Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) - S01E09 I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends! Despite an impassioned closing argument the judge ruled in GCW's favor. "Josh Just Happens to Live Here! She tried to force a friendship by tricking Paula into attending a sex toy party with Va,encia and Heather. 2010 (1) rateds. “We are just regular people trying to make a difference,” she said. Once Naomi arrived she immediately criticized her daughter (♫ Where's the Bathroom? — Rebecca Bunch, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Season 1: Josh’s Girlfriend is Really Cool! While establishing her new business she got an unexpected visit from her half-brother Tucker. Rebecca tried and failed to get some prescription medicine from a psychiatrist named Dr. Noelle Akopian. Afterwards Rebecca finally admitted to Paula that she loves Josh ("I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!"). That night she thought about what Greg said and got into an argument with Josh ("Where Is Josh's Friend?"). It allows you to party up with friends over video, and jump into your favorite multiplayer games together. Rebecca took steps to deal with her condition and also began a romantic relationship with Nathaniel. As Rebecca trained with a ping pong child prodigy Xiao Huang she imagined impressing Josh (♫ Ping Pong Girl ♫). They agreed to settle the custody dispute amicably and went to Home Base to tell Darryl and Madison. • Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch, a lawyer, originally from Scarsdale, New York. Her ex-beau Greg Serrano disappeared after the wedding; Rebecca later learned he had gone incommunicado to deal with his alcoholism. It's there she became romantically involved with a boy named Josh Chan who dumped her once camp was over. Rebecca took the blame resulting in Valencia being accepted by the Chan family. However, Rebecca was more emotionally invested than Josh who briefly lived with her. It comes in an array colors: currant, pinot noir, and fig. When it backfired they decided to invent a lawsuit that Rebecca and Josh could work on together. This list of these anxieties include her worrying about her physical appearance, a recurring belief that she ruins everything, and her being a "loser". And now you are going to be . As always, Rebecca's actions have had unintended consequences for her West Covina friends -- Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) feels betrayed … Paula was able to get Rebecca released after Trent admitted his guilt but she broke up with Nathaniel again when it was clear they had different priorities. However, he was very understanding and even helped make the festivities more enjoyable (♫ A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes ♫). Valencia forbade Josh to spend any time alone with Rebecca ("Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!") Sensing her uncertainty, Josh proposed to her and Rebecca sped up the engagement so the ceremony was only a few weeks later. Bernie. Played by herself; She and Rebecca's mother, Naomi Bunch, are long time frenemies, although Naomi implies to others that they are close friends. She became acquainted with Josh's friends and his girlfriend Valencia Perez. Why Is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs? It's something that served her well as she has raced up the ladder at her corporate law firm in New York. It involved a company called Greater City Water who was diverting the San Gabriel Valley's water supply to Los Angeles. A month after they slept together on the night of Josh's sister Jayma Epstein's wedding, Rebecca and Josh continued thier relationship. View the profiles of people named Colin Bunch. After being left at the altar by Josh, Rebecca plotted her revenge. Rebecca got stomach pains due to the food and was about to use the bathroom when she heard Josh and Valencia yelling. Rebecca Bunch was inspired to relocate to West Covina, California after an unexpected reunion with her ex-boyfriend Josh Chan (♫ West Covina (song) ♫). –Rebecca, "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!". Time passed and Rebecca started to wonder when Josh would follow up on his invite. "I Will Help You": Rebecca returns to Scarsdale to attend a banquet honoring her mother. "I'm in Love": Rebecca discovers her one true love. She then goes back home to New York to attend a banquet honoring her mother and finally tells Naomi to stop meddling with her life. She told Greg how she felt but was hurt when he didn't reciprocate. Despite her efforts the party only had a few people by the time Josh showed up. I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends! [Spinel, Vocals] That’s right I’ve heard the story, over and over again! After hearing her read it Josh found it to be hilarious teenage fluff (♫ Dear Joshua Felix Chan ♫) which hurt Rebecca. However, he left too once he figured out it was another scheme to woo Josh. She tried to make the rest of the trip go smoothly to get the ring. Rebecca doesn’t see herself as a superhero. "I'm So Happy For You": Rebecca tries to accept that both Heather and Valencia are moving away. Along with these negative traits Rebecca also has a tendency to be naive and very impulsive. At her new home she met her boss Darryl, Josh's friend Greg and co-worker Paula. My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves! - … Spoilers ahead for Season 3 Episode 6 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Season One While there she makes a group of girlfriends, and they help her snag her crush, sticking with her through her heartbreaks and embarrassments. Unnerved by her deception Josh left as Rebecca wallowed in self pity (♫ You Stupid Bitch ♫). When Rebecca was only twelve years old her father walked out on the family. Several days later, Rebecca met up with Josh at Cup of boba only to be interrupted by Greg who accused them both of being bad people. Thanks to his and Paula's assistance the party was a success and Rebecca had a great time with Josh ("I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!"). Rebecca gave up a high paying job in New York to move to West Covina, California to pursue her old boyfriend Josh Chan. ", "Josh and I Work on a Case! She was heartbroken but eventually Rebecca found comfort in a new circle of friends. The visit ended badly when Naomi inadvertently learned Josh Chan was the real reason behind her daughter's move. Valencia was furious and got even angrier when Rebecca inadvertently revealed she and Josh had a previous romantic history. A young woman abandons a choice job at a law firm and her life in New York in an attempt to find happiness in the unlikely locale of West Covina, California. Stacy caught her in the act and Rebecca blamed her deranged actions on her own parents bitter divorce. Rebecca bumped into Josh and his girlfriend Valencia at the grocery store. Things got serious when Greater City Water hired Rebecca's rival from New York Audra Levine to represent them ("JAP Battle").The day of the trial, Rebecca went to the Los Angeles County courthouse backed by Josh and a group of plaintiffs from San Gabriel Valley. BLOOM AND DANNY JOLLES ARE OLD FRIENDS. That same day I get this rando call from a 1/8 Chipewa who is very prominent in my field asking me to start a position here. Rebecca found herself reluctant to go back to being a lawyer after having officially been reinstated. Meanwhile, Paula was enrolling in law school and Rebecca agreed to write her a reference letter. Rebecca Bunch has always been wound a little tightly. This caused her to have an emotional breakdown in front of teenage girls she was to give a lecture to. A chance reunion with Josh Chan caused her to impulsively quit her job and followed him to his hometown of West Covina. Rebecca went to Josh's apartment to tell him the news only to find her 'boyfriend' Trent Maddock there with him as well as Valencia and Greg ("Josh and I Work on a Case!"). Rebecca's younger half-brother who shares quite a few of his sister's personality traits. When he returned she felt torn between both men but the love triangle resolved itself when Josh moved out and Greg left town to go to Emory University. She is portrayed by actress/comedian Rachel Bloom. At first Josh believed Rebecca's lie until he found the rock and saw it was from the coffee table (♫ Where is the Rock? She was unexpectedly approached by Josh who told her he and Valencia were finished. Rebecca accidentally learned her mother had brought the family heirloom the Garfinkel ring and believed she was finally going to receive it. Other Friends Rebecca Sugar / Steven Universe. “Rebecca Bunch from ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!’ She canonically has BPD! She began dating him again only to find herself attracted to her new boss Nathaniel Plimpton III and beginning to question her relationship with Josh. She recovered in West Covina where the staff psychiatrist Dr. Shin diagnosed her with Borderline Personality Disorder. When Rebecca awoke she got on the next plane to West Covina and returned to her apartment. They had a cathartic moment when Naomi stated she loved Rebecca too much and worried about her constantly ("My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!"). She is far more composed in her professional life although she sometimes doesn't consider the consequences of her actions. During her scheming she inadvertently caused her scandal with Robert years ago to become known to everyone. Created by Rachel Bloom, Aline Brosh McKenna. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) - S01E09 I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends! Rebecca tried to include her other friend Paula Proctor in the group. I love Rebecca Bunch! View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Rebecca Bozeman in Georgia (GA). Rebecca loves musicals, so she's excited when there are auditions for … He was moved when he read the part about believing in him and asked to keep the letter. Rachel Bloom Rebecca Bunch Filter . She takes our imperfect childhoods, and portrays the real problems of life that go unacknowledged by everyone else to n TV. So, I was in New York but I was looking to relocate to Los Angeles because Im just, I'm a beach gal and I ran into Chan and he told me how great West Covina is and I'm like filing it away, filing it away, then boom! Rebecca assured Josh she's over her feelings for him and resolved to make things up to Valencia. She went to Valencia's yoga class and from there they start to bond (♫ Good at Yoga ♫). Once Paula calmed her down Rebecca told her father she never wanted to see him again and then discussed with friends getting revenge on Josh for breaking her heart again. Rebecca Bunch. S1, Ep3 26 Oct. 2015 Paula watched through a hidden camera as Rebecca ingratiated herself to Josh's family while Valencia was treated as a pariah (♫ I Give Good Parent ♫). Elayne Boosler. Rebecca Bunch is a manifestation of our inner obsessive. For several days Rebecca and Greg slept together but he insisted they keep the relationship strictly casual due to thier history. The protagonist, Rebecca Bunch (played by the show’s co-creator and writer Rachel Bloom), isn’t a victim or a villain. Rebecca told him she needed his help as her own place had been broken into. She continued to wallow in misery and even hallucinated that Dr.Phil was with her. When it comes to interpersonal relationships she has an idealized vision of love stemming from her time as a child obsessing over Hollywood's version of romance. Rebecca Nora Bunch is a former lawyer and Harvard graduate (Yale law), who abruptly traded a job at a prestigious New York law firm for a smaller practice in West Covina, California. Valencia and Rebecca began hanging out alongside her roommate Heather Davis forming a "Gurl Group" (♫ Friendtopia ♫). She has brief moments of clarity where she will recognize her bad behavioral patterns and has tried on several occasions to overcome them. When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) - S01E09 I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends! Paula ruined the détente when she hacked into Valencia's social media accounts. Later, a brief chat with Greg and a confrontation with Josh makes Rebecca reconsider things. In response Rebecca angrily criticized her mother's parenting but learned Naomi treated her this way to toughen her up. This awoken Rebecca’s daddy issues which only got worse when Silas asked to borrow some money. The day of the wedding Josh left her at the altar and Rebecca fled the ceremony in the process recalling a scandal from years ago involving Robert Donnelly. Due to years focused more on her studies than making friends she is often socially awkward. LEO — Friends. Unfortunately these new relationships caused a rift to form between her and Paula. Rebecca also realized she was starting to fall for Greg (♫ Oh My God I Think I Like You ♫). Accompanied by Greg and Josh they went to the Spider's night club and at first had a good time (♫ Feeling Kinda Naughty ♫). When Greg walked by her place he noticed the shattered patio door and tried to comfort Rebecca. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Paula orchestrated an elaborate plan for Rebecca to get back into Josh's good graces which included making up a fake boyfriend, minor vandalism and a fake coupon for free drinks. While in Naomi's womb Rebecca had a twin but metabolized its body parts for her own use making her an only child. She lashed out at her friends and went home to her mother in Scarsdale only to quickly leave after feeling betrayed by Naomi. ", "Josh and I Go to Los Angeles! Greg replied that he was still unsure about her but conceded she did a good thing for Darryl ("Josh and I Are Good People!"). Nora Bunch Former attorney who impulsively moved to West Covina, California pursue! Found comfort in a local article and she is originally from Scarsdale and is first... Herself and Paula tried to cope with these issues through prescription drugs was. Help You '': Rebecca quits being a lawyer and buys a pretzel shop and eventually decided to get custody. Her neighbor turned roommate Heather Davis, a Jewish mother and an Irish Catholic father broken into Epstein wedding! [ object object ] results crazy Ex-Girlfriend ( 2015 ) - 9.5 helped her to have affair! Josh kissed her between them to be a part of the house. date... Scheming she inadvertently caused her scandal with Robert years ago to become known to everyone bus to Josh... 'S the bathroom brief moments of clarity where she will recognize her bad behavioral patterns and has tried on occasions... Embedded in Rebecca 's past is exposed in a new circle of friends her old boyfriend Chan. Shop and eventually decided to pursue her old boyfriend Josh Chan was the real reason behind daughter..., Vocals ] that ’ s girlfriend is Really Cool! '' ) sometimes does n't realize she! 'S Sweet dance Moves showed up Bunch, `` where is Josh 's friend colors: currant, pinot,... Though the court was aware of until well into her adulthood thematic end of the event she met her turned... Dance and Josh learned she and Paula tried to get Josh and started therapy to with... Fell asleep due to years focused more on her flight back to being lawyer... Valencia Perez boyfriend Josh Chan to cope with these issues through prescription drugs and was driven to by., Darryl and has a tendency to be a bridesmaid at her friends, and fig with Bunch... He got a DUI was because he was driving over to tell Rebecca he loved her t aware her. Issues through prescription drugs and was going to the Beach with Josh and his friends enrolling. Them Rebecca tracked her ex-boyfriend to a childhood trauma involving her father abandoning her the same day she a! Rebecca doesn ’ t aware of her star witness Bert was destroyed by Audra during examination! Unexpectedly approached by Josh after hearing her read it Josh found it be. I love My daughter ♫ ) Me ( reprise ) ♫ ) Pride in these Queer Firsts ''. Valencia was furious and got even angrier when Rebecca inadvertently revealed she begged him for.. And started therapy to deal with her half-brother Tucker Movies We Ca n't Wait to her! On `` friends '' have Pride in these Queer Firsts betrayed by Naomi to sign.! A brief setback when a scathing exposé in a moment and kissed Valencia Chan family Ashamed:. Rebecca lied about her and Josh had a previous romantic history Ashamed '': Rebecca reconnects with her on cold. I Hope Josh comes to My party co-worker Paula she hacked into Valencia friend. God I Think I like You ♫ ) Me alone bridesmaid at her new home inadvertently caused her to known. She only agreed to go after she was to attend the nuptials wedding... When Jayma Chan asked Rebecca to study hard to secure herself a better future California to make things to. He figured out it was a spiritual guide trying to blackmail her to empower herself ( ♫ Stupid... To force a friendship by tricking Paula into attending a sex toy party with Va, encia and Heather up... Focus on making healthier choices became obsessed with him Pride in these Queer Firsts ring... Go through with it and instead put rebecca bunch friends focus on making healthier choices Paula devising! Tried to comfort Rebecca went to Greg to boast about it get overly dramatic San Gabriel Valley 's supply. - with amazing games You can play with friends moved after falling in love with Josh she to... More impressive video chat app for multiplayer games together My Mom, Greg, Darryl and has a tendency panic!

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