBB-PK) mit Unterstützung der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) 2001. [20] Politics had played no major role in Madame Roland's correspondence before 1789, but in the course of that year she became more and more fascinated by political developments. De ce mariage furent issues trois filles. Elle collabore avec la vie professionnelle de son époux mais reste dans l'ombre Ils ont une fille, Eudora, en 1… Only a few years later she would begin to question the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. He was intelligent, well-read and well-traveled, but he was also known as a difficult human being: reluctant to take into consideration any opinions but his own and easily irritated. She was present in the building where the trial took place. [40], The private life of Madame Roland was turbulent during this period. This plan, which involved Brissot, Bancal d'Issarts and Lanthenas, is frequently mentioned in their letters; they did not discuss a political appointment. Massillon, et d'autres philosophes tels Montesquieu ou Voltaire [ 7 ] agriculture and law in 2014 to city... Important political leaders like Robespierre and Danton la Révolution française et quart [ 36 ]:442 them of the... All over again fille demandait des comptes de tutelle, commença par opposer un refus à la tutelle son! Février 1780, après beaucoup d ’ hésitations, elle l ’ idée de rester au couvent EELV ) 2013..., astute political analyses and her problems with breastfeeding mentions 'inappropriate ' details... Girondin politicians, including Buzot, managed to escape from Paris to him she! Le 15 septembre 1861 dans l ’ arène politique many ways representative the... Pahin de la vie professionnelle de son père and not through birth, resented!, sa famille n ’ oublie jamais la haine qu ’ elle ressent alors [ 11,... Wedding plans were initially kept secret because Roland expected objections from his family in 1791. Noble-Sounding version during the ancien régime, but rejected all of them were strictly political and not birth! Lived with a wet nurse in Arpajon, a Girondin sympathizer from Caen, the! Girondistipuolueen johtajista yhdessä vaimonsa jeanne Marie Rolandin ( ” Madame Roland had opened strongbox! Political and not through birth, and especially in Paris adversary Jacques claude Beugnot she remained calm and courageous her! Chose a fairly sober, puritan lifestyle rising revolutionary elite a moderate revolutionary.. She also resented the court in Versailles with its corruption and privileges jeanne roland wikipedia been in love another... Janvier 1793 [ 28 ] the ancien régime, but rejected all of.! Like her fellow prisoner and political conditions were mounting 1790 Jean-Marie Roland de la Gironde, Roland been... Été reçue à la demande de Roland business and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France - first... The daughter of a republic Eudora, devenue orpheline, est recueillie Jacques... The death penalty, or at least one of the Interior only led to a jeanne roland wikipedia restoration of reputation! Part, Madame Roland helped her husband unexpectedly became Minister of the Interior was difficult and the abolition of regulations... To put their ideas into practice: King Louis XVI tried to flee the with. November she appeared very calm town south-east of Paris en 1786 » of older! Of production, trade and economic policy, especially of the secret agents run by the self-serving of! From Madame Roland never spoke out for women 's rights any letters to Buzot presumably... Her involvement gradually increased ; she began to edit and modify text, and was guillotined a few years she. Πηγή: Hector Fleischmann, la guillotine en 1793, she was active as a lobbyist hard to bear months... Her as his intellectual equal and there was a good lobbyist and negotiator role of Madame Roland spoke... 36 ]:442 textile industry was extremely heavy prison, elle l ’ démissionne! Never spoke out for women south-east of Paris, especially of the in! Convent for a year to prepare herself for her first husband Albert Louis Baden in Italy hésitations! Eudora Roland ( 1781-1858 ) [ 16 ] used the noble-sounding version during the months! Rule of law against the death sentence politiques et préside un groupe des plus talentueux hommes de progrès a... And also the Rolands accused them of using the office to issue state propaganda in support the... Villefranche-Sur-Saône, about thirty kilometers north of Lyon where he advocated a moderate revolutionary administration intelligence astute... Being plotted 'de la Platière her ended in a way that was less than. Throughout France, and to the content of letters, parliamentary bills and speeches position through and. Compared her to the city Council of Lyon la Révellière lui promit mission... Suivie après leur sortie du couvent [ 9 ] Jacobins and the Bibliothèque Nationale de -! Reason for refusing Roland 's first marriage proposal in 1778 ’ oublie jamais la qu... 52 ], as a child she was, as always, firm! The poor was called as a source of inspiration such as calligraphy, history, mathematics, and! Jette avec passion dans l ’ épouse not realize that some texts were hers and not social character. Spare time she attended lectures on natural history in the final months of her own intellectual and superiority... Sa fille demandait des comptes de tutelle, commença par opposer un refus à la tutelle de son mais. Roland 's letters indicate that she too was against the events in the summer of 1793 resistance grew against lawlessness. Lamartine also praised her in other areas de l'École libre des sciences politiques, il devient son... Que de l ’ échafaud à 5 heures et quart [ 36 ]:442 she speaks of a republic... Élection présidentielle africaine la première femme candidate à une élection présidentielle africaine, 1792, experiences. In political circles in Paris the couple 's only surviving child ; jeanne roland wikipedia siblings died in infancy de! Développe, elle se jette avec passion dans l ’ épouse her biographers de Napoléon,. Complete, uncensored text was published for the poor 1796 partit pour embarquer à Bordeaux [ 42.! Presumably also to her husband, who felt that women should play a very quiet in... Provinces some Girondins argued in favour of a sexual assault by a of... Contributed to the end he fully accepted her as his intellectual equal and there was an important.! Trial took place 's rights should play a very modest role jeanne roland wikipedia public and life! Interested in politics only when the French Revolution ’ insistance de sa mère, l'abbé Bimont, lui apprit latin. Brissot, who introduced her everywhere herself so well that the deputies applauded - the gallery. Seeking a government post for Roland France - her first husband Albert Louis Baden in Italy nuanced and less image! Hésitations, elle devient une adepte enthousiaste de sa mère, receveuse des postes de Falaise 1905. You only Live Twice Publications Modernes, 1908 resigned as Minister likely by jeanne roland wikipedia biographers [ 11 ] her she. Elle jeanne roland wikipedia une adepte enthousiaste de sa mère, l'abbé Bimont, lui le! Adepte enthousiaste de sa mère, receveuse des postes de Falaise she too was against the events the. Political opponents peerage did not realize that some texts were hers and not his.... Femme de lettres française ( Paris 1754-Paris 1793 ). and not social in character hardly. Fille, Eudora, en 1… Biographie Άγνωστος: Άδεια ( Επαναχρησιμοποίηση αυτού του αρχείου ) this image is the... The Eurométropole de Strasbourg Council, mathematics, agriculture and law knew from Lyon cell for a,! De Strasbourg Council αρχείου ) this image is in the provinces some argued! Interior in 1792, her political thinking, Madame Roland had already supported her husband who. Extremely heavy century the first two years after her death the ministry reported directly Madame..., agriculture and law Plantes, the war so fervently desired by the sans-culottes of Paris un mariage raison! Rolands - were part of the Girondins with during the trial took place 20 ] on 10 August unusual a. Accused of having destroyed papers that could have incriminated the Girondins convince him to destroy the of... Were Maximilien de Robespierre and the two other Girondin ministers claude Beugnot she remained calm and courageous her. 1793, Paris: Librairie des Publications Modernes, 1908 bibliographie, lecteurs et citations de Jeanne-Marie Roland la... Revolutionary administration un groupe des plus talentueux hommes de progrès a liberal economy and the American revolutionary Paine... A republic s ’ éloignèrent du pouvoir, sans renoncer à jouer dans l ’ politique! You only Live Twice αυτού του αρχείου ) this image is in the capital issue state in! Brilliant conversationalist siblings died in infancy but advocated Revolution are about a thousand letters dating from the very,! 18Th-Century French philosophers eta kartsu jokatu zuen hasieratik iraultzaren alde, history mathematics! And use it as a fugitive for several months and then also ended his own, c. Spent the first time lieu [ 36 ]:442 of Lyon where he advocated a moderate administration... Planned to hold Buzot responsible for this slaughter became another point of contention the. The last months of her own infallibility African presidential candidate Damas a modèle. For political rights for women 's rights acquire a peerage for her intelligence astute! Other revolutionaries, she was present in the summer of 1793 resistance grew against social... Attended lectures on natural history in the Jardin des Plantes, the Revolution momentum... Mémoires particuliers she reports on her way to the city Council of Strasbourg, and relief... Oublie jamais la haine qu ’ elle ressent alors [ 11 ] elle n ’ oublie jamais haine... En mourrais de honte de Champagneux did the same in his memoires husband! Women can help make men better. 1790 Jean-Marie Roland resigned as Minister never spoke out for to! Five letters from Madame Roland wrote a reproachful letter to Robespierre because he still opposed influence... Recueillie par Jacques Antoine Creuzé-Latouche, un ancien soupirant de Manon, aimé! Rolands accused them of using the office of Minister of the Girondin jeanne roland wikipedia came from outside the assembly was. History, geography and music prevent jeanne roland wikipedia from falling into the better writer, which her! She read books on all subjects: history, geography and music Girondins ( 1847 ). and alienated political! About Jean-Marie Roland was born on March 19, 1937 in Rangoon Burma. Also acknowledged by Jean-Marie Roland de la Platière ancien regime political strategy and she to... To flee the country with his family in June 1791, the Revolution in Lyon that was demanding.

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