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Brain Warm-up Exercises: Summer is the Ideal Time to Begin

We have written about exercises to warm-up your ADHD child’s brain in the recent past and we want to encourage you to use the summer vacation months to learn these routines so that they will be “routine” by the time school begins again in the fall. Like athletes in the off-season, our children with learning challenges need to use their time wisely in the summer to prepare for the fall.

The exercises that we recommend have been gathered from a variety of sources, including my friends in education and baseball, my years in private practice, and from the book Brain Gym. They are simple to do, but like any exercise routine you actually have to do them, not just think about doing them.

They can be very helpful at activating both hemispheres of the brain for better performance in class, in sports, or just around the house.

Visit for the complete article. And by the way, my nephew Casey Fien, pictured in the article, is no longer with the Detroit Tigers organization, but is now pitching in the Minnesota Twins organization. Nice job Casey!

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